So shortly before the Thousand Year Blood War arc began (four years ago, wow), a user on this wiki made a blog where he took information from some omakes that hinted at things that would happen in this arc. Now that this arc is finally over, it's time to look back and see which forecasts were right, and which weren't.


  • Yamamoto has become softer Uh, I suppose this could be true with his grief over Sasakibe, but then this causes him to go nuts on the Quincies the likes of which even the Arrancar didn't face.
  • He is still without his left arm True
  • Though he has not changed physically, he does have some inner changes. I didn't really see any change in him other than his grief over Sasakibe


  • Her hair is shorter and straight now True
  • Her arm was restored due to new technology in the Gotei 13. True


  • His look is modeled after an English gentleman Um OK, not really a future development
  • Kubo chose to re-add Rose to the Third Division because he and Kira are well suited for each other OK, although Kira was most well suited for a hole in his chest


  • Kubo says he feels his bankai would be a little nauseating Well the guy had half his chest removed, so I'd have invited this Bankai to see if it could top anything.


  • Unohana will fight in the upcoming arc Y-yes...control your anger...
  • The true form of her Zanpakuto will be seen Uh...the "blink and you'll miss it" true form, perhaps...
  • When she fights, she unravels her braid True


  • Shinji's bangs have changed since his hair would not grow that much in 17 months Dunno how fast Shinigami hair grows, but if I stopped cutting mine for 17 months I might look like the real Kaido
  • Kubo would like to draw how Shinji and Momo have developed a trusting relationship. Uh...I suppose? Is Momo carrying the unconscious Shinji after Gerard's attack indicative of how far they've come?


  • Byakuya no longer wears a kenseikan True


  • Renji has grown stronger True
  • He is not quite at Aizen level yet. Is anyone, aside from Yamamoto, at Aizen level?
  • His Bankai has changed True
  • Renji stopped wearing goggles and switched to a towel so they would not break in battle. True


  • His armor has changed True


  • The "history" of his pink Haori will be revealed True
  • He will use Bankai in this arc True


  • Kensei is captain again with Hisgai, who looks up to him, as his lieutenant. True


  • Despite insisting that he grew taller in a volume 53 sketch, he has not grown taller (Kubo laughs) True for most of the arc
  • His Bankai has been completed I may still hate it, but True
  • The chain on his Zanpakuto has changed Not sure where to look to see if this is true


  • Rangiku's past will be a key to the story. Hahahahahahahaha to have a past like that she also needed an actual present


  • He has not learned the name of his Zanpakuto yet Yet
  • Kubo wants to draw his becoming a captain but says it would be difficult as it would disrupt the narrative. Well, he didn't, although it'd have hardly been the only narrative-disrupting thing


  • Kubo has not even drawn her in a fight yet Well he did later, although for his own sake he may have been wiser not to


  • He wears a new armor piece with the kanji for dragon on it. True, and yeah that's pretty much the most interesting thing about Ikkaku


  • Kubo said if he gives a lieutenant a Bankai, he thinks Yumichika would be a good choice. Well no lieutenants got Bankais so tough luck Yumichika
  • Kubo considers him and Ikkaku to be equals in strength Yes, they were equally incompetent against the Sternritter


  • Mayuri's research will be the key to this arc. Key? More like the do-all solution
  • Specifically his study on bodies will be the main part of this arc. Quincy dissection, zombies, Nemu, got this down pat
  • He has a new look True
  • He has several different "faces" which he could put on at any time. Uh, did he do that?
  • Kubo wanted to draw him in the last arc but could not make him appear Too bad, though it's not like he could've saved it


  • Ukitake is still ill True
  • He will recover Death is the final cure
  • He has undergone a bit of an internal change Now he's willing to engage in reckless plans that ultimately don't succeed
  • Kubo claims he has no sense of fashion and jokingly said the only change he would ever make is dying his hair. He went goth at the end though


  • Kubo plans on drawing flashbacks of when she was made a Lieutenant and how she felt. False
  • Sentaro and Kiyone are supportive of her Uh, OK...who are those people?


  • Kubo wanted to change her looks but thought her current look suits her too well. "Too well"?
  • She is permanently exiled from Soul Society along with Urahara True, but Why?
  • Her secret past with Urahara will be revealed Uh...unless that secret pass consists entirely of animal roleplay shenanigans, that is false


  • His past with Ryuken will be revealed True
  • Isshin could not go to Soul Society with Urahara because it would reveal something to the Gotei 13 and thus did not go. Reveal what? That he was alive and deserted them?


  • Aizen commented that since Ichigo's birth, he has been an extraordinary being, the meaning behind this will be revealed Extraordinary in body, if not in character
  • Grand Fisher called Ichigo a true blood, the meaning of this will be revealed In this world we call them mutts
  • The reason why Ichigo looks so similar to Kaien will come out. True
  • Ichigo is a Substitute Shinigami again. True
  • Months before the Lost Substitute Shinigami arc began, Kubo sent a sketch of Ichigo's new Shikai to his publisher. "6/10 not enough cowbell" said the publisher
  • The marks around his wrist and neck represent the remnants of his Fullbring merging with his Shinigami powers K


  • Ichigo and Isshin believe that Masaki died to Grand Fisher, however this may not be true. The truth will be revealed. True


  • Aizen will return True
  • Kubo wants to draw him in restraints. And thus Kubo created the most magnificent chair to ever be built


  • The fate of Hiyori will be revealed Living in a slum?
  • What became of the other Visored will be revealed Yes, two of them do something relevant and temporarily die while the others are just there. Not sure if I wanted to see those fates.


  • Kubo says he is unemployed (Kubo laughed) He was more competent than those one-and-done Shinigami at the start of the arc though

Royal Guard

  • The Royal Guard will appear True
  • Kubo has already drawn all the members True

Other Stuff

  • Kubo says the Soul Society Arc was about Rukia, Arrancar arc was about Orihime and Lost Substitute Arc was about Sado. Based on this, the new arc will likely be about Uryu. Yes, about how bland a character Uryu is and his extreme stupidity. Well, at least he actually played a role, unlike Chad
  • The new arc will take place in an Ice palace beneath somewhere. I'm guessing Silbern is the ice palace, but I don't remember it being beneath anything.
  • The palace will be mostly white with blues and silvers in there as well. K, not like we get to see those colors
  • The arc will take place right after the last one True
  • Grimmjow is alive and might become a friend Not really a friend per se, but he was alive
  • Nel will likely return True
  • This will be the last arc in Bleach Hopefully true
  • Everyone's bloodlines will be revealed Everyone? I don't recall learning about Shaz Domino's bloodline
  • The Soul King will be revealed True
  • The villains in this arc are few in number but their numbers will increase. They were never small, unless Kubo is talking about Ebern and Quilge
  • Everyone's past will become important. If I listed all the unimportant or nonexistent pasts of the characters in this arc we'd be here a looooong time
  • The threat in this arc will be so great that it will force the Royal Guard out and be something they have never faced before. Yes, but it ended up being too great.
  • The new villains have the ability to complete erase a Hollow from existence True
  • The new villains have been killing Hollows in mass. True, although it only served as an introduction tool
  • Mayuri knows what is going on. True