With Wikia's new skin on the verge, the question of what to do has emerged. One possibility is to move the wiki to a Wikia alternative. There has been some discussion of this on Yyp's blog but that blog would be best left as a means to discuss the new skin. This will be for the purpose of selecting a Wikia alternative in case we do decide to move. Obviously nothing will happen until we see how the new skin will really affect us but it is good to keep our options open.

These are the candidates so far:

  • Shoutwiki

Pros: Easy transition. Friendly Staff. Free

Cons:With all the wiki's moving over to it, the site is crashing as it is quite new.

  • Mediawiki

Pros: Very customizable as it is what Wikia uses.

Cons: The look is very outdated at least for our example page. Costs money.

  • Wikkii

Pros: Free. Tiny sidebar. Easy transition.


As we figure out more about each, I will update them with pros and cons

Feel free to discuss the current selection, come up with new ones or give your thoughts on the possibility of the move. Would you be for it or against it?

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