"Creak, creak, tower of purgatory
Piercing the world like light
Sway, sway, tower of spine
Will it be us or the sky that falls?"
Cover Hanatarō Yamada
Volume 14
Pages 200
Anime Episodes 41 - 43
Release Data
Print (J) September 3, 2004
ISBN (J) 4-08-873649-4[1]
Print (US) August 1, 2006
ISBN (US) 1-4215-0612-2[2]
Chapter List

117. Remnant 2 [Deny the Shadow]
118. The Supernal Tag
119. Secret of the Moon
120. Shake Hands With Grenades
121. In Sane We Trust
122. Don’t Lose Your Grip On
123. Pledge My Pride To


117. Remnant 2 (Deny the Shadow)
118. Supernal Tag
119. Secret of the Moon
120. Shake Hands with Grenades
121. In Sane We Trust
122. Don't Lose Your Grip
123. Pledge My Pride

WHITE TOWER ROCKS is the fourteenth volume of the Bleach manga series.

Publisher's summary

Ichigo Kurosaki and Yoruichi Shihōin race to save Ichigo's friends from Rukia Kuchiki's cold-blooded brother, Byakuya Kuchiki. They arrive to find Ganju in tatters, and Rukia with him. Ichigo is bent on defeating her brother this time, but he is nowhere near prepared. Can he learn decades' worth of skill in just a matter of days?

Bleach All Stars

涅 マユリ
Mayuri Kurotsuchi
Ep215OrihimeCharaPic 石田 雨竜
Uryū Ishida
Ep29MayuriCharaPic 井上 織姫
Orihime Inoue

Ep286ByakuyaCharaPic 朽木 ルキア
Rukia Kuchiki
朽木 白哉
Byakuya Kuchiki
Ep320RukiaCharaPic 黒崎 一護
Ichigo Kurosaki


116. White Tower Rocks

Yoruichi reveals her secret to Ichigo. Byakuya cuts down Ganju, and Ichigo comes to save them.

Summary :


Cover of 116. White Tower Rocks.

A messenger comes to inform 13th Division captain, Jūshirō Ukitake, about Aizen's death. Ukitake is surprised, and shouts so loud that the messenger falls out of the room. He asks the messenger when did Aizen die, who did it, and why. The messenger, still shaking from Ukitake's earlier shouting, answer that it's this morning, the criminal, and motivation are still unclear. Ukitake complains that why does it have to happen during his sleep and it's unforgivable.

Meanwhile, somebody with a tremendous amount of Reiatsu is approaching the Senzaikyū. Hanatarō says that is captain of the 6th Division, Byakuya Kuchiki. Ganju says he knows him, because the Kuchiki Clan is the head of the four noble families, and Byakuya is said to be the strongest master in the family's entire history, as well as the most famous captain of the Gotei 13. Ganju says it's bad that he appears at a time like this. He says that they have no chance of winning and they should just beg him to spare their lives. Hanatarō says that they should just run away and take Rukia with them. Ganju says there's no way to run to since the bridge is the only way out. He asks if Hanatarō wants him to defeat Byakuya and run, throwing his life away in the process. He asks if Hanatarō wants him throw away his life for Rukia. Ganju says that Rukia killed his brother, there's no way he would give up his life for her. Hanatarō then say that he understands that it can't be help since there was never any reason for Ganju to rescue Rukia, he has no right to force Ganju to do it, but at least Ganju can take Rukia with him when he runs away. Hanatarō says that he will stay and tries to hold Byakuya here.

