hello bleach fans

iv been a fan of the bleach franchise for a little while now (my parents bought me the dvds, still havent gotten through all of em)

and while i was watching them, i was thinking

"this would actuall make a decent game"

not those fighting games u can find on the psp, i mean a proper adventure based game, maybe even an mmorpg

what do you ppl think?

would you buy it?

some of the ideas:

1. rpg level up system (would probably work better for some sides, but not others)

2. create your own character, and you can choose which side: shinigami, quincy, espada, bounto, vaisard

3. either free rome and do your own story, or possibly follow ichigo and the others through the bleach saga (or both, who knows)

4. can battle actual characters from the series, and against the people also playing

let me know what you think, and comment some of your own ideas

and please, if your gonna tell me its a bad idea, plz give me logical reasons