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VICE IT is the forty-fourth volume of the Bleach manga series.

Publisher's summary[]

Old friends turn against each other as Kaname Tōsen and Captain Sajin Komamura battle it out. Will Tōsen's new powers be too much for the Shinigami? And when Shinji Hirako reveals his Bankai [sic] for the first time, can he turn the tables against Sōsuke Aizen?!

Bleach All Stars[]

Yammy Llargo
Ep320RukiaCharaPic 黒崎 一護
Ichigo Kurosaki
Ep268YammyCharaPic 朽木 ルキア
Rukia Kuchiki

Ep216HisagiCharaPic 東仙 要
Kaname Tōsen
檜佐木 修兵
Shūhei Hisagi
Ep289TosenCharaPic 狛村 左陣
Sajin Komamura


378. Eyes of the Victor[]

As Yasutora Sado and 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai lie defeated, Ichigo Kurosaki arrives just in time to save Rukia Kuchiki and resumes his old fight with Yammy Llargo.

Summary :


Cover of 378. Eyes of the Victor

Yasutora Sado and Lieutenant Renji Abarai lay defeated on the the ground. Rukia Kuchiki is in the clutches of Yammy Llargo, who complains how hard it is to find and catch in his Resurrección form. He then contemplates how to kill Rukia. Master her last bits of energy Rukia fires a Sōkatsui. It knocks Yammy's head back a little, but is otherwise ineffective. Yammy sarcastically comments on how much it hurt and drops Rukia claiming that the attack hurt him so much, that his hand slipped. As Rukia is falling, she comments on how great Yammy's strength is and that because of the wind pressure alone she can't judge it herself. However, before she can hit the ground Ichigo Kurosaki appears and saves her.

Upon recognizing Ichigo, Yammy goes into a rage and starts to fire a Cero at him from his mouth. But Ichigo sends a Getsuga Tenshō at it before Yammy can even discharge it. In the short respite that follows, Rukia demands to know where Orihime is. Ichigo responds that she is fine and tending to Uryū's wounds. He comments that she's safer then what she would be down here. Rukia is, however, trouble by his mannerism. As Yammy resumes his attack, Ichigo takes Rukia to a near-by building and tells her to wait there. He tells her to just wait there and that he would put an end to this and head back to the Human World. He then leads Yammy away from the others, as Rukia wonders what happened above the dome, as Ichigo's eyes are not those of a victor or those of someone who is willing to cut down the enemies to come.

As Yammy chases Ichigo, he angrily tells Ichigo not to run around. Ichigo says that he's not running around to escape Yammy. When they are sufficiently far away, Ichigo comments that if it's just him and Yammy, he can take Yammy down by force. Ichigo then unveils his new mask and sends Yammy crushing down using a powerful Getsuga Tenshō.

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379. Falta de Armonia[]

Yammy Llargo is unhurt by Ichigo Kurosaki's attack and swiftly turns the tables on him.

Summary :


Cover of 379.

Ichigo confidently puts his mask away, having seemingly defeated Yammy. As he does so, Rukia muses on what she had heard about Ichigo's mask and how it is known to change patterns over time. However, she seems to understand that Ichigo's new mask pattern is completely different from before. Ichigo himself wonders what is going on with his Hollowfication, as his mask felt heavier than before. As he is thinking about this, Yammy gets up and reveals that Ichigo's attack did nothing, but nick him a little.

Ichigo is surprised by this and Yammy mocks him. He tells him that all the Espada Ichigo has fought up to that point, including Ulquiorra Cifer, are just trash compared to him. Ichigo tells Yammy that he didn't really stand a chance against any of the other Espada either, but defeated them because he had to. Yammy, according to Ichigo, is the same, but Yammy comments that the difference in power between himself and Ichigo will not go away, no matter what Ichigo says. Yammy proceeds to attack Ichigo as he reflects on the fact that the only person who seems to mourn the loss of the Espada is Orihime Inoue. Ichigo claims that he doesn't expect Yammy to care about his comrades, nor does he regret cutting them down, but Ichigo says he still doesn't like Yammy talking trash about them. He proceeds to bring out his mask, but fails. Pleased with Ichigo's inability to bring out his mask, Yammy grabs him and proceeds to crush him to death. However, he is hit by a powerful Sōkatsui and one of his legs is cut off, causing him to fall over. Captains Byakuya Kuchiki and Kenpachi Zaraki have arrived.

