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Zanpakutō Spirits vs. Kirikaze is the last fight of the Tōjū Campaign. It focuses upon the conflict between the Zanpakutō spirits and the Reiryoku-absorbing Tōjū, Kirikaze.


265Cleaver Toju crashes

The Cleaver Tōjū crashes through a window.

In the Seireitei, a Tōjū carrying three cleavers crashes through a window and lands on a roof. When a Shinigami states it went this way, the Cleaver Tōjū leaps down to the street below as three Shinigami arrive.[1]

265Shinigami confront

Several Shinigami confront the Cleaver Tōjū.

Turning to face the Shinigami, the Cleaver Tōjū throws one of his cleavers at them. As a Shinigami ducks to avoid it, the spinning cleaver returns to the Cleaver Tōjū's hand. When two more Shinigami run out from a corridor behind him, the Cleaver Tōjū throws another one of his cleavers at them.[1]

265Kazeshini attacks

Kazeshini relentlessly attacks the Cleaver Tōjū with his kusarigama.

When a kusarigama deflects his cleaver, the Cleaver Tōjū expresses surprise as his cleaver embeds itself into the wall. Catching his kusarigama, Kazeshini tells the Cleaver Tōjū he has nice weapons and says they will compare whose weapons are stronger. When 9th Division Lieutenant Shūhei Hisagi says his name, Kazeshini states he understands and proclaims he will stop playing around before leaping toward the Cleaver Tōjū. When Kazeshini slashes at him, the Cleaver Tōjū ducks before leaping back. Slashing at the Cleaver Tōjū once more, Kazeshini attacks him several more times in rapid succession as the Cleaver Tōjū moves back.[1]

265Cleaver Toju bursts

The Cleaver Tōjū bursts into flames as a confused Kazeshini watches.

Blocking Kazeshini's attacks with his cleaver, the Cleaver Tōjū turns to run away, prompting Kazeshini to tell him to get back here before throwing his kusarigama at the Cleaver Tōjū. Turning around, the Cleaver Tōjū leaps back and curses Kazeshini, who expresses surprise. Dropping his cleaver, the Cleaver Tōjū clutches at his throat and begins to choke. Stumbling forward, the Cleaver Tōjū screams and glows orange before bursting into flames as Kazeshini wonders what is going on. As the Cleaver Tōjū's sealed sword form clatters to the ground in front of him, Kazeshini expresses confusion. Walking up to Kazeshini, Hisagi congratulates him.[1]

265Renji, Saru, and Hebi arrive

Renji, Saru, and Hebi arrive after the Cleaver Tōjū is defeated.

When Hisagi says he is getting good at cleaning up these messes, Kazeshini does not respond, prompting Hisagi to ask him what is wrong. As Kazeshini states everything is fine, Saru asks them if the fight is over already, prompting Hisagi and Kazeshini to look over their shoulders to see 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai, Saru, and Hebi standing behind them. As Renji apologizes to Hisagi for being late, Hebi says it happens all the time and states Saru's large bottom keeps slowing them down before saying she should stop eating so much. As Saru demands to know what Hebi is talking about, Hisagi picks up the Cleaver Tōjū's sealed sword form.[1]

265Hisagi and Renji discuss

Hisagi and Renji discuss the recent dwindling of Tōjū activity.

Telling Renji to not worry about being late, Hisagi states the Cleaver Tōjū did not put up much of a fight. When Renji notes Tōjū appearances appear to be dwindling based on their recent activity, Hisagi confirms this and says they appear to have been effective before stating there may only be a few Tōjū remaining. As he and Hisagi walk away, Renji notes things are finally returning to normal with the reconstruction of the Seireitei coming along. As Hisagi confirms this, Saru tells Hebi he has been eating nothing but sweets lately and tells him to look around before saying it is not her bottom which is getting larger.[1]

265Kazeshini reveals

Kazeshini reveals the odd nature of the Cleaver Tōjū's defeat.

