Title: The End of the World of Titles of Ends and Two Worlds

Yhwach falls to his knees after receiving Ichigo's Getsuga Tensho. His body is severely damaged, and the dark matter around his head begins dissipating.

Yhwach: My eyes...were fooled? How can this be???

Aizen: You were so focused on the future in front of you...that made it oh so easy for me to alter.

Yhwach: SOSUKE AIZEN!!!! Why do YOU of all people oppose me? The world I am creating - you could have ruled it as my right hand! But instead you were used by the Shinigami you hated...YOU ARE A MISERABLE DISAPPOINTMENT!

Aizen: Tut tut. I don't serve anyone. A small setback from the Shinigami is nothing compared to the horror of playing someone's second fiddle forever and ever, never to ascend to the level I was meant to attain!

Yhwach gets up, and dark matter starts pouring out of him again. The dark energy then starts pouring out of him, covering all their surroundings.


Suddenly, Ichigo comes flying in from behind as he prepares to attack Yhwach. Yhwach barely manages to turn his head in time and see him, and he blasts Ichigo away with dark matter.

Yhwach: Ichigo...I'll make sure you and your friends are tormented too! Your deaths will be prolonged and horrible!

However, Ichigo is in thought

Ichigo: He didn't foresee my attack...and the eyes on his head are gone! That means...his power is disabled!

Yhwach: Watch as your Soul Society crumbles to bits!

Rukia: Tsugi no Mai, Haikuren!

Rukia blasts Yhwach with freezing air, stunning him temporarily. Orihime follows her out of the Dangai portal.

Rukia: All right, Orihime! Do what we had planned!

Orihime: All right...I'll give it a go... Shiten Koshun: Maxima!

Orihime creates a giant ass shield that spreads light throughout Soul Society, and shatters away all of Yhwach's dark energy, returning Soul Society to normal.

Orihime: worked...

Renji: Let me get a few licks in! Sōō Zabimaru, Zaga Teppō!

Renji blasts Yhwach with spiritual energy, dissipating Rukia's ice and leaving Yhwach as a husk covered in smoke. As the smoke fades, Yhwach is wobbling on the ground, a burnt-out shell of his old self.

Yhwach: This cannot be happening! Why can I not avoid these meager attacks?? And why can I not heal from them??

As he says this, Ichigo stands a ways off, holding up Zangetsu.

Ichigo: You gain power through the death of your comrades, correct? But now you're the only one left. Your sole existence is nothing more than parasitic, and without a host to feed on, you're through. I couldn't protect my mother from your appetite...and I'm going to ensure no one else suffers from it!

Ichigo leaps toward Yhwach, Zangetsu at the ready. As he gets closer, Yhwach's dispersed dark energy flies into the blade. A massive collection of spiritual energy at the ready, Ichigo hits Yhwach with the one, the only


Yhwach is enveloped in a giant blast of energy, and the other Shinigami recoil from it. However, as the dust clears, he is somehow still conscious, until he is penetrated in the head by a silver arrow. He collapses to the ground. Uryu stands at the edge of the portal, and he nods at Ichigo.

Ichigo: We...we did it...

Aizen: Yes, Ichigo, you did. I'm impressed that you made it this far after all I've done. But I'm growing tired of this game.

Aizen holds up Kyoka Suigetsu in front of Ichigo. Right then, the scene dissipates. Ichigo is lying down, defeated, in a field outside of Karakura Town. The Hogyoku-enhanced Aizen steps forward.

Aizen: This battle was little fun. Since I had time to kill, I decided to give you a little treat. But dreams don't last forever.

With that, Aizen dissipates Ichigo into nothingness.

Bye bye Bleach, it's been nice knowing you