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Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "Actions and Motives" by 10 Years


630Grimmjow pursues

Swiggity swooty, comin' for dat booty

So we start off with Grimmjow standing over his "kill" as Ichigo, for some reason, takes exception to him attacking the enemy. I am really not sure why. Anyway, Askin takes this opportunity to get the hell out of there Sanic-style, so Grimmjow takes up the chase because panther motifs. According to him, he ain't gonna kill Askin; Askin's just gonna die because he's weaker. Oooooh, that was sick. Also, it would appear Grimmjow sexually identifies as "Ichigo Kurosaki's enemy", which is why he's here. Now here comes the interesting part; Grimmjow manages to transform his hand into his Pantera hands, complete with claws, without releasing his Zanpakutō. I'm guessing he's learned how to partially enter his Resurrección on the fly like this for the sake of saving time, but we won't know for sure until he explains it. Pretty cool, though.

630Haschwalth is reported to

Fodder to be sacced in 3...2...1...

Then we go to Haschwalth in the Wahrwelt, where he's being updated on the status of the Schutzstaffel by what would appear to be a German pornstar in a Prussian military uniform. Apparently, on the orders of His Majesty himself, all the SS have gone to a different city in the realm - and Uryū is included in the group now, meaning he's by himself. Jugo promptly realizes how dangerous this is and tells the guy to start watching him immediately, but this is interrupted when Bazz-B surprise-BF1s the poor sap from behind through the eyeball. We're then treated to a short, but awesome, fight scene between the two of them that includes Jugo effectively bitch-slapping Bazz with the hilt of his sword and Bazz being the first one to actually draw blood from the Aryan bastard with a BF1.

630Burner Finger 2

Who's ready for an explosive finish?

Of course, Haschwalth finally deduces that Bazz-B's wounds were actually inflicted by Jujuman Juha Ballhog Yhwach himself, leading to a brief explanation of what the hell actually happened in chapter 603: the Sternritter who weren't hit directly by the beams of light lost their Quincy: Vollständig, and those who WERE hit directly (like Robert) died to death. Of course, this contradicts how Bazz-B is alive despite having been hit directly by a beam, but let's just roll with it. Apparently, Bazz knew that Jugo knew because they're actually friends, with Jugo calling Bazz-B "Bazz" in turn, and Bazz-B's gonna kill him because at night, Haschwalth actually gain Yhwach's power. Oh, and it looks like we're gonna finally be getting a flashback for Bazz starting next chapter hoorah.

I greatly enjoyed this chapter. The first few pages with Askin and Grimmjow had a good mix of comedy from the former and badass from the latter, and the tease of Grimmjow having further mastered his released state is quite intriguing. However, the Quincy stuff is what brought it home this week, with a great (if short) fight scene and an actual relationship beyond "willing to kill each other at the drop of a hat" being established between two Sternritter - the two most important ones, I might add. I'm stoked to see what Bazz-B's childhood was like as well.

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