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380. Devil, Devil, Devil, Devil[]

6th Division Captain Byakuya Kuchiki and 11th Division Captain Kenpachi Zaraki take over the fight with Yammy Llargo while 4th Division Captain Retsu Unohana and Ichigo Kurosaki prepare to return to Karakura Town.



Cover of 380. Devil, Devil, Devil, Devil

Ichigo is surprised by a sudden dust storm, and lands, finally seeing that Byakuya and Kenpachi have arrived to help. Before he can question them, Yammy recovers from their attack. Byakuya demands that Ichigo fall back, and when he starts to question him, Kenpachi orders him to get out of the way.

When Ichigo fails to move, Kenpachi swings his sword down, and Ichigo dodges, wanting to know if Kenpachi was trying to kill him, which Kenpachi confirms, and tells him to "go die, dumbass." Kenpachi charges at him again, but Yammy blocks the attack, and throws Kenpachi back enough with enough force to crash him into a nearby tower and bring it down.

Yammy then complains that Byakuya's and Kenpachi's attacks hurt and promises to crush them. Suddenly, a large chunk of concrete flies toward Yammy's head, but he blocks it. Kenpachi then rises from the crumbling tower, commenting that Yammy can throw a decent punch. Kenpachi then goads Yammy into attacking him again, while Byakuya again tells Ichigo to fall back to the Human World.

Ichigo begins to protest, saying that it's not that easy, but Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi arrives and asks if Ichigo always has to rely on Kisuke Urahara. Ichigo calls to him without using an honorific, but Mayuri forgives his rudeness because he is pleased with the spoils he won from his fight. He was also able to analyze the Garganta and orders Lieutenant Nemu Kurotsuchi to make immediate preparations. When Ichigo protests, Mayuri tells him that test subjects don't have the right to refuse.

Captain Retsu Unohana then arrives with her lieutenant, and tells Ichigo not to worry because she will accompany him back. Mayuri is surprised that she wants to be a test subject, but she dismisses this, saying that she believes in his abilities and if he failed after getting to analyze such valuable information, Urahara would mock him. She then tells Isane to stay with the others and tells Ichigo to come with her.

When Ichigo protests further, Byakuya scolds him, telling him that if he stayed, his aid would not be significant, and he reminds Ichigo that his duty is to protect Karakura Town. Ichigo finally concedes and agrees to go back.

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381. Words Just Don't Like You[]

As 4th Division Captain Retsu Unohana and Ichigo Kurosaki head back to the Human World, Unohana explains why Ichigo is the only one who can fight Sōsuke Aizen.



Cover of 381. Words Just Don't Like You

Mayuri and Nemu Kurotsuchi open the Garganta for Retsu Unohana and Ichigo Kurosaki, briefly explaining how they can get back to the Human World. Ichigo comments that there are similarities between Mayuri and Kisuke Urahara. This earns Mayuri's wrath, who vows to fill Ichigo with terror once the war is over. Nemu agrees to devise a plan for doing so.

Mayuri then joins Byakuya, who asks him what he is still doing here, as there must be more interesting things for him in the Human World. Mayuri explains that the dead bodies in Hueco Mundo, at the current moment, are more interesting. He says that when the battle is over, they will open the Garganta from that side and then he can return and study the dead bodies on the Human World side at leisure.

In the meantime, Unohana asks Ichigo about the time he faced Aizen on the Sōkyoku Hill. Ichigo says that the power disparity between them was such that he couldn't do anything, even though Aizen hadn't even released Shikai. Unohana explains that that is a good thing and goes onto explain the power of Aizen's Zanpakutō, Kyōka Suigetsu. She tells Ichigo that the only person who is not under Aizen's perfect hypnosis is Ichigo and this is the only advantage they have and if they lose it, the war will be over.

Back in Hueco Mundo, Kenpachi lobs off Yammy's fingers and climbs on his right forearm. He jumps up and swings his arm down toward Yammy's face. As Kenpachi fights Yammy, Byakuya and Mayuri continue their conversation. Byakuya comments on how Mayuri's words imply that he is confident of Ichigo's victory and how that is unlike Mayuri. Mayuri says he didn't mean it like that as Byakuya closes his eyes. About the same time, Ichigo tells Unohana that if he is the only one who can defeat Aizen, then he will most certainly do so.