Both Ganju and Rukia are surprised by that. Ganju asks if Hanatarō knows what's going on. Hanatarō says that he believes he knows how Ganju feels, and that he wouldn't give up his life to save someone he hates, and that he would do the same if he was in Ganju's shoes. Ganju says that's not what he's talking about. He points out that Byakuya's Reiatsu is as strong, or even stronger than Zaraki's. How could someone like them possibly beat him. Hanatarō says he knows that, but he came here to rescue Rukia, so he can't just run away without doing anything. He thanks Ganju and says goodbye. Then he heads out to the bridge. Rukia tries to run after him, but Ganju stops her. Ganju then thinks that Hanatarō is an idiot, what can he do if he doesn't even have his Zanpakutō. He's still shaking, he must be scared to death, why is he bluffing so much when he's so obviously weak. Then Ganju lets go of Rukia, goes to the wall, shouts really loud and beat his head against the wall. The shout scared Hanatarō, he turns back and Ganju is behind him, telling him to move. Then Ganju kicks him aside, confronts Byakuya himself. He apologizes to his brother, saying he'll avenge his death next time. This time he blames his sister, because she didn't bring him up to be a coward who runs away and leaves his friends behind. Ganju tells Byakuya to come, because he'll be his opponent today.

Meanwhile, somewhere at the Sōkyoku Hill, Ichigo is awake, wonders where he is and if he is alive. Suddenly, Yoruichi comes. Ichigo says Yoruichi's okay and that's a relief. Yoruichi says he's worse. Ichigo then thanks Yoruichi for rescued him, which Yoruichi respond that he should thank his stubbornness that kept him alive with such injuries. That makes Ichigo suddenly gets up, cause his wound to open up. Yoruichi says he can't get up yet, which Ichigo says that Chad is in danger and he has to go help him. Yoruichi forces him to lay down, says that everyone is fine. Chad's opponent wasn't bad, so he's still alive; Ishida and Inoue have avoided confrontations and therefore are barely wounded. So Ichigo should just rest, a half-dead man won't be able to help anyone. Also, half of his possessions got smashed. If it wasn't for this "thing", a Hollow mask, his torso would have been cut in two already, although Yoruichi is surprised that Ichigo would carry something like that with him. Ichigo is surprised that he has it too. Yoruichi asks if he carried it with him. Ichigo says that thing saved him in his fight with Renji yesterday, so he wanted to keep it as a lucky charm, but Hanatarō insisted that he throw it away, so he threw it in the sewers. Ichigo says that Hanatarō is someone from the 4th Division, he's the one who healed his wound after his fight with Renji. Anyways he doesn't know how the mask go back to him, as he's sure that he threw it away. Yoruichi wants to take it for safe-keeping, but Ichigo wants to keep it. But Yoruichi makes a very scary face that scares Ichigo so he has to give it. Yoruichi thinks that probably not possible, but they have to watch out for it just in case.

Then Ichigo comments that Yoruichi is strong, since Yoruichi ran around without getting hurt and carried him here with such a small body. Yoruichi says that it's no problem with the "original form". Ichigo is surprised and asks what's the "original form". Yoruichi says that there's no point in hiding it anymore so Ichigo can see the true form now. Then Yoruichi turns into a girl, surprising Ichigo. Yoruichi says that it's fun to return to this form, since everyone is surprised because they all think she's a guy by the way she talks. Then she shows Ichigo the device she used to took him here. Ichigo shouts at her to put on some clothes, since she still naked. Yoruichi apologizes, she hasn't worn clothes for so long, she forgot. She is also surprised because Ichigo is quite innocent. She asks if he wants to see since he probably won't get to see such a delicate girl body anymore. Ichigo tells her to not worry about his future and get dressed. Yoruichi says that he's a boring man and he's replies that it's none of her business and shouldn't she wear something on her lower body. Yoruichi shows him the device she used to took him here, and she also asks that is his wound okay since shouting that loud will cause the wound to open up. Then Yoruichi tells him that they can put Reiryoku in that device and they can fly. Ichigo asks that, since Yoruichi can shape-shift, cure wounds, and has something like that, who is she. Yoruichi is about to answer when they feel a strong Reiatsu, which Ichigo recognizes as Byakuya's. And it's from the Senzaikyū. Ichigo runs off, and Yoruichi asks where is he going. Ichigo says that Hanatarō and Ganju are at the Senzaikyū, he has to go save them. Then he uses the device to fly away. Yoruichi tells him to wait but he's already gone.