When Hebi states it is okay because he is a growing boy, Saru tells him to not forget they are one before saying she is growing as well because of this. Attracting their attention, Kazeshini reveals the Cleaver Tōjū returned to his sealed sword form even though Kazeshini never struck a fatal blow. As she and Hebi express surprise, Saru asks Kazeshini if he is sure, prompting Kazeshini to nod. At night, a Tōjū runs away from a large, minotaur-like Tōjū and screams. Standing over the Tōjū's sealed sword form, the minotaur-like Tōjū grows in size and growls. Meanwhile, Hōzukimaru and Ruri'iro Kujaku sit on top of a building and drink sake.[1]

265Saru, Hebi, and Kazeshini meet

Saru, Hebi, and Kazeshini meet with Hōzukimaru and Ruri'iro Kujaku.

Noting there is a nice moon tonight, Ruri'iro Kujaku asks Hōzukimaru if he agrees, prompting Hōzukimaru to deny this before stating the moon is too bright. When Saru calls out to him, Hōzukimaru turns to see Saru, Hebi, and Kazeshini walking toward him and Ruri'iro Kujaku. Saying this is something new under the moon, Hōzukimaru asks Saru, Hebi, and Kazeshini if they are buddies now before drinking more sake. Stating it is only unusual in Hōzukimaru's eyes, Saru reveals Renji and Hisagi hang out frequently, prompting Ruri'iro Kujaku to express disbelief. Asking Kazeshini what brings him here tonight, Hōzukimaru asks him if he came here to kiss up to Hisagi.[1]

265Kazeshini explains

Kazeshini explains what happened to the Cleaver Tōjū.

Expressing surprise, an annoyed Kazeshini assumes a battle stance and tells Hōzukimaru to watch his mouth before proclaiming he is asking for a beating. When Ruri'iro Kujaku tells him to not get so excited, Kazeshini chuckles and relaxes as Saru reminds him they came here to discuss something. Sitting down, Kazeshini reveals the Tōjū which they worried about has appeared. As he and Ruri'iro Kujaku express surprise, Hōzukimaru asks Kazeshini if he is sure about this. Confirming this, Kazeshini reveals an incident occurred right in front of him and explains how the Cleaver Tōjū was sucked dry of his Reiryoku and returned to his sealed sword form before Kazeshini could attack.[1]

265Saru explains

Saru explains how Tōjū eventually lose their power and disappear.

As Kazeshini says it has to be "his" doing, Saru explains how Tōjū were originally Zanpakutō spirits which had lost their masters and gone wild before stating they eventually lose their power and disappear because they have a finite amount of Reiryoku, prompting Ruri'iro Kujaku to note they are one step away from extinction. Confirming this, Kazeshini reveals the Tōjū in question has the ability to take Reiryoku from other Zanpakutō spirits and make it his own. Asking Kazeshini why this is so dangerous, Ruri'iro Kujaku points out how he can do this as well, prompting Kazeshini to admit this is not what makes the Tōjū dangerous.[1]

265Yokai Toju screams

The Yōkai Tōjū screams and glows orange as the mist surrounds it.

When Kazeshini reveals the Tōjū in question is dangerous because he is one of the rare Zanpakutō spirits which can surpass the powers of their masters, Hebi asks him why this is so troublesome, prompting Kazeshini to reveal the Tōjū always considered his master to be a nuisance. As Kazeshini reveals there is no one around to control the way the Tōjū uses his power with his master gone, a Yōkai-like Tōjū runs down an alley before stumbling and falling down. Stepping forward, the minotaur-like Tōjū turns into mist, which surrounds and binds the Yōkai Tōjū as it screams and glows orange before bursting into flames as its sealed sword form falls to the ground.[1]

265Tobiume, Rangiku, Haineko, Katen Kyokotsu, Nanao, and Momo sit

Tobiume, Rangiku, Haineko, the violet-haired girl, Nanao, and Momo sit at a table laden with food.

Noting this is not good, Hōzukimaru says the Tōjū is dangerous because everything which he comes into contact with will be stripped of its Reiryoku and used to make the Tōjū stronger. As Ruri'iro Kujaku notes it is too big of a risk for them to let the Shinigami face the Tōjū with this ability, Hōzukimaru states they are going to have to take action. Standing up, Hōzukimaru says they will put an end to the Tōjū hunt if they are successful before stating destroying the Tōjū means a grand finale for the Zanpakutō spirits. Meanwhile, at a bar, Tobiume, 10th Division Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto, Haineko, the violet-haired girl, 8th Division Lieutenant Nanao Ise, and 5th Division Lieutenant Momo Hinamori sit at a table laden with food.[1]

265Rangiku explains

Rangiku explains the reason why she is drinking so much sake to Nanao.

