628Zeichen Palace.png
Kanji 真世界城 (ヴァールヴェルト)
English German for "True World"

Japanese for "True World Castle"

Location Statistics
Type Palace
Located In Royal Realm (formerly)
Controlled By Yhwach (formerly)
Primary Function Base of operations for the Wandenreich (formerly)
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 627

Wahrwelt (真世界城 (ヴァールヴェルト), Vāruveruto; German for "True World", Japanese for "True World Castle")[1] was the reconstructed Soul King Palace, created by Yhwach after the Quincy Emperor absorbed the Soul King.[2]


The Wahrwelt was created by bringing the Wandenreich city to the palace and placing the main palace at ground level while covering parts of it with ice.[3] The five floating cities were also connected to the Wandenreich city, thus creating a massive Quincy Zeichen; in the middle of the Wahrwelt was a massive, tower-like palace with Silbern on the top for his new stronghold. Yhwach labeled this new city the Wahrwelt because it would be the cornerstone of his new world.[4] One of the five branches forming the city is known as the Zwei Ast (2番枝街 (ヅヴァ・アスト), Zuvai Asuto; German for "Second Branch", Japanese for "Second Branch City").[5]


A Gate of the Sun used to access the Wahrwelt.

As it is located in the Royal Realm, only a few known methods exist to access the Wahrwelt. One such method, created by Yhwach, are multiple ornate metal plates known as Gates of the Sun (太陽の門, Taiyō no Mon).[6]

Another known method is to use a small Valley of Screams (叫谷, Kyōgoku), modified through specific Fullbringer powers.[7]


Wahrwelt Locations
628Wahrwelt.png 629Sternritter arrive.png
The central tower of the Wahrwelt. Silbern (銀架城 (ジルバーン), Jirubān; German for "Silver", Japanese for "Silver-Wrought Castle"; Viz "Silver Cross Fortress") after being transferred to the Wahrwelt.


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