Lille's character arc craze is finally over, as he seems to be destined to be killed by Kira offscreen, which is fitting. Now we head over to Quincy Jesus with a bad taste in our mouths, hoping for some real man fighting. While Gerard got off to a rather slow start, he quickly turned the tables on our heroes while explaining how his power works.

Basically, all we know about it right now is that it lets him convert the damage he takes into strength, but there is likely more to it. Pernida didn't simply control other people and Lille didn't simply penetrate everyone. But despite what we don't know about his power, we know enough to pose the question: How is Gerard going to die?

601Gerard is defeated

The only foolproof way to kill Gerard, which fools won't be smart enough to do.

I didn't nickname the guy "Quincy Jesus" just for his power, but also for the fact that even when he is on the verge of death or dead, he will come back, stronger than ever. Nimaiya demonstrated that the only for sure way to kill this guy is to get his vitals as quick as possible, and hope Quincy God isn't around to save him. However, the Shinigami simply can't do that now because now Gerard is too big and durable to pick up an instant death injury.

This presents an extreme problem for the Shinigami: they have to deal a blow to Gerard which will either instantly kill him or ensure that he can't use the Miracle to save himself. If they trigger the power too many times, Gerard will grow large enough to destroy the entire Royal Realm. The Shinigami are also affected by gravity here, and they're now heavily injured to boot (with Shinji and Momo possibly being tomato paste)

647Gerard confronts

As the great Edna Mode said, "No capes!"

However, do you remember that there was another Shinigami running with the bulls? Yep, Kisuke Urahara was there when Gerard confronted them but was nowhere to be seen in this most recent chapter. So either he went on ahead for a possible matchup with Jugram (which is a possibility) or he's watching from the sidelines and concocting a formula to get around Gerard's powers. Kisuke could prove himself to be more cunning than Mayuri and make a plan that will help defeat Gerard without having to rely on a lieutenant (don't get ideas, Momo). Having science go up against the power of miracles is also an interesting twist.

A possible weakness of the Miracle, discounting follow-up powers which I'm sure we'll get, is that they only happen occasionally in dire situations. Thus, if the Shinigami manage to deliver another great attack after Gerard wards one off, they could possibly have the advantage. However, this can only happen if they don't go in too deep with mistakes and end up facing a 100-meter Vollstandig Gerard.

What directions do you think the Miracle will take and what it'll take to defeat Gerard? Share in the comments!

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