As everyone else eats, a drunken Rangiku holds up an empty sake bottle and asks the waitress to bring them a few more sake bottles. As the waitress agrees to do so, Nanao tells Rangiku too much alcohol is poison to the body. When Rangiku says too little alcohol poisons the spirit, a drunken Haineko agrees and asks Nanao what she is worried about before stating Rangiku is not a child who does not know when to stop, prompting Rangiku to lean over and say Haineko knows her very well. Noting Rangiku and Haineko never change, Nanao looks at the violet-haired girl and expresses surprise upon seeing her looking at the kebabs.[1]

265Shunsui and Katen Kyokotsu drink

Shunsui and the violet-haired woman drink together at the barracks.

When Nanao asks her if she wants some, the violet-haired girl nods, prompting Nanao to pick one up while telling her to not hold back because they are sharing the order. When Nanao lays the kebab on her plate, the violet-haired girl expresses happiness and picks it up as Rangiku asks Nanao why she brought the violet-haired girl with her. Asking Rangiku why she would not bring the violet-haired girl with her, Nanao states they are part of the same squad, prompting Haineko to ask her where the violet-haired woman is as 8th Division Captain Shunsui Kyōraku pours sake into a large bowl, which the violet-haired woman drinks out of, at the barracks.[1]

265Momo states

Momo states she is happy to be eating alongside everyone else.

When Nanao reveals the violet-haired woman is drinking with Shunsui at the barracks, Rangiku asks her if she is okay with leaving them alone together, prompting Nanao to say the violet-haired woman is a Zanpakutō spirit before asking Rangiku what there is to worry about. Stating she is very happy, Momo says it is very nice to have a meal with everybody once in a while, prompting Tobiume to admit she is right before noting even the food tastes better. When Rangiku points out how she has not had any sake this whole time, Momo states she came here today to enjoy the food before saying she was not even planning to drink.[1]

265Rangiku compliments

Rangiku compliments Haineko on her statement of being a mature woman.

When Rangiku demands to know if Momo is saying she will not accept her sake, Tobiume tells her to stop giving Momo a hard time. As Momo tells Tobiume she does not have to defend her, Haineko tells them to calm down and grabs Rangiku's sake before stating she will accept Rangiku's sake. When Haineko asks her if this is okay, Rangiku asks her what is wrong before saying Haineko is acting very level-headed today, prompting Haineko to state she is a mature woman. Throwing her arm around Haineko's shoulders, Rangiku says this is her Zanpakutō spirit before stating this was very well-said, prompting Nanao to say Rangiku could learn something from Haineko.[1]

265Haineko, Tobiume, and Katen Kyokotsu decide

Haineko, Tobiume, and the violet-haired girl decide to stay behind.

As Rangiku expresses shock, Haineko caps the sake bottle. Later, Momo and Nanao carry a groaning Rangiku away as the waitress thanks them. As Haineko, Tobiume, and the violet-haired girl watch them walk away, Momo asks Rangiku if she can try to walk before pointing out how they are carrying her. When Rangiku states she cannot feel her feet, Nanao says she ends up like this almost every time they go out drinking. Looking back, a surprised Nanao asks Haineko, Tobiume, and the violet-haired girl if they are coming. Stating they wish to enjoy the night air a little longer before they return, Haineko asks Nanao and Momo if it is okay for her to leave Rangiku with them.[1]

265Nanao and Momo carry

Nanao and Momo carry a queasy Rangiku away from the bar.

As Nanao says this is fine, Tobiume apologizes to Momo and wonders if it is really okay for them to go off on their own, prompting Momo to tell Tobiume to not worry about it before stating it is nice to be able to spend time with one's friends. When Rangiku notes she is going to throw up, Momo tells her to hold it together until they can get her back to the barracks. As Nanao expresses annoyance, she and Momo continue to carry Rangiku away as Momo reminds Nanao of how she said they should cut off Rangiku's sake supply. As Haineko mentally thanks Rangiku for the fun times, she, Tobiume, and the violet-haired girl turn around and walk away.[1]

265Suzumebachi informs

Suzumebachi informs Hyōrinmaru of the discovery of the power-absorbing Tōjū.

