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Zonzain (ゾンザイン, Zonzain) is a Hollow who fought against Karakura-Raizer.


Zonzain is a "large sized Hollow" that resembles the cross between a worm and a sunflower. His face and complete look is rather plain in comparison to most Hollows and he bears a strong resemblance to a childish drawing.[1]


He tends to count-up as he prepares to attack, and is highly unimpressed when he meets Kon (although he pretends to be impressed just to go along with the mood).[1]


Hueco Mundo arc

Zonzain first appears as he is chasing a female Plus. As he prepares to attack her he is hit by Kon in Ichigo Kurosaki's body who crashes into him after having been thrown by Tessai. Zonzain attacks Kon while the latter is distracted only to have Kon complain about it. He witnesses Kon transform into his alter ego, "Karakuraizer", and pretends to be impressed but later says that he was merely going along with the mood. He engages Kon only to be kicked in the head. Zonzain then begins to cry, shooting beams of Reishi as tears. He is soon after killed by Karakuraizer's Riser Beam.[1]

Power and Abilities

Hollow Shot: Zonzain has the ability to shoot Reishi particles from his eyes in the form of tears.[1]


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