These are the top 10 most weakest/disappointing Bankais in Bleach!!! Okay guys let’s get right into the flame war and discuss some of the worst and most disappointing Bankai(s) throughout the history of Bleach. To make this unfortunate list, the users of their respective Bankais must either have a Bankai that is either inefficient, lame, didn’t live up to MY expectations or just plain disappointing. Of course these are my opinions of course, and I would love to hear your opinions. Just to iterate, these are my opinions guys, and of course you wouldn’t all agree but I love meaningful discussion.

1. Ichigo Kurosaki – Tensa Zangetsu
683Ichigo attacks

So we barely know anything about this Bankai because the troll lord Yhwach broke it..... twice!!! It’s big, it’s sharp, it looks cool, and with its new form in Chapter 684 (power-down?) it’s just really confusing. The reason this Bankai was hard to put on this list is because the little abilities we did see with the Bankai were awesome. That Getsuga Tensho would’ve killed Yhwach if he wasn’t broken and it looks so damn cool. But still, it's on this list because Kubo (sure he was rushed) didn't care to let Ichigo finish the series off with a well thought out Bankai. But I'll be nice to the strawberry - Next.....

2. Kenpachi Zaraki – Unknown
670Kenpachi loses his arm

This Bankai was admittedly awesome, but problematic at the same time. It just felt so unearned.... I love Kenpachi, I really do but that was just so random. A plus I can add is that yes, he looks like a goddamn demon king with horns and red skin and massacred that Viking prick Gerald, but it’s use was just unnecessary. That Bankai was an insult to every captain and Kisuke/Ichigo because Kenpachi went from Shikai to Bankai in like a day. 10 years for nothing everybody, Kenpachi is laughing at you losers. In conclusion, it looks awesome, was OP as hell, had a reasonable weakness, but was just so unearned and plain fan service Kubo, so it's on da list of shame.

3. Shunsui Kyōraku - Katen Kyōkotsu: Karamatsu Shinjū
649Shunsui is shot

Yes that’s right – the Bankai that gave a broken character aids, an eternal fear of lakes and a missing head is on this list. But let me explain myself. I take it you’ve been waiting years for Shunsui, Captain Commandeer of the Gotei 13 to unleash his Bankai and wreck a scrub right? Well yes he wrecked a scrub with a Bankai that would give me nightmares on how over powered it it. But did it get the job done? Did it kill off the fool who dared mess with Kimono san? No? Did sniper Kaname become an owl and wreck Shunsui only to be defeated by a knockoff Lisa Yadomaru? Yes, that did happen. This is Kubo’s fault of course, but Shunsui’s awesome Bankai has to be on this list because it didn’t deliver and do the job it was meant to do.

4. Ikkaku Madarame - Ryūmon Hōzukimaru
DDRIkkaku activates

Once again, this Bankai is curious, in the BAD way of course. But it was sooooooo weak compared to the other Bankais seen throughout the series. It broke, to a low level Arrancar..... I like Edrad even if his haircut was dumb, but Kubo shouldn’t have even given Ikkaku a Bankai if it was going to be broken and never be seen again. Sure Akon patched it back up together, but it was still depowered. Ikkaku having a Bankai just seemed really unnecessary, and was an ass pull plain and simple. I like Ikkaku, but his Bankai was so pitiful.

5. Retsu Unohana - Minazuki
526Unohana activates

What was it even? It just poured out some blood-like substance that got Kenpachi battle high *CLAP CLAP*. It didn’t seem to correlate at all with the abilities of her Shikai which is healing and was just not properly explained. I enjoyed the reveal that she was the first Kenpachi and she effortlessly destroyed Kenpachi but what was it? It's a damn shame her character was never fleshed out, she could've been a major character in the series. That Bankai guys..... It was just so weird man....

6. Kensei Muguruma – Tekken Tachikaze
560Kensei vs. Mask

Kensei battles Mask.

As usual, Kubo’s art is top notch and Kensei’s bankai looks badass but let’s examine it’s usage in the series. First, he used it against that crack baby Wonderweiss and was then promptly ignored for the rest of the arc. Second, he used it against Rey Mysterio, got some good hits in, and got wrecked, 360 no-scoped like a noob. I think Kensei is a somewhat good character and his Bankai is legitimately cool, but he was never portrayed as a badass with it, and it seems pretty weak compared to other bankais in the series. Bleach's Zoro with that Bankai of his will never be portrayed respectfully and as such, Tekken Tachikaze finds itself on da list.

7. Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi - Kinshara Butōdan
561Kinshara Butodan

Kinshara Butōdan.

Rose always looked like he was smoking something during his few appearances in Bleach (seriously, the Visoreds were treated worse than the Full bringers). So after Kensei is wrecked by Mask, Rose goes Bankai and almost kills the man (Mask) till he talks too freakin much revealing his weakness and understandably gets beaten. The Bankai itself was great, it was disappointing though because we didn’t see all it can do, and Rose I love you bro, but you’re an idiot for talking when you could’ve won.

8. Chōjirō Sasakibe - Kōkō Gonryō Rikyū
504Koko Gonryo Rikyu

Sure, he was never seen using it but when you look at it, it just seems really underwhelming. The user has it transform into a dome of lightning above his head and fixed firmly to the ground by a large number of lightening pillars. It looks dumb, and while power isn’t a problem, I feel Kubo never put his heart into it.

9. Kaname Tosen - Suzumushi Tsuishiki: Enma Kōrogi

So Kaname the most underutilized character in all of Bleach, even compared to the Lion King Kon (It’s because he’s black #TRIGGERED) has a pretty terrible Bankai if you look at it. First, it only takes up a limited amount of space, so he’s useless against an army and besides getting rid of the opponents use of most of their senses, it doesn’t give him a power up or make him stronger. And he lost to pre shikai Kenpachi who lost to Shikai Ichigo in the same arc. The presentation of his Bankai was really disappointing to be honest, and Kubo never made his Bankai feel like a serious issue (Kaname lost to a practically blind Kenpachi!).

10. Shūhei Hisagi – We’ll Never Know.....

So basically Shūhei has a Bankai but we’ll never see it in action (and don’t bring up that novel of his because it’s a novel – probably no pics) indicates what Shūhei is to Bleach – useless. Seeing his Bankai was a dream of a lot of Bleach fans because Kubo has done Shūhei little to no good, and he was then blasted off by Kaname’s twin. I know this is technically cheating but the rest of the Bankais in the series are pretty good, (even Soi-fon’s) and Shūhei is the representation of what’s wrong with Bleach as a whole. The character, and as such the Bankai were so unimportant, we’ll never even see it and has become a joke.

RIP Bleach, you’ll always be in my heart.

I'll also be doing lists on the best Bankai(s) in the series and a little something for the Arrancars who I really enjoyed.