Elsewhere, as Senbonzakura sits inside of the Kuchiki Manor, Sode no Shirayuki sits on the porch outside. Staring at the moon, Hyōrinmaru expresses surprise when Suzumebachi flies in front of him. Noting Hyōrinmaru is very sentimental for staring at the moon, Suzumebachi reveals they finally found the Tōjū, prompting Hyōrinmaru to say they will get to work as he and Suzumebachi move away. The next day, a lion-like Tōjū, a Tōjū with its face covering its whole body, and an ape-like Tōjū run out of a corridor before running away in different directions as the minotaur-like Tōjū steps out of the corridor. Seeing the Lion Tōjū, the minotaur-like Tōjū walks after him.[1]

265Ape Toju is killed

The Ape Tōjū is impaled and killed by the minotaur-like Tōjū.

As the Lion Tōjū continues to run away, the minotaur-like Tōjū raises his sword before slashing the screaming Lion Tōjū, who is sent flying several feet away. As the Lion Tōjū bursts into flames, the Ape Tōjū runs along another corridor, prompting the minotaur-like Tōjū to throw his sword at him, impaling the Ape Tōjū. As the Ape Tōjū bursts into flames and returns to his sealed sword form, which clatters to the ground, the Face Tōjū runs away from the minotaur-like Tōjū, who turns into mist and surrounds the Face Tōjū. Screaming, the Face Tōjū bursts into flames and returns to his sealed sword form as the mist reforms into the minotaur-like Tōjū.[1]

265Kirikaze glows

Kirikaze glows with orange Reiatsu after absorbing the power of three more Tōjū.

Glowing with orange Reiatsu, the minotaur-like Tōjū roars as Hōzukimaru states they have found him. As the minotaur-like Tōjū looks down to see Hōzukimaru and Ruri'iro Kujaku standing before him, Hōzukimaru admits he never thought the minotaur-like Tōjū would get this big. As Saru, Hebi, Kazeshini, Senbonzakura, Sode no Shirayuki, Tobiume, Haineko, Hyōrinmaru, Suzumebachi, Katen Kyōkotsu, Sōgyo no Kotowari, Ashisogi Jizō, Wabisuke, Gegetsuburi, Gonryōmaru, and Tenken stand nearby, the minotaur-like Tōjū growls. Saying he knew the minotaur-like Tōjū was the one behind this, Kazeshini refers to him as Kirikaze.[1]

265Saru reprimands

Saru reprimands Kirikaze for abusing his power to transform into mist.

As Kirikaze turns to face him, Kazeshini states he was the Zanpakutō spirit who was most dissatisfied with his master as Saru tells Kirikaze he has misused his ability to transform before saying he has entered the bodies of other Zanpakutō spirits and leached away their Reiryoku. When Haineko notes this is disgusting, Tobiume tells her Kirikaze's size comes from the amount of energy which he has consumed. As Tobiume states Kirikaze has cannibalized many Tōjū during his rampage of energy absorption, Hōzukimaru proclaims Kirikaze's rampage and the Tōjū attacks are going to end right now before leaping toward Kirikaze.[1]


265Blade petals disperse

Senbonzakura's blade petals disperse the mist around Hōzukimaru.

When Hōzukimaru slashes at him with Hōzukimaru, Kirikaze blocks with his sword, prompting Hōzukimaru to attack him several more times in rapid succession. As Hōzukimaru prepares to slash at him, Kirikaze knocks him back with a swing of his sword. When Hōzukimaru lunges toward him, Kirikaze turns into mist as Ruri'iro Kujaku notes this. When the mist begins to swirl around a confused Hōzukimaru, Senbonzakura releases Senbonzakura and disperses the mist with the blade petals. Landing in front of Senbonzakura, Hōzukimaru tells him this was uncalled for, prompting Senbonzakura to say something had to be done.[1]

265Tobiume attempts

Tobiume attempts to attack Kirikaze after telling the others to do so.