Meanwhile, at the Senzaikyū, Byakuya tells Ganju that he felt some faint Reiatsu, which he thought was someone strong holding back his Reiatsu, but it's nothing but a fat bug. Rukia is trying to go and stop that, but she can't even handle Byakuya's Reiatsu because she has been surrounded by Sekkiseki for so long. Hanatarō says it's fine, since Ganju must have a secret plan. Ganju says that with their difference in strength, little tricks won't do any good, he'll have to gamble his life on this and rushes at Byakuya. Hanatarō and Rukia is shocked with the fact that he doesn't have any plans. Ganju about to throw some "Chitami" at Byakuya, but he already got past Ganju, telling him to go away, since his sword was not made to kill pests like him. It appeared that Ganju's arm was injured, but he tells Byakuya to hold it. Byakuya tells him to leave again, but Ganju says that a coward that could be scared by that doesn't exist in the Shiba Clan. Upon knowing that Ganju is from the Shiba Clan, Byakuya apologizes for not hitting him hard enough and he will make sure that Ganju doesn't walk out of this alive. Then he unsheathes his sword, which Ganju asks what is he trying to do from so far away and Rukia begs him not to do it. But then he releases his Shikai: Senbonzakura. Rukia screams that Ganju should run, but it's too late. The blades that scattered from Byakuya's sword cut him down.

Byakuya attempts to kill Hanatarō too, ignoring Rukia's begging. But Ukitake arrives and stop him just in time. He tells Byakuya that's enough. Then he says hello to Rukia and tells her that she has lost weight. Byakuya asks Ukitake what's the meaning of this, which Ukitake says that's his line. Releasing a Zanpakutō here is a first-class offense, even if you are fighting Ryoka. But Byakuya says that this is a wartime situation, the ban on releasing a Zanpakutō has been lifted. Ukitake is surprised that an invasion of a few Ryoka can end up like that, and it's must be related to Aizen's murder. Suddenly, they feel a Reiatsu that is at the level of a captain, but Ukitake doesn't recognize this Reiatsu, and wonders who and where this person is. Rukia and Hanatarō seem to know that Reiatsu: It is that of Ichigo. He lands right in front of Rukia, but when she about to call him, he walks right pass her and come to Hanatarō, apologizes and asks where Ganju is. Then he turns to Rukia, saying that he has come to save her. He tells her not to make that face, because he's here to rescue her, she should be happy. Rukia calls him a dummy and says that she told him not to come, she forbade him to come. And now he's wounded everywhere. Ichigo says that she can get mad however she likes later, after he defeats Byakuya.

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117. Remnant 2 [Deny the Shadow]

Ichigo and Byakuya begin to fight, but Yoruichi interrupts.

Summary :


Cover of 117. Remnant 2 [Deny the Shadow]

