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White (ホワイト, Howaito) is an experimental Hollow used by Sōsuke Aizen many years prior to his defection from Soul Society. It was created with the Souls of several Shinigami.[1]


White is an almost completely black Hollow. It has a white mask,[2] and its light white hair reaches down to the middle of its back. It has two long, forward-pointing horns protruding from the sides of its head, and its Hollow hole, located in its upper chest, is red and filled in. It has two blades in place of its forearms.[3]


White exhibits a cold, calculating personality. Like most Hollows, it acts entirely on instinct, and always chooses the weakest victims in the battlefield. It did not respond when questioned by Isshin Kurosaki. During their fight, Isshin noted it felt like he was fighting something more akin to a Shinigami rather than a Hollow.[4]



White turns to face Isshin.

Some time ago, White was created from the souls of several Shinigami as part of Sōsuke Aizen's research.[5] It killed a number of Shinigami in Naruki City, prompting 10th Division Captain Isshin Shiba to investigate.[6] When Isshin tried to lure it out by exerting large amounts of Reiatsu, White attacked two nearby Shinigami before confronting Isshin.[7]


Masaki fires a Heilig Pfeil through White's head.

As it fought with Isshin, another Shinigami approached. Turning its attention to the new arrival, White fired a Cero at him before resuming its battle with Isshin. After the captain released his Shikai and was attacked by Aizen, White, continuing to exchange blows with him, lost one of its arms. When Masaki Kurosaki attacked it, White, avoiding her attacks while charging towards her, bit her shoulder before she fired a Heilig Pfeil through its head.[8] Having been severely wounded by this, White self-destructed, forcing Isshin to shield Masaki.[9]

535Masaki's inner Hollow

White attempts to Hollowfy Masaki.

But despite its apparent demise, by biting Masaki and destroying itself, White had already chosen her as its target for Hollowfication, achieving its final "transfer" stage.[10][11] Having entered her soul, the day after the battle it starts to Hollowfy her, putting her at risk of Soul Suicide.[12] However, by utilizing a special Gigai invented by Kisuke Urahara, Isshin was able to link his soul to both Masaki's soul and White, suppressing her Hollowfication.[13] White's influence would later be passed onto Ichigo Kurosaki, fusing with his Shinigami powers and becoming his Zanpakutō - Zangetsu.[14]

Powers and Abilities[]

Immense Speed: White is extremely fast, sneaking behind two unseated Shinigami and decapitating them before they even registered its presence.[15] White's speed allows it to keep up with and pressure a captain and Shunpo expert like Isshin Shiba.[16]

Enhanced Strength: White possesses great strength. When Isshin pinned down its arm, White launched him into the sky, destroying much of the ground around them.[17]

Enhanced Endurance: Even after losing its left arm, White remained able to pressure an injured Isshin in battle.[18]

Enhanced Durability: White is a very durable fighter. Its bladed arms repeatedly withstood clashing with Engetsu without showing any signs of damage until Isshin released his Zanpakutō.[19]

Immense Spiritual Power: White's Reiatsu is powerful enough to visibly intimidate Isshin Shiba, a Shinigami captain. According to Sōsuke Aizen, White should be able to easily defeat any Shinigami captain armed with Shikai.[20]

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Using the bladed appendages on the ends of its arms, White held its own against Isshin Shiba, a known master swordsman.[21]


White charges a Cero between his horns.

Cero: White can fire a purple Cero[22][23] powerful enough to obliterate an average Shinigami without a trace.[24] Even Isshin, a captain-level Shinigami, was afraid of getting hit by it.[25]

Combat Empowerment: White was noted by Isshin Shiba to grow stronger and more intelligent with every Shinigami it slew and devoured.[26]

533White prepares

White about to self-destruct.

Self-Destruct Mechanism: If White is severely wounded, the matter in its Hollow hole expands, followed by a massive explosion, which can heavily wound a captain.[27] According to Kaname Tōsen, the use of this mechanism indicates that White has reached its final "transfer" stage.[28]

Hollowfication Venom: White is capable of transmitting a venom that induces Hollowfication in its victims. However, the toxin in the venom is so powerful that even Gotei 13 soldiers cannot survive it, let alone ordinary souls.[29]

Soul Infiltration: Much like Asauchi, White is composed of the soul of several Shinigami. Because of this, in addition to being able to Hollowfy others, White is capable of entering the soul of an individual and fusing with their latent Shinigami powers. By doing so, the Hollow essentially becomes the victim's Zanpakutō.[30] Though Aizen designed White for the purpose of Hollowfying Shinigami souls, it is also capable of entering those of Quincy.[31]

Appearances in Other Media[]

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Promotional artwork of White in Bleach: Brave Souls.

  • White makes his first appearance outside the manga and Thousand-Year Blood War anime in Bleach: Brave Souls as part of the game's 8th anniversary. In this form, White is a melee strong attack character with the "Mind" Attribute and the "Soul Reaper Killer" and "No Affiliation Killer" abilities who has a chance to inflict Drain and Lacerate on every single attack. It has three Innate Abilities built in at ★5: "Sprinter +3", "All Status Ailment Durations -100%", and "Marauder". Its unlockable skills are " Havoc +20%", "Frenzy +2", "Bombardment +1", "Debilitator +2 sec.", "Damage to Drained Enemies +40%", "Damage to Lacerated Enemies +60%", "Weaken Defense", "Status Ailment Spiritual Pressure Boost +80%", "Increased Status Ailment Chance Against Heart Attribute Enemies +10%", "Increased Special Move Damage for Mind Attribute Character +30%", and "Increased Movement Speed for Mind Attribute Characters +30%", while its Soul Trait is "Strong Attack Recharge Time -12%"; meanwhile, its Arena Traits are "Strong Attack Damage +13%" and "Strong Attack Recharge Time -7%", while its Arena Abilities other than "All Stats +5%" are "Start Power-Up Item +2" at level 2, "Frenzy +1" at level 5 and "Poise" at level 10. White's special is White Howl (WHITE HOWL, Howaito Hauru), where White fires a Cero and unleashes a cross slash, inflicting immense damage, Drain, and Lacerate.



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