Stating all of them would have been in peril otherwise, Senbonzakura tells Hōzukimaru to quit complaining. When the mist reforms into Kirikaze, Tobiume leaps into the air before telling Senbonzakura and Hōzukimaru to talk less and focus on defeating Kirikaze. When Tobiume lunges toward him, Kirikaze slashes at her, prompting Tobiume to move away in order to dodge. When Haineko rises into the air and tells him to watch it, Kirikaze slashes at her, prompting Haineko to move back. Appearing in the air behind Kirikaze, Wabisuke notes he is vulnerable from the rear, prompting Kirikaze to hit Wabisuke with the flat side of his blade, sending him hurtling away.[1]

265Ruri'iro Kujaku attempts

Ruri'iro Kujaku attempts to drain Kirikaze of his Reiryoku with Ruri'iro Kujaku.

As a roaring Kirikaze slashes at the air, one of Kazeshini's kusarigama wraps itself around Kirikaze's sword. As Kazeshini attempts to hold Kirikaze's sword in place, Kirikaze pulls him forward before slashing Kazeshini away. When several glowing vines of Ruri'iro Kujaku wrap themselves around his body, Kirikaze roars as Ruri'iro Kujaku says this is as far as he goes. Stating Kirikaze is about to find out he does not have a monopoly on leaching Reiryoku, Ruri'iro Kujaku reveals he can do it as well as orange Reiatsu flows along the glowing vines toward the hilt of his sword. As Kirikaze roars in pain, Ruri'iro Kujaku asks him how it is and says Kirikaze will find it is not a very pleasant experience.[1]

265Kazeshini cuts

Kazeshini cuts through the vines of Ruri'iro Kujaku in order to save Ruri'iro Kujaku.

Expressing surprise, Ruri'iro Kujaku begins to groan in pain, prompting Hyōrinmaru to ask him what is wrong as Ruri'iro Kujaku begins to turn translucent. As Ruri'iro Kujaku states this cannot be happening, the orange Reiatsu begins to flow toward Kirikaze, who roars. Saying they will have to break the connection, Kazeshini cuts through the glowing vines. As a panting Ruri'iro Kujaku falls to his knees, Kazeshini curses and leaps toward Kirikaze as Hōzukimaru, Haineko, and Tobiume do the same. Turning into mist, Kirikaze generates a strong wind, sending Hōzukimaru, Tobiume, Haineko, and Kazeshini flying back.[1]

265Tenken creates

Tenken creates a fissure by slamming his sword into the ground.

Grabbing onto a tree, Hōzukimaru notes he is running out of time as the screaming Sōgyo no Kotowari are sent flying away. When Suzumebachi is sent flying back, Hyōrinmaru catches her before being sent flying back as well. As his feet drag across the ground, Gegetsuburi is sent flying back as Wabisuke and Katen Kyōkotsu hurtle backward as well. As the mist reforms into Kirikaze, Senbonzakura, Sode no Shirayuki, Gonryōmaru, and Tenken land on the ground around him as Saru and Hebi land in front of him. As Kirikaze growls, Tenken yells and slams his sword into the ground, creating a fissure which surges toward Kirikaze.[1]

265Kirikaze appears

The mist reforms into Kirikaze in the air behind Gonryōmaru.

Slamming his sword into the ground as well, Kirikaze creates another fissure, which surges toward Tenken's fissure. As the fissures collide, Gonryōmaru leaps out of the dust and fires a bolt of purple lightning at Kirikaze, who turns into mist as the lightning bolt surges through it. As Gonryōmaru expresses surprise, the mist reforms into Kirikaze in the air behind him. As Kirikaze slashes at him, Gonryōmaru turns around and blocks with his pike, only to be sent crashing into the ground below. As Sode no Shirayuki asks Gonryōmaru if he is alright, Saru sends Zabimaru hurtling toward Kirikaze, who turns into mist.[1]

265Sajo Sabaku binds

Bakudō #63. Sajō Sabaku binds Kirikaze's arms to his torso.