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382. The United Front [Discordeque Mix][]

While 4th Division Captain Retsu Unohana and Ichigo Kurosaki continue towards the Human World, Unohana offers to heal Ichigo and 6th Division Captain Byakuya Kuchiki joins the fight against Yammy Llargo.



Cover of 382. The United Front 「Discordeque Mix」

As Ichigo and Unohana continue through the Garganta, Unohana asks to take the lead as the path Ichigo is making is rough and unstable. Ichigo marvels at how nice the path Unohana is making and comments on what captain class Reiatsu can do. Unohana tells him that they both have captain level Reiatsu, but it would appear that even at full strength, Ichigo's Reiatsu is rough and not suitable for this kind of manipulation. Ichigo protests and informs her that his Reiatsu is not at full strength, saying that if it was then he would be better at making the path. Unohana doesn't believe him at first, but Ichigo explains that his shihakushō becomes part of his Bankai when he releases and therefore, restores itself when he is at maximum Reiatsu. Most of the time when Orihime heals him, his shihakushō restores to full too. However, this time it did not and when Ichigo questioned Orihime about it, Orihime told him that she can restore physical injuries really quickly, but that it takes her longer to restore Reiatsu. Because Ichigo was in a hurry since, Rukia and the others were getting beaten-up by Yammy, Ichigo came down from the dome before Inoue could heal his Reiatsu. Ichigo goes onto explain that the proportion of his robes left is how much of his Reiatsu he currently has access to.

Unohana is shocked, noting that Ichigo's shihakushō isn't even half what it normally is, admitting that she misjudged that Reiatsu to be his maximum and at par with that of a captain. She then asks Ichigo to take the lead again, informing him that she will restore his Reiatsu to the full during Kidō while they are running. Ichigo asks if this is indeed possible to do that while they are moving, but Unohana assures him that it is. She explains that when healing with Kidō, the Reiatsu is healed first so that the healer can use both the patient's Reiatsu and their own Reiatsu to heal the physical body. Therefore, restoring Reiatsu when the physical body is complete healed is very easy. Unohana goes on to think that if Ichigo's Reiatsu really is only at half strength, then Ichigo may well become a genuine trump card.

Meanwhile in Hueco Mundo, Kenpachi manages to down Yammy and tells Byakuya to finish Yammy off as dealing the deathblow to a weakling is not Kenpachi's style. Kenpachi starts to get angry, but Yammy resurfaces and lets out a powerful Cero. Kenpachi comments that it would appear that Yammy still had some strength left in him, Byakuya agrees and berates Kenpachi for his woeful judgement. Kenpachi says that for him, Yammy is at deathblow stage, but taunts Byakuya that it would appear that Yammy is too much for him. Byakuya releases Bankai and warns Kenpachi that he will confirm with his own flesh if it is too much for Byakuya or not. Kenpachi confesses that he has always wanted to fight Byakuya. Yammy appears between them, but they both tell Yammy that he is in the way and attack him together.

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Yammy Llargo reveals the nature of his Resurrección as Shinji Hirako confronts Sōsuke Aizen and Kaname Tōsen gets ready to unleash his true power.



Cover of 383. TOO EARLY TO TRUST

Despite being hit by the combined attack of Byakuya and Kenpachi, Yammy claims that it only stung a little. He then yells that he will not forgive them and grows further in size, as well as altering his form. He then tells them that the reason is release is called Ira is because anger is his power and that he is at his peak anger with Kenpachi and Byakuya. From the sidelines, Mayuri requests that Kenpachi and Byakuya take out Yammy quickly because if Yammy gets any larger, the autopsy on his corpse will become exponentially more difficult.

Meanwhile back in Fake Karakura Town, a distraught Shinji is taunted by Aizen. Shinji consigns the care of Hiyori to Hachi and goes to face Aizen. Upon over hearing Shinji tell Hachi to do what he can until Ichigo gets there, Aizen comments that Shinji's trust in Ichigo is misplaced, but Shinji tells Aizen that he can't comprehend that and wonder if Aizen has never put trust in his comrades. Aizen replies that trust and reliance are for the weak and that he never told his subordinates to put their trust in him. He always preached self reliance, but that most failed to live up to that lofty ideal. Seeking every higher power to put their trust into, they elevated Aizen to something resembling a God. Aizen tells Shinji that he will become the god they have no choice but to believe in.

