Alright! So as many of you know, I am now in charge of the Arena. I can say that it has been fun running it, what with getting a suggestions page running. As the title implies, there is a tournament coming to the Arena.

The Tournament

It was bound to happen at some point right? Well here it is! It will start Saturday, May 25, 2013. Because of the size of the bracket, For the First round, I will run two matches simultaneously.

Tournament Rules

  1. All voters need to follow the general Arena rules
  2. Assume ALL characters have the same level of strength (i.e. Chad has the same level of power as Ulquiorra). The arena matchups are to be judged on the characters' abilities only.
  3. Only a character's natural abilities/equipment may be used (i.e. The Vandenreich cannot use stolen Bankai)

Tournament Bracket

The official tournament bracket is now on the arena page.