As Zabimaru hurtles through the mist, Saru and Hebi look around as Senbonzakura tells them Kirikaze is above them. As Kirikaze hurtles toward them, Saru and Hebi curse as Renji grabs them and moves away. As Kirikaze lands, Saru recognizes Renji, who grins as 3rd Division Lieutenant Izuru Kira uses Bakudō #63. Sajō Sabaku, causing glowing yellow chains to wrap themselves around Kirikaze and bind his arms to his torso as he roars. When Wabisuke walks up and tells him Kirikaze will turn into mist, Izuru reveals he has put a stop to this. As Kirikaze struggles to free himself, Rukia Kuchiki lands behind Sode no Shirayuki, who calls out to her.[1]

265Rukia tells

Rukia tells Sode no Shirayuki to remain focused on the battle.

Telling Sode no Shirayuki to not get distracted, Rukia reminds her of how she is in the middle of a battle before telling Sode no Shirayuki to keep her guard up. Kneeling next to Haineko, Rangiku rubs her ears and tells Haineko to get on her feet before stating she knows she is not allowed to sleep on the job. As Haineko asks Rangiku why she is here, Nanao helps the violet-haired girl up and tells her to give them some credit before asking the violet-haired girl if the Zanpakutō spirits really thought the Shinigami did not know what was going on. As Tobiume apologizes to Momo, Kazeshini proclaims they are idiots before demanding to know why the Shinigami came out here.[1]

265Hisagi points out

Hisagi points out how all of the Zanpakutō spirits are reaching their limits.

Asking Kazeshini whom the idiot here is, Hisagi asks him what he thought he could do in his condition before saying it is obvious the Zanpakutō spirits are reaching their limits. As Haineko, Saru, and Hebi express surprise, Tobiume asks the Shinigami if all of them knew. When Rangiku tells the Zanpakutō spirits they need to concentrate on their enemy right now, Saru states this is what they were trying to do and says Kirikaze's abilities are too dangerous for Shinigami as Hebi states this is why they came without telling the Shinigami. Proclaiming this is enough, Renji says they still do not understand after all this time.[1]

265Kirikaze shatters

Kirikaze shatters the glowing chains of Bakudō #63. Sajō Sabaku.

Stating Zanpakutō spirits alone and Shinigami alone will never be enough, Renji says this only works when they are paired together and acting as a team and states this is when their true strength reveals itself before asking the Zanpakutō spirits if they did not learn this lesson from Muramasa. When Renji says they are only vulnerable when they split their energies in half, Saru states she understands before saying the Zanpakutō spirits were wrong to come here by themselves. As Saru, Hebi, and Renji express surprise, Kirikaze shatters the glowing chains and roars. As Izuru notes Kirikaze broke free, Hisagi puts his hand on his sword as Kazeshini walks up.[1]

265Storm clouds pour

Storm clouds pour out of the box on Gonryōmaru's back.

Stating he is with Hisagi, Kazeshini says they will wrap this up once and for all before asking Hisagi if he is ready, prompting Hisagi to confirm this. Looking around, Kirikaze sees Rukia, who puts her hand on her sword, and turns into mist, which surges toward Rukia. As Rukia holds her hands out in front of her, an icy wind blows in front of Rukia and deflects the mist as Rukia sees Sode no Shirayuki generating the wind from her hand. As the mist surges into the air, Senbonzakura releases Senbonzakura, causing a stream of blade petals to surge around the mist. As Gonryōmaru holds his pike in front of him, the top of the box on his back shatters as storm clouds pour out and fill the sky.[1]

265Hyorinmaru begins

Hyōrinmaru begins to turn translucent as his Reiryoku dwindles.

As bolts of purple lightning crackle through the air, the mist weaves around them before reforming into Kirikaze on the ground. Releasing Hyōrinmaru, Hyōrinmaru encases Kirikaze's foot in ice, only for Kirikaze to break free. Falling to his knees, Hyōrinmaru begins to turn translucent and notes his Reiryoku is dwindling. Calling out to Hyōrinmaru, Sode no Shirayuki notes she cannot do any more with her remaining Reiryoku. Telling Sode no Shirayuki she cannot give up, Rukia reminds her of how she is not in this fight alone and states it will be alright before saying they cannot separate her and Sode no Shirayuki because they are together.[1]

265Rukia uses

Rukia uses Tsugi no mai, Hakuren after Sode no Shirayuki returns to her.