Observing that Aizen is getting ready to battle himself, Tōsen comments that it is time that he unleashes his true power. Komamura assumes it is Bankai, but Tōsen tells him that Aizen has given him a power more splendid then Bankai. He then puts his hand on his face as Komamura reacts in shock.

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384. Can't Fear Your Own Sword[]

Kaname Tōsen unleashes his true power through Hollowfication, while 7th Division Captain Sajin Komamura and 9th Division Lieutenant Shūhei Hisagi question why he has embraced this new power.



Cover of 384. Can't Fear Your Own Sword

Tōsen's hand is ominously drawn down from his face, as Komamura and Hisagi stand petrified by the shocking actions of their former comrade. A resulting blast of Reiatsu clouds the immediate area, provoking Komamura to question if his friend had really fallen that far. With the subsequent dispersal of the dense smoke, the true horror of Tōsen's Hollowfied visage is revealed, consisting of the additions of a sleek simplified mask and chest plating. Absorbed by the appearance of the figure before him, Hisagi can only mutter if this is Hollowfication, to which Tōsen quickly confirms and uses the hesitation of his opponent to conduct a devastating slash. Komamura replies with the release of his Shikai, but the attack is effortlessly blocked and countered with a swift yet powerful kick to his face, sending Komamura crashing down to the town below.

At this point Tōsen laments upon the irony of the Gotei 13's acceptance of Ichigo, who is a hybrid of Shinigami and Hollow just like him. He then asks Komamura why has this become a despicable power just because he has chosen to wield it, which is met with the explanation that Ichigo had no choice in the matter, but he on the other hand, as an elite Shinigami, had no need for such a thing, instead choosing it of his own free will and that he has now been corrupted by the resulting power. Tōsen questions this reasoning, asking how flirting with his inner Hollow would prove anything of the sort, proceeding to state that Komamura only speaks in that tone because of his antiquated sense of dualism regarding Shinigami and Hollows. Komamura yells that is not what he meant, in fact he was referring to the way he threw away his friends and subordinates simply to gain forbidden power, noting that this is where his corruption has led him astray.

Tōsen goes to speak, but he is cut off when a chain wraps around his neck, pulling him backwards and slamming him into the roof a nearby building. As he lays there surrounded by the rubble, Hisagi pins Tōsen by his throat while raising his Zanpakutō up to him in preparation. Tōsen comments that he is still far to lenient on him, as old habits die hard, which Hisagi agrees to by stating that the attack was not filled with malicious intent, as even when his blade is drawn, his style has always been never to use excessive force. He explains that this is the path Tōsen taught to him, before recounting to his former captain how important the first time he was taught Tōsen's philosophy was. He then asks how Tōsen can utter such words and now just ignore them, questioning Tōsen to look at what he has become and what now drives his fear. Without any sign of remorse or saying a word, Tōsen impales Hisagi with his Zanpakutō and kicks him off the side of the roof. Tōsen then simply and callously states that his fear for the past 100 years is that he would assimilate with the rest of the Shinigami and die a pointless death. However, the statement is interrupted as Komamura releases his Bankai.

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385. Vice It[]

Shinji Hirako confronts Sōsuke Aizen as he slowly, deliberately draws his sword, with Shinji releasing his Shikai. Meanwhile, the fight between 7th Division Captain Sajin Komamura and Kaname Tōsen continues with Tōsen unleashing a new power.



Cover of 385. Vice It

Komamura looks at Tōsen with his Bankai released, while Tōsen comments how foolish Komamura is for fighting him with "a mere Bankai." Tōsen then readies himself to attack, while Komamura yells.

Meanwhile, Aizen calmly draws Kyōka Suigetsu with a confident grin. Shinji notes this and observes that Aizen is taking his time and remarks that he is scared. Shinji then comments that he himself purposely never opened up to Aizen, thereby making it impossible for Aizen to know his Zanpakutō's powers. Shinji then says that if Aizen thought his Zanpakutō was the only manipulator of the senses he was "dead wrong." Aizen maintains a leisurely, yet slightly more serious facade as Shinji releases his Shikai with the command "Collapse, Sakanade!"