Ichigo and Byakuya look at each other. Rukia calls Ichigo's name, which he replies that she shouldn't tell him to run away because he won't, it wasn't easy coming all this way. So no matter how she says it, it won't make a difference, he will drag her out of here if he has to. Ichigo says that he's not going to listen to what Rukia says, so don't bother and call her an idiot. Rukia then says that he's ignoring the rescued's opinions, and asks what kind of of strange rescue attempt is that. Ichigo tells her to shut up, she is being rescued so she stop babbling. He tells her that she should crouches in the corner, shivers in fear and screams "help! help!". Rukia and Ichigo grin at each other. Then Rukia comments that he never change, still ignoring everything she says. Ichigo says that Rukia always nags and worries about him, she should worries about herself right now. Ichigo smiles and says that he won't die yet and tells Rukia to not look at him like that, he has gotten stronger when she was away. That smile of him reminds her of someone. Ukitake asks Byakuya who that boy was. Byakuya says that he's a nobody, compared to the person laying behind Ukitake. Byakuya says that Ichigo is not important, he's just a Ryoka that Byakuya will destroy. Ichigo says that Byakuya is so carefree, he didn't even move forward when he talked with Rukia for so long. Byakuya says why would he need to sneak up on the like of Ichigo. He tells Ichigo that he shouldn't think too highly of himself, calling him a "insignificant scum". He releases a tremendous amount of Reiatsu, terrifying both Rukia and Hanatarō. Ichigo holds his sword, prepares to fight. Byakuya comments that Ichigo didn't even bug in front of his Reiatsu, it seems that Ichigo has gained some strength. He doesn't know how Ichigo reacquired his Shinigami power, but he should have just returned to his normal Human life, instead of throwing away his life that he luckily kept. Ichigo answer that he's not throwing away his life, he's going to defeat Byakuya, and then go home. Byakuya repeats that Ichigo shouldn't think too highly of himself, before disappearing Rukia says that's Shunpo. Byakuya moves to the back of Ichigo, strikes him, but Ichigo blocks it. Both Rukia and Byakuya is surprised. Ichigo says that he saw every single step. Byakuya says that Ichigo improved more than he thought. He resolves to, before Ichigo becomes too full of himself, show him what he can't compensate for with a thousand years of training: their differences in strength. Rukia screams, begging for Ichigo to run. As Byakuya tries to release his Shikai, Yoruichi comes and stops him.

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118. The Supernal Tag

Yoruichi takes Ichigo away from Byakuya, telling him that in 3 days she will make Ichigo stronger than him.

Summary :


Cover of 118. The Supernal Tag

In the 6th Division holding cell, Zabimaru comes out to talk with Renji. The baboon asks that how long does he plan to lay there for, with the snake calling him a scumbag. Renji says that's a nice choice of the first word out of his mouth in a while. Then he asks what does he want. The baboon says that he is completely recovered and that he can fight now; he's just waiting for him. Zabimaru demands that Renji get up, expressing the desire to fight Ichigo again. Renji calls Zabimaru an idiot and ask if he fell asleep back there. He says that Ichigo it's not his enemy anymore. Zabimaru then asks him who is his enemy now, who will he fight next. Renji doesn't respond, but instead stares at the holding cell window behind Zabimaru.

Meanwhile, at the Senzaikyū, the arrival of Yoruichi shocks everyone. Hanatarō asks Rukia if she knows her, which Rukia says she doesn't, but she's heard that name before. Byakuya notes that she is the former Commander-in-Chief of the Onmitsukidō and the former Corps Commander of the Correction Corps, Yoruichi Shihōin. Byakuya remarks that he hasn't seen her face in a while, and that since it's been a few hundred years since her disappearance, everyone thought she had died. Ichigo then thanks Yoruichi for coming to help him, but he asks her to move aside since he has to defeat Byakuya. Yoruichi says that he's an idiot to think that he could defeat Byakuya by himself. Then she uses Shunpo to move near him, impales him with her hand right in the wound on his stomach. That shocks everyone. Ichigo tries to ask what is she doing before passing out.

Ukitake comments that it's a drug, either Gaten or Hōten, and by releasing a strong tranquilizer directly into the body, she was trying to save him. Yoruichi acknowledges Ukitake as Byakuya asks her if she thinks he would allow it, while he refers to her as 'Senpai'. He then comments that she won't be able to get away so easily. Yoruichi asks that when did he learn to talk big, did he ever win even one game of tag against her. Byakuya says they should try again, starting another game of tag. Yoruichi uses Shunpo to get behind Byakuya. He swings his sword back, but she is already behind Ukitake. She jumps, but then realizes that Byakuya is behind her. He says that she can't escape him with that level of Shunpo. Then cuts her across the chest with his blade. But the moment he thought she has fallen, Yoruichi is perched upon his outstretched arm, while carrying Ichigo. She states that he can't catch her with that level of Shunpo. When he looks back, Yoruichi is on the top of the building behind him, saying that in 3 days, she will make Ichigo stronger than him. The fight between Ichigo and Byakuya is postponed until then. If Byakuya wants, he may follow her, but the "Goddess of Flash" will not be caught so easily.