Smiling, Sode no Shirayuki confirms this, prompting Rukia to tell her to come. As Rukia holds Sode no Shirayuki in front of her, Sode no Shirayuki glows with white-blue light, causing the blade of Sode no Shirayuki to glow with white-blue light. As Kirikaze growls, Rukia uses Tsugi no mai, Hakuren, sending a large amount of ice and snow toward Kirikaze. When ice begins to cover his body, Kirikaze shatters most of it, prompting Izuru to call out to Wabisuke. As Wabisuke glows with white-blue light, Momo calls out to Tobiume, who glows with white-blue light. As Hisagi calls out to Kazeshini, who glows with white-blue light, Rangiku calls out to Haineko, who glows with white-blue light.[1]

265Kirikaze fails

Kirikaze fails to transform into mist after being hit by several attacks.

Leaping into the air, Izuru cuts Kirikaze's arm with Wabisuke, causing it to slam into the ground as Kirikaze struggles to lift it. Leaping into the air, Momo hits Kirikaze in the back with a fireball from Tobiume. Spinning one of his kusarigama, Hisagi throws it at Kirikaze and cuts off his left horn as Rangiku releases Haineko. As the ash envelopes Kirikaze, Rangiku makes a slashing motion with the hilt of her sword. As several cuts appear on his body, Kirikaze falls back as the ice encasing his foot shatters. Sitting up, Kirikaze attempts to turn into mist, only to express surprise when the top of his head turns into mist and immediately reforms.[1]

265Saru and Hebi prepare

Saru and Hebi prepare to return to Renji in order to defeat Kirikaze.

Attempting to turn into mist once more, Kirikaze begins to crawl away, prompting Renji to note he cannot turn into mist because he has been considerably weakened. When Hebi calls out to him, Renji turns around to see Saru and Hebi standing behind him while glowing with white-blue light. When Saru asks him if he is ready to do this, Renji confirms this as Saru and Hebi are enveloped by white-blue light. As Suzumebachi states the other Zanpakutō spirits will give Renji their remaining Reiryoku as well, Saru tells Renji this has been an experience which they will never forget as Hebi says Renji has been there for them at every step of the journey.[1]

265Hihio Zabimaru prepares

Hihiō Zabimaru prepares to fire Hikotsu Taihō at Kirikaze.

As Saru states they could not have dreamed of anything more, Hebi says it was a lot of fun, prompting Renji to agree. Activating his Bankai, Hihiō Zabimaru, Renji is surrounded by a large skeletal snake, which roars. As Kirikaze struggles to run away, Renji sends Hihiō Zabimaru toward him. As Hihiō Zabimaru grabs Kirikaze with its mouth, Renji uses Hikotsu Taihō, causing the segments of Hihiō Zabimaru to separate as Hihiō Zabimaru charges and fires a large beam of red energy, which obliterates Kirikaze and destroys the nearby ground as it tears across the deserted battlefield before dissipating.[1]


265Nanao notes

Nanao notes all of the Zanpakutō spirits have completely disappeared.

Later, the Shinigami stand on the battlefield as Nanao notes all of the Zanpakutō spirits have disappeared as they expected. When Nanao states it was completely impossible for the weakened Zanpakutō spirits to maintain their manifested forms by the time Kirikaze reached the limits of his Reiryoku, Izuru tells her to not feel bad for them and says their appearance was temporary before stating it only happened because of Muramasa's powers. When Izuru says the Zanpakutō spirits knew they would return to their sword forms eventually, Hisagi confirms this as Rangiku sheathes her Zanpakutō and says there is no need to feel too upset.[1]

265Renji expresses

Renji expresses relief at the Zanpakutō spirit and Tōjū incidents finally being over with the vanishing of Muramasa's Reiatsu.

Stating the Zanpakutō spirits have simply returned to the place which they came from, Rangiku says they will always be there for the Shinigami. When Rangiku asks her if she agrees and if she feels the presence of the Zanpakutō spirits, Momo confirms this and strokes the handle of her sword while stating it is a comfortable feeling. As Momo says the Zanpakutō spirits will always be with the Shinigami even though they no longer have their physical bodies, Rukia expresses surprise and calls out to Renji, who is staring into the distance. When Renji asks her what is wrong, Rukia expresses surprise and smiles before stating it can wait. Smiling, Renji says it is somewhat relieving for it to finally be over, prompting Rukia to agree before stating they should all go back to the Seireitei.[1]