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About me

I am a female who goes by Twocents. I'm fairly anal about spelling and grammar, a misspelled word being the reason I joined initially. Spoilers and speculation also annoy me, and I will delete them if I see them. I enjoy reading the wonderful articles on this wiki, and learning about things that I overlooked myself. Other than Bleach, I read Kuroshitsuji and watch Full Metal Alchemist and Ouran High School Host Club.

I am the admin and bureaucrat on the Kuroshitsuji wiki.

I am an admin on this wiki. The other active admins are Yyp, Salubri, Arrancar109 and WhiteStrike. We're all around to help, so feel free to ask if you need anything! ^_^

Speaking of, some useful pages are:

  • Spoiler Policy - don't ruin the story for everyone else.
  • Wiki Policy - the policies and rules you need to abide by.
  • Manual of Style - what your edits should look like to keep things consistent and cohesive.
  • Volume Summary Project - reread your old favorites and help us finish writing summaries for a manga volume each week!

My contributions

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