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About me

Hi, I'm Tuxedo12, and I am a huge Bleach Fan. I love watching anime ,and reading manga. Some of my favorite anime include Naruto, One Piece, Soul Eater, Dragonball Z, and of course Bleach. My goal for this wiki is to help improve this wikia, in any way I can. If you have any comments or concerns feel free to leave a message on my talkpage.

My favourite pages

My Zanpakuto

Hiraishin (避雷針, Lightning Rod): While sealed Hiraishin takes the appearance of a normal katana except for the guard, which takes the shape of a silver lily with two arrows pointing front and back. The hilt of the blade is blue, and the sheath is periwinkle. The blade itself is slightly longer than the average Zanpakutō, and is kept fastened to my left side.

Hiraishin is considered to be the most powerful of thunder and lightning type Zanpakutō in all the Soul Society. As a result it does not require lightning to utilise its abilities. My control over my Zanpakutō is so great that I am capable of using some of its Bankai techniques while in Shikai, though this can potentially affect nearby allies. Their is only a small difference between Shikai and Bankai; the amount of lightning that can be called upon.

  • Shikai: Hiraishin's release command is "chirp". While in Shikai, Hiraishin's becomes slightly longer in length and
Shikai Special Ability: Hiraishin has the ability to control and manipulate thunder and lightning. The slashes made by the blade release immense spiritual power, which flows out from the blade creating waves of electricity.

  • Bankai: Tenjin Hiraishin (天神 避雷針, Heavenly God Lightning Rod):
Bankai Special Ability: Tenjin Hiraishin has the ability to draw in and produce a greater amount of lightning and thunder.

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