So, lemme just start by saying I am not at all sure if this is appropriate or not and if it's not, feel free to dismiss and/or delete it, and I offer sincere apologies.

With that out of the way, let me get right to the point: I'd like some help in writing a Bleach fanfiction.

Yeah, yeah, I know, cringe-worthy indeed. However, I think I have a fairly solid overall arching plot with well-rounded and non-Mary Sue characters that doesn't branch out from canon too far and certainly doesn't break it altogether. I could certainly use help with solidifying and clearing up the fuzzier details. Since this is very obviously a website dedicate to proper canon Bleach information, I won't discuss the subject of my request here because I feel that that would be quite inappropriate, unless I'm given a clear go-ahead.

Basically, I just want people to talk with, spitball ideas and brainstorm.

Specifically, I'm requesting help from User:Xilinoc, User:Mrlmm0605, User:Lemursrule and User:Mohrpheus.

Why am I requesting you specifically? Well, because I'm a creeper and pay too much attention to stuff. You are all quite active on the wiki and blogs, and through the blogs and comments and everything else, I've noticed you all great ideas and opinions that differ a lot from my own. The fact that I don't agree with all of your ideas and opinions is a major part of it. I feel like having your insight and assistance would only be helpful toward my ultimate goal.

Of course others are free to offer help, but I'd much rather have a smaller group of people than many so I'm going to be blunt and admit I'll be somewhat picky.

If you're interested, I'd very much appreciate it. If anybody has suggestions to a way to talk about it, that would also be nice. I'm down for trading Skypes and whatnot (or I could just put mine down and whoever can add me, because idgaf), but I obviously don't know any of you well enough to say how cool you'd all be with that. So... yeah. Suggest away. (assuming this blog post isn't inappropriate af)

One last thing: I didn't go to the fanon/fan fiction Bleach wikis because I am extremely unfamiliar with them, tbh. I know this community better and felt more comfortable coming here to ask.