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Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "Life Is Like A Boat"

On the plus side, the title is misleading and we've still got a chapter and a major announcement left to go. On the other hand...Bleach is still ending. Cue every Linkin Park song playing simultaneously to express my current emotional state.

This is where I'd normally write the play-by-play, but I stayed up all night and into the morning for this chapter because for some likely ungodly reason, Stream decided to change up their release schedule for no reason and release it after One Piece and frickin' Nisekoi instead of first thing in the morning, so I'm raelly tired and still digesting all the status quo changes here. Ukitake is dead, Rose and Kensei are alive, Rukia/Iba/Lisa are captains, Hisagi for sure has Bankai, the Seireitei's got a new look, Mayuri's got a new look too, Nemuri the 8th is adorable, Yachiru apparently was Nozarashi, and Reiatsu waves similar to Yhwach's are showing up again, along with black goop rising from the ground. Ominous, but with only 1 more chapter left idk how much it'll amount to.

Oh, and if anyone's interested I made a video detailing what I believe was the primary focus of this arc now that it's drawing to a close. Worked on it for like a month, I'd appreciate a view or two.

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