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Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "In The End" by Linkin Park

Oh right Ichigo's future husbando is also fighting I almost forgot

679Freund Schild

Don't worry, he uses protection

So we start off with Yhwach claiming that his ultra-hax Schrift isn't all that different from Ichigo and Orihime's powers because he can still only affect what he can see - that just happens to be all of fate. Oh, and let's not gloss over the badass claim that Ichigo was only able to overcome despair in his previous battles because Yhwach wasn't there. Finally, Yhwach tops it off with one of the most gloriously ham-and-cheesy lines from a villain in this series, "Go can despair now." God I love this guy. Surprisingly, however, we cut to Uryū v. Haschwalth in the court of futility, where Uryū is still messed up and Haschwalth FINALLY confirms that his Schrift is The Balance, allowing him to redirect misfortune to other people for the sake of balance. On top of that, he's got a nifty shield called the Freund Schild that absorbs all misfortune he would personally experience. What a hacker.



Despite this, Uryū wants to know if Haschwalth still wants to see his Schrift. Haschwalth rightly points out that Uryū would've used it by now if it had any use in this battle, but Uryū thinks otherwise and reveals that it's The Antithesis as Haschwalth suddenly starts bleeding everywhere. Guess his fur coat doesn't work very well as a body-wide tampon. A now-healed Uryū proceeds to explain how The Antithesis allows him to reverse the situation between two targets; in this case, he reversed the damage situations between the two of them, so now Haschwalth is bearing all his injuries while Uryū himself is A-okay. However, Haschwalth just notes that this sort of power might be the only real counter to The Almighty, to the shock of both Uryū and the audience, and that he was right to try and take him out early on. Uryū attempts to GTFO, but suddenly gets rekt outta nowhere...

679Yhwach grabs

Did I SAY you could stop slobberin' on muh diddly?!

...which was the work of an enemy Schrift, namely The Balance, which Haschwalth used to redirect Uryū's good fortune of being able to hurt him in the first place in order to injure him all over again. Furthermore, though, the Freund Schild absorbs the damage that was inflicted on Haschwalth and then redirects that to poor Uryū, who gets even further rekt. Despite the horrific amount of damage he's suffered, Uryū still tries to crawl away, but Haschwalth just prepares to impale him while insulting his beliefs. Ouch. Then we cut back to Ichigo vs. Yhwach, where Ichigo has been summarily rekted and lost all hope. Seeing this, Yhwach decides to put him out of his misery and prepares to take back the power he "so generously" gave Ichigo so long ago. Hoo boy, look at dem veins.

Good chapter all around. Whatever happened between the first and last few pages clearly would've been boring to watch, what with Ichigo having a broken Bankai and Orihime being officially useless, so I'm glad we cut away to the fight with the second-least amount of attention after Izuru vs. Lille - Uryū vs. Haschwalth. I'm also happy about finally getting their Schrift names, as well as the fact that Uryū's is NOT The Almighty as some people were claiming it would be. Don't think anyone predicted The Antithesis, though; it was usually The Arrow or something like that. I suppose now that the dads will have to step in within the next few chapters.

Oh, and happy 200th chapter to this arc. It's been a wild ride so far.

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