Tōsen and Komamura have both injured the other's arms; Tōsen by slashing Komamura's giant's arm (which damages Komamura's own arm) and Tōsen by being swatted away by Kokujō Tengen Myō'ō, which completely crushes his left arm. Tōsen, however, is unfazed by this and remarks that Komamura's Bankai injures its wielder if damaged, and that Komamura expects Myō'ō to kill enemies with brute force in a single hit, showing the flaw in the Bankai if this does not occur. Tōsen then demonstrates greater control of his Hollow powers by regenerating the shattered left arm at high speed, to which Komamura remarks that he truly has abandoned his Shinigami nature. Tōsen retorts by saying "that sounds like an excuse for your defeat" and then ponders what Komamura has said about "debasing himself" by betraying his friends and subordinates, claiming that joining an organization which proclaims justice, and yet killed his friend is a larger debasement. He goes on by saying the "good" thing to do would be to forgive the organization (Gotei 13), which he admits would be "a beautiful act," but "justice" would be to destroy that organization; not doing so "would be evil." As he talks, a mouth forms out of cracks in his mask, and he speaks with greater volition and a more Hollow-like appearance.

Komamura relents that he has misjudged Tōsen completely and accepts Tōsen's true beliefs and since they cannot and will not ever see eye-to-eye, talking is now meaningless. Tōsen mockingly asks if he will now strike him down and if that is his justice. Komamura replies that it is and he will do it for the good of Soul Society, for in his heart he has already forgiven Tōsen. Tōsen questions Komamura's forgiveness as if he were speaking like a god, and demands that he try to strike him down if he can survive his Resurrección. He then releases his Resurrección, Suzumushi Hyakushiki: Grillar Grillo, which engulfs him in a wave of black spiritual energy.

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386. Bells Are Blue[]

Kaname Tōsen transforms into a bug-like Hollow and is able to see the world.



Cover of 386. The Bestial

Tōsen transforms into a bug-like Hollow and opens his bulging bug-like eyes. He then says that he can see and tells Komamura he can see him. Tōsen begins to laugh almost maniacally as he marvels at the sky, the blood of Hisagi, the world at large and Komamura himself. Tōsen tells Komamura that he is uglier then he imagined. They begin to fight and Komamura recalls the day Tōsen told him why he wanted to be a Shinigami. Back then, Tōsen told Komamura that Tōsen's friend truly loved the world and became a Shinigami to fight for justice. As he did not wish for the justice she fought for to go unrealized, he swore to devote his own life to carry our her wish. Komamura confesses that back then he detected a lie in Tōsen's words. Komamura had noted that Tōsen never said that he loved the world, but that Komamura understood Tōsen's feelings and believed them to be just. Komamura respected the fact that Tōsen did not pretend to be a saint and love the world regardless. Komamura vowed to be a true friend to Tōsen and wanted to give Tōsen a reason to love the world once more.

Komamura subsequently attacks Tōsen, but in his Hollow form he blocks the large sword with his bare hands, chipping the blade as he does so, before proceeding to counter-attack using a special attack: Los Nueve Aspectos (The Nine Aspects). With a few simple movements, nine powerful sonic waves are directed towards Kokujō Tengen Myō'ō, resulting in a large hole appearing in the Bankai's torso, bringing about its defeat. This damage is immediately reflected on Komamura and he too goes down in a shower of blood. As Komamura now lies on the ground, Tōsen approaches to deal the finishing blow, saying that "Justice is not something you can express with mere words" as he charges his Cero. Komamura apologizes to Lieutenant Tetsuzaemon Iba, to Hisagi and to Tōsen for failing to strike Tōsen down. However, both Tōsen and Komamura are shocked when Hisagi drives his sealed Zanpakutō through Tōsen's head. Hisagi concludes that it is clear that Tōsen is no longer the same as his old sightless self, who would have been able to easily evade an attack of such magnitude and simplicity. He then closes his eyes and bowing his head in reluctance, releases his Zanpakutō inside the confines of Tōsen's head, killing his former friend and much respected master. As Tōsen's life begins to fade, he sees the face of his deceased friend, but now fails to recognize her. With life slipping away from him, he reflects upon the strangeness of theses circumstances and states that this is not how things were supposed to be, before repeating his sentiment that he cannot see anything as both darkness and death finally engulf him.

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Author's Notes[]

Volume 44 Intro Image
I'm moving at the end of March. In other words, by the time this volume comes out in Japan, I should be in my new place.

Will I be?!
I will be, right?!

-Tite Kubo


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