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Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "Symphony No. 9 in E Minor" by Antonin Dvořák

Well, that chapter was something alright.

682Ichigo and Renji travel

*A Flock of Seagulls's one notable song intensifies*

So we start off with quite possibly the most anticipated confrontation of this arc as Yhwach arrives not in the Human World, not in the distant past...but in the Seireitei, where he finds none other than Aizen in his way. Not gonna lie, I honestly thought he was getting an epic burn in on Lille from that first page about "being in a sorry state", but I'll gladly take more Sōsukaku over Lofulamingo any day. Back in Wahrwelt, however, Uryū's stair-climbing escapades are interrupted by his dad, who in a fit of trigger-happy rage nearly shoots him with a silver arrowhead before rubbing in the fact that Yhwach killed his mommy. Oh, and the arrow came from the "silver blood clot" that killed her, but that's beside the point. Meanwhile, Ichigo and Renji are running so far away within the Dangai/Garganta/whateverthehellthisportalleadsthrough, but Ichigo is understandably exhausted and collapses, forcing Renji to hoist him up again.

682Aizen is freed


When Ichigo has the gall to point out how badly injured he is and that he should've stayed behind with the medic, Renji obliterates him with a well-aimed Shakkahō goes full UFC on his sorry ass before giving a surprisingly heartwarming and sentimental speech about how he'll be sticking by Ichigo's side no matter what because he repaired his strained relationship with Rukia way back when. And people say Kubo's forgotten how to write his characters. Back to the Seireitei, where Yhwach manages to destroy the almighty Chair-sama through the use of a trap card before reminding a newly-freed Aizen (who just had to get in a taunt about Ichigo giving Yhwach trouble) that he was the one whom Ichigo defeated. Buuuuuuuurn. Aizen declares that he can now eviscerate Yhwach for getting in his way, but suddenly Ichigo and Renji come out swinging at Yhwach, who pushes them back and attempts to break Tensa Zangetsu again...only for it to merely crack instead. Clearly the Wheel of Fortune is spinning in Ichigo's direction this time.

Overall a pretty hype chapter this week. I can only imagine that the silver arrowhead's gonna somehow weaken Yhwach if it hits him - silver somehow being his weakness would be kinda hilarious, tbh. More importantly, though, Aizen is out of his chair and ready to keikaku Yhwach's pasty white butt all over the Seireitei, and Ichigo and Renji are there to provide backup for this glorious endeavor. I've already seen butthurt regarding Tensa Zangetsu being cracked literally one chapter (to the page, no less) after it was fixed, and I gotta say that Yhwach attempting to destroy it entirely as soon as he saw it was fixed was a good move on his part - but apparently it's gained some resistance to The Almighty, or Yhwach's power is faltering, or something, so there's that too.


Renji's Shakaghetti,


never forgetti

I predict that the series will definitively end next chapter when Renji, after a heartfelt farewell to Ichigo and a kiss on the mouth to Aizen, bypasses The Almighty and kills Yhwach to death with a triple-incantation Shakkahō that levels the entire Seireitei, sacrificing himself in the process. He will be missed.

oh btw I made a new meme if y'all wanna check it out, it's pretty fly imho

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