Race Soul, Hollow
Gender Male
Professional Status
Partner Haru
Personal Status
Relatives None
First Appearance
Anime Episode 316
Japanese Yui Shoji

Yosuke (陽介, Yōsuke) is a Plus that wanders in the Human World. When Haru first saw him, they both began to live together.


E316 Hitsugaya and Hollow Yosuke

Yosuke as a Hollow.

Yosuke takes on the appearance of a young boy. Since he is shy, he usually blushes. He has black hair and has it combed down. He wears a khaki sweater, with a baby blue shirt under it and black pants. His Chain of Fate is attached to his chest.

As a Hollow, Yosuke is much bigger and more muscular. He has green skin and long grey hair. On his muscular arms, there are two spines which he uses for combat. His legs are covered in brown fur. His mask has a skull-like appearance. His Hollow hole is located on his abdomen.[1]


As stated by Haru, Yosuke is a very shy boy, often hiding behind a tree or Haru and blush when spoken to Karin or Tōshirō. He has a strong desire to see snow.[1]


When he went on a skiing trip with his parents, a horrible accident happened. Many lives were lost and amongst those lives was Yosuke. Ever since then, he had longed to see snow. Since first seeing her, Yosuke has lived with Haru, who cares for him greatly. She continually used her Reiatsu to prevent Yosuke from becoming a Hollow.[1]


E316 Haru introduces Yosuke to Karin Hitsugaya

Yosuke next to Haru.

When Tōshirō and Karin visit Haru, he appears in her garden. Haru introduces them to him, but he hides behind a tree. While hiding behind Haru, she claims that Yosuke had longed to see snow. The following day, Tōshirō and Karin come for another visit. Yosuke is given an ice-figure by Tōshirō that resembled a snowman.[1]

When Haru collapses, Yosuke turns into a Hollow. He grabs Haru and attacks Karin, but Tōshirō saves the latter. Tōshirō tries to attack him but feels guilty about it. After Karin pleads with Yosuke, Haru awakens and manages to suppress him, allowing Tōshirō to purify him. As Yosuke lies on the ground, about to dissipate, it begins to snow. Now that he has seen snow, he is able to peacefully move on to Soul Society. As Yosuke departs to Soul Society, Karin, Hitsugaya, and Haru say their good-byes.[1]


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