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119. Secret of the Moon

Ukitake helps Hanatarō and Ganju. Ishida and Orihime are on the move.

Summary :


Cover of 119. Secret of the Moon

Yoruichi carries Ichigo and gets away. Byakuya then proceeds to leave the area, with Ukitake asking him where he is going. Byakuya continues to walk away, stating that he has lost his interest and that Ukitake can do whatever he wants to do with the rest of them. Ukitake comments that Byakuya always does what ever he pleased at any given moment. Suddenly, Rukia collapses. Ukitake thinks that can't blame her, since the pressure suddenly got lifted when Byakuya left. Then he calls for his 3rd seat, Sentarō Kotsubaki and Kiyone Kotetsu. They jump out from under the bridge, which makes Hanatarō thinks that there are more enemies. Ukitake asks them how long they have been here, which Sentarō replies from the start. He apologizes for coming despite Ukitake telling him not to, but it's because he respects him so much that he just has to follow Ukitake everywhere he goes. Kiyone says that was cheap and she respects the captain even more, which makes Sentarō calls her a booger girl. Ukitake tells Kiyone to call the 4th Division and Sentarō to takes Rukia back to the prison. Sentarō tells Hanatarō to move, which he refuses, but Sentarō yells at him that he doesn't want to put Rukia back to the prison either. Kiyone says that she worries for Rukia more than Sentarō. Sentarō says that why does she has to copy everything he does and calls her an ape-girl, which she returns by calling him an ape-boy. Hanatarō looks at Ukitake, trying to say something. Ukitake asks if he's trying to ask why is he helping them. Then he says that of course he'd help, since they are the prime suspects of Aizen's murder, they can't let them die. And more importantly, although extremely clumsy, they were trying to save a member of his division, so he can't just stand there and watch them die.

Meanwhile, in Seireitei, Orihime and Uryū have disguised themselves as Shinigami and blended with the 9th Division. The 20th seat of the division, Toshimori Umesada is leading a group to look for the Ryoka. He asks Orihime and Uryū if they are new members since he's never seen them before. They say yes. Then Toshimori tries to hit on Orihime, but stops when Uryū reminds him of his mission to capture the intruders. Toshimori, angered for being stopped by an unseated officer, threatens Uryū when another Shinigami of his squad calls for him. Instead of continuing with his threat, Toshimori tells Uryū that he will finish this later, and then continues the search for the intruders. Uryū says that won't happen since he will not be here. Orihime thanks him and says that they sure did a good job in disguising themselves and it was all thanks to her plan. Uryū then recalls how they get the Shinigami uniforms. They stole it from 2 Shinigami which Orihime took down by herself, saying that Tatsuki trained her, making Uryū scared and remember not to get in a fight with Orihime. Then Orihime about to change right in front of Uryū, which he tells her to wait. Orihime then shows Uryū to changing room she made for him. When using it, Uryū wonders that should it be the other way around. Back to the present, Orihime got some information about Rukia from those 2 Shinigami they stole the uniform from. She says that Ichigo must be there already. Uryū says that they should hurry and give him a hand or he would mess up. Orihime agrees. While walking, they start discussing of which division they should say they come from, unaware of someone watching them.

When Yoruichi finally gets Ichigo back to the secret underground area, she is noticeably out of breath. She figures it was because she was out of practice after refraining from fighting for 100 years. She looks down at Ichigo and tells him to wake up, relaying that he can get stronger and that when he wakes up she will tell him about Zangetsu's real power and some secrets.

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120. Shake Hands With Grenades

Yoruichi starts Ichigo's special training. As Orihime and Ishida run into a group of Shinigami.

