Yeah! I finally have a place to ramble as much as I want about every week's Bleach! That's so cool! 'Coz I can't use my facebook for my "OMG!!! Starrk!" since I got friends there that only watch the anime.

So I'm gonna start this blog the wrong way. That's, of course, complaining. Because Kubo has created amazing characters, particularly the Espada, and he's screwed up more than once with them. And that sucks! So, to whoever is bored enough to read this, or just to feed up my own insanity. here I go.

What would I do if I met Tite Kubo? I'm not sure if squeal and beg for an autograph, or squeal, beg for an autograph, and strangle him while screaming "UNFORGIVABLE!!!" That's of course, because the bastard dared kill Ulquiorra. Explain to me, if you would. how do you keep Gatennbaine Mosqueda alive, but kill Ulquiorra, who had much more development potential, because I fail to understand it. What's even worse, take a look at my dearest number 4's page. See something missing? YEAH! HISTORY!! There's none!! Why? Because our favorite mangaka decided that making Orihime look cute was more important than giving Ulquiorra the great background he deserved. Kubo has shown un a million times that he is capable of making you love ANY character, just out of background. I hated Renji until I saw him running chibi at Inuzuri. I didn't even know the Vizards' names before Pendulum, and now Shinji and Lisa are close to topping my character lists (nobody rivals Ulquiorra, though). He made me cry for Starrk and Lilynette, even if they seemed kinda dull when I first met them. But of course, he had to give some importance to his little spoiled bitch 'coz everyone was starting to hate her after the "HELP ME KUROSAKI-KUN!!", and so Abracadabra! No Ulquiorra-background! And he's probably the second main antagonist (from Ichigo's POV at least). I can swear I'll never forgive him for that. Ulquiorra deserved to live; what was the point of giving him a "heart" (if the Ulquihime I-wanna-vomit scene was absolutely necessary) if he dissolved into the wind before getting a chance to really feel it, understand it? And why did he die, to begin with? He said that he couldn't regenerate his inner organs, but if you check here (and it's hurting me like bitch to see this again) the cut was made BELOW his waist. As far as I know, there are no vital organs there. Or any organs at all! Just muscles and bones and flesh (and fur in his case). Furthermore, the whole "vital organs" thing makes no sense. Unless his lungs pumped blood to the rest of his body, he shouldn't be alive to begin with because he has a HOLE where he should have his anatomical heart (and Grimmjow wouldn't be able to eat 'coz his hole is where he would've had his stomach, see where I'm getting at?). So Kubo shouldn't have introduced the "instant regeneration" if he was just going to ignore it afterwards. But there's nothing else to do to it, is there? What's done is done, unless Kubo's favorite damsel in distress shows us that she did learn something from Hachi back when Tsubaki died. Thet would be pretty stupid, but if it brings my Ulquiorra back, then I won't complain.

This is my inaugurational complaint. Feel free to comment if you have the patience to read my huge rant about how Ulquiorra should be alive. Maybe I'll also post a comment of this week's manga chapter 'coz I got a lot to say about it.

And sorry Hime-fans for calling her "bitch". From my POV, she (along with Ichigo's ineptitude) killed MY Ulquiorra. And you eventually get tired of the "Kurosaki-kun!" shit. But I'll comment on that on another post he! Ja ne! Don't kill me please!

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