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Yuyu Yayahara (八々原 熊如, Yayahara Yuyu) is the lieutenant of the 8th Division of the Gotei 13 under Captain Lisa Yadōmaru.[1]


Yuyu is a young woman with dark brown skin, achieved through tanning, and long blond hair that transitions to a darker color at the tips and is arranged in a large ponytail tied up by a beaded band with two long bangs framing her face, as well as light-colored eyes and a small nose. She wears a heavily modified version of the standard shihakushō that is separated into top and bottom garments to leave her waist and stomach bare; her top is tied together around her breasts and has shoulder-length sleeves, leaving the wrist-length white sleeves of the undergarment fully visible, while the bottom portion resembles a short skirt with a white sash tied in a bow around the front, with stockings covering the entirety of her legs and legwarmers on her calves.[1]


Yuyu is obsessed with gyaru culture from the Human World, to the point of artificially altering the color of her hair and skin in line with the culture's practices, and is even active on their social media. Additionally, Yuyu greatly admires Ichigo Kurosaki as the hero from the Quincy Blood War; upon meeting him for the first time, she immediately took a selfie with Ichigo despite his protests and tried to add him as a contact on social media, having learned about his account from her captain, though she also claimed that she was mature enough to not mind if he ignored her.[2] In combat, Yuyu is carefree and cheerful even while inflicting gruesome injuries on her enemies, treating encounters with Hollows like a game.[3]


Echoing Jaws of Hell arc

Yuyu decapitates a Jigoku no Gaki.

In preparation for former 13th Division Captain Jūshirō Ukitake's Konsō Reisai, Yuyu assembles with the other lieutenants in the Human World to perform the pre-ceremony Jogimen Reibaku. Upon noticing Ichigo Kurosaki, Yuyu introduces herself, and when Renji explains that she is obsessed with gyaru culture from the Human World, an astonished Ichigo denies having ever seen someone so ingrained in the culture before. Yuyu quickly accosts Ichigo for a selfie, since she knows him as the hero from the Quincy Blood War, and a startled Ichigo denies this and protests Yuyu's usage of filters. Yuyu reveals that Lisa gave her Ichigo's social media account and requests that Ichigo add her as a friend once she sends him the photo.[4]

Powers & Abilities

High Spiritual Power: As a lieutenant of the Gotei 13, Yuyu boasts high levels of spiritual energy.[1]

Yuyu uses her Ursine Manifestation.

Ursine Manifestation: By holding her hands out in front of her and curling her fingers to resemble sharp teeth, Yuyu creates an apparition of a giant bear head behind her body that is strong enough to decapitate a Jigoku no Gaki and tear through its body in a single bite each.[5]



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Preceded by
Nanao Ise
Lieutenant of the 8th Division
? - 1900 A.D.
Succeeded by