Summary :


Cover of 120. Shake Hands With Grenades

In an underground cavern, Yoruichi begins Ichigo's special training. She tells him that they don't have time for him to recover fully and that he will simply have to bear the pain. As she is talking, Ichigo flashbacks to earlier when he confronted Yoruichi about stopping him from fighting Byakuya. Yoruichi told him that he was not strong enough to defeat Byakuya and that no one there was, but that in three days he will be strong enough and then he can rescue Rukia and his other friends with his own hands. She also assures him that Ukitake's presence ensured that nothing bad will happen to either Ganju or Hanatarō. Back in the present, a determined Ichigo draws out Zangetsu.

Yoruichi asks him if he is aware that his Zanpakutō is in constant Shikai. Ichigo is surprised and wonders if that means his Zanpakutō is similar to that of Kenpachi. Yoruichi deduces that Ichigo does not know that Zangetsu has a second form. She then explains that all Zanpakutō's have two releases, Shikai and Bankai. She explains that it is all captains are able to perform both, but the sole exception to the rule is Kenpachi, who became a captain without Bankai or even knowing the name of his Zanpakutō, thanks to his raw power alone. She explains that the difference between the power of Shikai and Bankai is dependent on a person's training and innate ability, but that generally the power difference can be five to ten times, shocking Ichigo. She goes on to explain that because of the boost in power, even talented individuals can easily take ten years to achieve it. When Ichigo points out that he doesn't have that much time, Yoruichi explains that with him, she will be taking a much more dangerous approach that will help him achieve Bankai in just three days.

Elsewhere, Orihime and Ishida are running down the streets of Seireitei dressed as Shinigami. Orihime explains that Tsubaki is till not recovered and apologies for not being much help. Ishida assures her that she is a huge help. Ishida thinks to himself that this is probably a good thing as the observation of the last few days have convinced him that Orihime is not suited to battle, as there is nothing she hates more then to see someone get hurt, even if it is the enemy. As they are running along, they called called to attention by a Shinigami who demands to know what division they are with and what they are doing there. Orihime replies that they are with the 11th Division. The man replies that he is with the 11th Division as well and that as it is a combat ready division, no one in the company would be stupid enough to walk around without a Zanpakutō. As Ishida thinks about how they blew it with their oversight of the fact that the divisions had specialized tasks, the man grabs Orihime's uniform and reveals the insignia that's sown on the underside. He informs them that that is the 12th Divisions insignia. He demands to know who they really. As Ishida resigns himself to a fight, the man is hit over the head by another group of Shinigami.

The group identifies themselves as other members of the 12th Division and complain that the 11th Division Shinigami was drunk. Orihime falls in with them and their friendly mannerism, but Ishida's suspicions are raised, especially since the 11th Division Shinigami had a good point. He runs forward and tells Orihime to get away from them. Just as he says this, a number of the Shinigami in the group explode, stunning the others. They turn around and demand answers from their captain, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, who simply blows them up as well. He comments that once grenades are thrown, they shouldn't come flying back.

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121. In Sane We Trust

Mayuri Kurotsuchi takes an interest in Orihime.

Summary :


Cover of 121. In Sane We Trust

One of the 12th Division Shinigami that Mayuri blew-up wonders how it turned out the way it did. He explains that he failed the enlistment exam for the Gotei 13 three times after graduating from the Shinōreijutsuin. Finally, after the 4th attempt, he got in and was assigned to the 12th Division, although he had wanted to be assigned to the 5th Division and serve under Hinamori. On the 20th day of his service, the Ryoka invaded. There was talk that whoever caught one of the Ryoka would be promoted. However, he acknowledged that a new recruit such as himself did not have much chance of being the one to catch them. Then today, the captain himself spoke to him and his fellow new recruits and informed them that Ryoka disguised as Shinigami have been discovered. They were tasked with approaching them without arousing suspicion and to lure them to the division barracks. It was dangerous work, but if they succeeded, they might even be promoted to a seated position, an event that would bring him closer to Hinamori. He was still full of doubt on account of being new, but he kept his insecurities to himself. He asks himself again how this could have happened and as he keeps approaching Mayuri, he says that this wasn't the deal and he was just suppose to talk to them and bring them back. Mayuri presses a button on a device he was holding and blows him up as Nemu watches passively on.

