Hello,my name is Rafael Cruz de Oliveira and today i be collecting every information about the canonocity of the novels of Bleach

(Please note that all things comes from fan-translations of which case i will put the interview links so you guys can translate)

First interview was a interview with Matsubara(the writer of "We Do knot Always Love You") in which Matsubara says that when making the novels,it was necessary confirmation on the setup and occurrences of the novel


Second interview is a collection of interviews from Bleach JET which i will post for the fan-translations since i don't have the time to see where he confirms it and guys can read "faster" than i do

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But if you guys are thinking:


To that i say:"Well,there is another option"

We can do like the One Punch Man wiki when there is webcomic spoilers but this time is information from the novels

IF even like that there's no other option,you guys can simply ignore this blog


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