Hey guys, SunXia here again!! With the addition of Kamikaze onto our team he reminded me and other users here of a need for helping many new users understand how things are done here!!

Editing on a Wiki the size of Bleach Wiki can be daunting as there are so many pages with so much information at times potential Editors can feel like there is nothing left to contribute!!

You couldn't be more wrong if you think this!!

However, many users find it difficult to find somewhere to edit or contribute, not realizing that we have policies to ensure the continued flow of the Wiki!!

Thus, over the last few weeks, many of the team here have been writing helpful Blogs to help explain things and direct you guys where to go!! However all those blogs are all over the place so I'm going to gather everything you need to know here!!

Helpful Blogs

Asking Questions

THIS BLOG is very important and has been created for many of our Users to know what sort of questions belong on a Talk Page and what belongs on a Forum!! It was written by Kamikaze and all curious users should read!!


THIS BLOG was written by myself, SunXia, to help people understand our Image Policy and how to upload images!!

Referencing Information

THIS BLOG was also written by me for helping people to understand why it is not ok to just enter information into articles without providing PROOF and lets you know how to provide this!!


THIS BLOG was created by Xilinoc to address the issue of adding speculation into articles and why information must come from stated things in the series and not from the opinions of readers, regardless of how logical it seems!!

Spoiler Information

THIS BLOG is another one written by Xilinoc to explain the rules regarding spoiler information!!

User Page Policy

THIS BLOG was written by Kamikaze, the member of the team who suggested we do this more, and this helps understand why User Pages are not the identifying marks you leave on this Wiki, it is your contributions and dedication!!

Edit Wars

THIS BLOG was written by Kamikaze and addresses one of the major offenses here at Bleach Wiki!! This is a User-based community with multiple opinions and edit warring is a large No-no, even for team members, it is better to DISCUSS something that has been changed that you don't agree with!! Edit Warring is not productive in the least and will not achieve the results you want, will only result in a ban!!


THIS BLOG addresses the the feature of Chat and rules surrounding it!! Chat continues to evolve on this site and where we discuss many things at a speedier pace to get things done that do not need a site-wide nod!!

Grammar Tips

THIS BLOG was written by Xilinoc to help you learn the type of Grammar we use here at Bleach Wiki and the level of Grammar the Wiki expects from its users!!

Where YOU can Help

THIS BLOG was made by Yyp, one of our friendly Administrators who continues to be dedicated to this site!! It informs you of just how you can start here!!

The Team

THIS BLOG was made by Lemursrule, another member of the team to introduce you to the members of our Wiki!! Bear in mind situations change as the community evolves some may be inactive!!


There was meant to be a specific Blog on this but not everything pans out as planned since, well things happen!! I will discuss with you these Projects which are basically there to help users see Where the site is in need of help as it groups critical articles together by identifying the areas that need work!!

Grammar Corner

This section of the wiki identifies articles that have recently went through massive expansions or are high traffic articles and require vigilance to ensure that the English is correct and current on the page to ensure maximum understanding capability for the reader!!

Article Improvement Unit

This section identifies articles that need various types of improvement throughout the site!!

Image Unit

This section identifies articles that are severely lacking in images or articles that have images that are inadequate and need reviewing!!

Anime Summary Unit

This section deals with the episodes of the Anime, specifically writing out or expanding the information from the particular episodes in the dedicated articles!!

Fight Summary Unit

This section deals with the Fights and Events that have occurred in Bleach, greatly expanding the events so as to allow the Characters articles to contain summarized versions where as this section deals with highly detailed narratives of events and fights in the series!!

Revelations Project

This Project deals with documenting every important revelation of characters or locations within Bleach.

Inconsistency Project

The point of this project is to find glaring inconsistencies among different parts of the Bleach series, including but not limited to: contradictory information between the manga and the anime or between two different anime episodes. All media within the Bleach universe is acceptable, from filler arcs to movies to video games.

Translation Corner

This section is left to highly proven and capable individuals!! To ensure our translations have continuity, they are discussed here by our dedicated and trusted Translators!!

Media Unit

This section deals with other areas of Media within the Bleach Universe including Games, Movies and other areas in the media!!

Chronology Project

This section deals with the timeline of Bleach and sorting it out.

Welcome and Good Luck

As you can see it is easy to become and developed editor here!! Good luck with your progress!!