As the dust from the explosion clears, Orihime's shield is seen. She had managed to activate it to protect herself, Ishida and the 11th Division member. Orihime thanks Ishida, and begins to talk, but Ishida interrupts her and tells her that he is thankful that she reacted in time and attributes this to the hours of practice she put in to better activate her powers. Flashing back to a night before their arrival in Seireitei, Orihime stayed awake all night practicing, finally succeeding in summoning her Shun Shun Rekka without saying their names. She asks about the other three people, Ishida informs her that they are dead. He tells her not to be upset because the one who should be upset is Mayuri.

Mayuri asks Ishida if the shield is the girl's technique. Ishida says he won't answer any questions. Mayuri presses on, saying he has never seen a technique like that and offers Orihime a position as his research subject and telling her not to be afraid as he is kind to women. Meanwhile, the 11th Division Shinigami wonders why Orihime is crying. He wonders if she is afraid, but dismisses that notion because Orihime had risked her life to save him. He then wonders if she is crying for the people who died and wonders why she is doing that given that they were her enemy and then wonders why she saved him, given he's her enemy. He says, he doesn't get it.

Mayuri says that he will offer Orihime the best possible terms, offering to limit drug regimes to only eight doses, limiting bio-mechanical experiments to just five hours and even assuring her that she will continue to be fed orally and given cloths when she sleeps, going so far as to promise not to modify her in any way that might kill her. He states they are exceptional terms for a test subject. Ishida makes his move and appears near him and draws his bow. Mayuri at once identifies him as a Quincy. Mayuri says that the Quincy are a rare species and that it has been years since he last saw one, but that he has already completed his research on the Quincy and so he is not interested in Ishida. Ishida wonders what Mayuri is talking about and Mayuri wonders if they were indeed foolish enough to charge into the enemy territory without intelligence. He stated that in the very least they should have familiarized themselves with the thirteen captains. He releases some Reiatsu and identifies himself as Captain of the 12th Division and the president of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, but tells Ishida to not bother remember that as he will be dead in a moment.

Ishida tells Orihime to run but Orihime gets up and says she wants to fight as well. Ishida then threatens the 11th Division Shinigami into fleeing with Orihime. As Mayuri sends his extendible arm after them, Ishida destroys it. Mayuri angrily tells him that he really is not interested in him.

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122. Don’t Lose Your Grip On

Ishida fights Mayuri.

Summary :


Cover of 122. Don’t Lose Your Grip On

Orihime fights with the 11th Division Shinigami and asks him to let her go. However, the 11th Division Shinigami, who identifies himself as the 10th seat of the 11th Division - Makizō Aramaki aka Maki-Maki, refuses. Orihime then bites him and he knocks her out, but then wonders if he hit her too hard and wonders if he should apologize when she comes to. As he continues to run away with her, a mysterious figure appears behind them.

Meanwhile, Mayuri severs his destroyed arm and regenerates it with some sort of serum. As Mayuri comments that he can locate Orihime with jut one strand of her hair, Ishida begins to contemplate his strategy. He deduces that Nemu is Mayuri's Lieutenant, but as she has not yet moved against him, he wonders if she can't fight. He decides to concentrate on Mayuri and attacks. However, Mayuri evades and even identifies Ishida's fast movement technique as Hirenkyaku. Mayuri compliments Ishida's skills, but says that as he is a busy man, he will kill Ishida quickly and so releases his Zanpakutō: Ashisogi Jizō. Ishida flashes back to the time he fought Jirōbō and realizes what Mayuri just did. However, he panics upon realizing that he cannot tell what Ashisogi Jizō does just by looking at it. He decides to fire and just as he does, Nemu appears in front of him and catches his arrow with her bare hands and destroys it. She then latches on him as Mayuri hacks right through her. Ishida is surprised at the way he treated her and wonders why he did that given she is on his side.

