Long Over-due

So as any person who knew me on this wiki, I was a very active user that even became a admin at one point. So many wondered why I became so inactive after bieng an editor for so long, those reasons have to do with my job mostly.

I am a US marine Corps Sgt, age 29 anb traveling from place to place is something that I do very often, (sometimes more often that I would like). Real life and my duties finally caugh up with me to the point that keeping track of the wiki became something that was taking to much of my time. One reason why I was able to become less active is because the other admins and users in general were taking a real active role, forming commities, groups for tackling multiple subjects and so on. The growth of the wiki was so amazing that I feelt that the wiki was in good hands and it could continue with out me. I would like to belive that I helped paved the way for many users and that I helped the bleach wiki and wiki's comunities in general (the Characters page desing that I came up with has been used in many wikies and it makes me real happy that I contributed to something that people like).

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Arrancar109, Salubri, Yyp among all others that contribute and patrol this wiki for making one the wishes I had for this wiki come true. Arrancar109 and Salubri I would specially like to thank the two of you for the amazing dedication that the two of you have and would like to think that a one point we were frineds.

Thanks for all the Bleach wiki contributers and please continue to do the great work you do. I visit the wiki form time to time and love to read the articles and information on it.

Semper Fidelis.

About me

I'm a big anime fan and I think Bleach is one of the coolest shows on right now. I am fluent in Spanish and English, I currently live in Japan and spent lots of time working to help this Wiki grow.

My goal is to make this Wiki on par to other such as the one piece wiki and far more informative than the articles that are on wikipedia.

When I began on this Wiki I made small edits on pages that needed them, After that I began re-organizing articles making them look more presentable. Finally I started writing full articles creating new pages working on big projects such as de-wikifing pages that had been copied straight from wikipedia and had their templates which do not display properly on our wiki. After a long time of editing I became an admin on this wiki and now my main concern is to try to keep vandalism, false information and speculation out of article pages. I created most navigation templates and plan on making some more as a way to connect articles together to allow a more smooth search for pages for the casual visitor.

I am here to help any one that has any questions on how to edit, create, and build upon articles so that we may all create a complete comprehensive library of information on Bleach.

First Articles I Created

The Day I Became a Shinigami
Life is Like a Boat
First Division
Second Division
Third Division
Fourth Division
Fifth Division
Sixth Division
Seventh Division
Eighth Division
Ninth Division
Tenth Division
Eleventh Division
Twelfth Division
Thirteenth Division
Template:Gotei 13
The Shinigami's Work
Yasochika Iemura

Articles I Heavily Oganized

Kirio Hikifune
Miyako Shiba
Shūsuke Amagai
Keigo Asano

Favarorite Characters

Some of my favorite characters are:

Nel Tu

192Nelliel's tattoo

Nel is one of the funniest cahracters in the series. You jusat got to love the way she speaks and her attachement with Ichigo makes for some of the most hillarious scenes. Her true self "Nelliel Tu Oderschvank" was one of the most shocking and un-expected event to occur, I know I didn't see it coming.

Hollow Ichigo

350Zangetsu's Full Hollow Form

Ichigo's inner Hollow is one of the most intriguing character in the series. While we know somethings about him, we still don't know anything about him. He is Ichigo's alter ego, someone who lives in his mind and tries to take him over from the inside partially succeeding in some instances and fully taking over Ichigo in Hueco Mundo. His skills with Zangetsu are even greater than Ichigo himself and the latter has even learn from him and used some of this Hollows moves. The biggest mystery of him is what is he? Is he something that all Vizard have inside of them? If so are theirs as out of control an aggressive as this one?. I can't wait to learn more about him and unravel all of his secrets.

Hiyori Sarugaki


Hiyori has the biggest anger management problem of all characters in the series. She is out of control violent which makes for some comedic scenes between her and Shinji and even between her and Urahara during the TBtP miniseiries. She is strong violent funny and does not take any crap from any one. She and Ichigo also have some of the funniest scenes with each other and it is her that shows Ichigo how dangerous his inner-Hollow really is. In short her last name says it all "Saru" (monkey) "Gaki" (brat as in this kid is a brat).



Luppi is just a cocky an arrogant as the rest rest of the Espada but his sarcastic nature is what sets if appart form them. While he didn't have to much time in the spot light and Aizen pretty much just used him to set up a bigger trap he still did fairly well taking on 3 high power Shinigami after having tossed aside a Captain. and he even survived being encesed in ice by Hitsugaya just like Harribel. All in all he died to quickly and I would have liked to see more of him.

Mashiro Kuna

Mashiro Lieutenant

A complete and total kid, well mre like a baby. Mashiro is funny she has a great personality that can annoy just about anyone. When you look at her, you just don't think to much of her but once you see her in battle you know she is a powerhouse. The only Vizard capable of mantaining her mask for 15 hours that's 900 minutes, 300 times more than the 3 minutes the other Vizard claim to be the time limit. and you just can forget her increadeble kicking power totally owning both Fūrā and Wonderweiss Margera. Mashiro Kick! what more could you want.

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