Mayuri backhands Nemu, berating her for letting go. Reminding her that he taught her to not let go even if her arms are torn off. She apologies, but he tells her that he never expected much from her and that at this point, killing Ishida will be easy.

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123. Pledge My Pride To

Ishida finds out what happened to the soul of his grandfather.

Summary :


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Ishida continues to be stunned by the fact that Mayuri would sacrifice Nemu just to kill him. Mayuri compliments Ishida for not screaming, stating if he has a high threshold for pain and wonders if he has been cut by a sword before. Ishida replies that this is just the second time he has been cut by a sword. Mayuri mockingly tells him that now he has a wealth of experience.

As Mayuri is about to continue with his speech, he is interrupted by the sound of Nemu struggling to breath. Mayuri angrily tells her to be quiet. Nemu apologizes and politely asks for some Hojikuzai as her lungs have been injured, claiming that she cannot maintain her vital functions if this continues. Mayuri loses his temper and stomps on Nemu, shocking Ishida. Mayuri continues to beat-up Nemu, demanding to know who she is talking to and wondering if she really thinks her body would break so easily. Ishida tells him to stop it and tells him that he is killing Nemu. Mayuri gets angry at Ishida and tells him that he created Nemu using a mix of Gigai and Gikon technology and that she is his daughter. Mayuri tells Ishida to save his indignation and that how a father treats his daughter is none of his concern.

Mayuri continues to beat-up Nemu, causing Ishida to attempt to move forward and stop him, but he that he can't move. Mayuri notices this and calls Ishida slow, explaining that paralysis is the power of Ashisogi Jizō. He goes onto explain that this type of paralysis, however, does not extend to numbing the victim to pain and, to prove his point, he cuts Ishida badly, making him scream in agony. He then comments that a man's scream is not as lustful as those of a woman and orders Nemu to get up and kill Ishida, but then remembers that Nemu two was cut and so is paralyzed as well. He calls her useless and hits her again. Ishida tells him to stop it. Mayuri wonders if its the pride of the Quincy that's making Ishida feel pity for a woman who is his enemy. Ishida wonders what Mayuri is talking about. Mayuri then reminds him that he told Ishida that he had finished his research on the Quincy. Mayuri describes how he applied mental and physical stimuli, how he opened skulls while alive and how he experimented on the Quincy until they were nothing, but pulp and that everyone of them swore at some point that on the "Pride of the Quincy" they will stop him. He mocks them for their efforts, saying that one cut from Ashisogi Jizō renders all resistance futile. As Ishida starts to get angry, Mayuri tells him about how he had to suffer for his research. Explaining that when he became the President of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute, the Quincy were already an endangered species and closely monitored by the Shinigami. He had to arrange with the Shinigami guarding them to delay rescue of Quincy when they were attacked by Hollows and arranged for the Quincy souls to be given to him as test subjects when they were brought to Soul Society.

He goes on to explain that the last Quincy he studied was an old man who kept screaming for his student or his grandchild. He flicks a post-operative picture of the old Quincy to Ishida, that shows only his head as Mayuri tries to recall the name of the student. The pictures shocks Ishida who suddenly releases a burst of power and tells Mayuri that the name of student was Uryū Ishida and that man was his teacher and blood grandfather. He then says that he is glad Orihime is not around because this is a fight that he wouldn't want her to see. He then swears on the pride of the Quincy to kill Mayuri.

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Mom, Dad, are you guys watching? I finally did it. The Bleach anime is on TV Tokyo, with scenes that move and dialogue that you can hear. I'm so happy, I could cry. Anyway, I'm originally from Hiroshima, but TV Tokyo doesn't have an affiliate there.

Mom, Dad, can you see it there?
-Tite Kubo


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