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Race Madadh
Birthday October 6
Gender Cailín
Height Cúig Troigh, Cúig Orlach
Weight Riamh a iarraidh ar bhean a meáchan
Professional Status
Affiliation Tír na nÓg
Occupation Advisor/BA in History and Education Studies
Team Uí Maine
Partner Ó Madaidhin
Previous Partner Madudan Ó Gadhra Mór


SunnyXia has very long, brown hair!! She has a very curvaceous body that is more often than not seen in a light dress, black leggings and a cardigan!! Everything about her is natural save for injection/ surgery scars and scars from mishaps!! SunnyXia had her ears pierced when she was very young but rarely wears any ornaments and rarely wears make up!! She is very happy with her appearance despite having a few hang ups but accepts herself as she is because trying to change for somebody else will never make a person happy!! She is usually seen with her hair as curly, straightened or else plaited in pigtails!!


No, she's not dead, but she wears her hair in pigtails!!

SunnyXia is a very unique individual and is not afraid to show it!! She is always in a happy and chirpy mood and refuses to let people get her down!! She always uses "!!" at the end of her sentences in discussions and has been doing so since before many internet users knew how to walk!! she has a very positive outlook, as she believes that while bad things might happen, only you have the power to determine how they affect you!! There is only one person that controls your path so there is no point in sitting around and blaming everything else, your life is yours to grasp!!

She loves people although some will bite when they know no love!!

Sunny is also very laid back and when people try to annoy her, other than pointing out the flaws in their argument, she will generally block them as it is not worth getting angry over people trying to harass others!! If you have wronged her she will not trust you again as there is little point but she will always put the Wiki above all else!! Sunny likes having her own opinions on things and trying to berate her will only result in getting yourself cut from her life as no person is worth getting stressed over when you have your own stuff to deal with!! She also dislikes being insulted behind her back, she will always find out and again, no point in getting stressed, ties will be cut!! She dislikes offensive and abusive behaviour but will not respond in kind, although will defend herself, she will not lower herself to throw insults, it's childish and immature and not worth anybody's time trying to get a reaction out of her, they will only get more frustrated as they go!! Although some immature teenagers can aggravate her, she loves giving out advice but she dislikes it when people have superiority complexes since nobody is better than anybody else!!

She's not a fool!!

SunXia enjoys many Manga and Anime!! Her favourite is to watch the English Dubbed versions of Anime and they are far more enjoyable for her and the talent and humor that goes into producing something and manipulating script to fit another company's scene is impressive!! She read Bleach and Naruto at the first opportunity she can due to her fascination with the series!! She also has read many other Manga in her spare time!! Her favourite thing to do is to purchase the Bleach DVDs as soon as they are available in her region as she loves to legally own them and have them on her shelf!! She is currently watching Fairy Tail and has followed it since it was first released in English and is patiently waiting for the next batch of Episodes!!

She is dedicated to those friends who are true!!

Sunny loves to spend time with her friends who support her and vice versa!! She has a massive capacity for love and enjoys enveloping the people around her with it as everyone deserves love although she does pity those that feel the need to take advantage or those that suck all the joy from those around them!! She spends a lot of time on MMOs with workmates/friends and loves Lord of the Rings Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic!!Sunny is an insomniac who spends a lot of time chatting with intelligent people online and values all her friends who respect her lack of JS skills!!

She loves to read and loves to learn, a dedicated historian.

Another of her favorite things to do is to learn, she's like a sponge with a high thirst for knowledge!! She will always be found reading a book or an article and is an expert in European History from the Dark Ages!! Sunny loves Ancient through to Modern History and loves rich, long histories and engage her in the romance of early civilizations!! She has several very old books to her name and would own more history volumes only her father made her give away two very large boxes filled with them so she donated them to her local and university library!!

Will enforce all the policies, at all times!!

Sunny is a very big believer in equality for all and strongly dislikes discrimination of any kind!! If she sees someone being sexist/racist/bigoted (etc) in Chat she will ban them without any exceptions!! If a person is unaware of their discriminatory words she will make sure they know about it!! She doesn't care what people are because everyone is equal and deserves to be treated right!!

Since joining Bleach Wiki, Sunny has developed an Obsessive Image Compulsive Disorder, where basically every image in an article must have the same ratio of dimensions or it looks all wrong!! She is known to replace images so that the Articles look more balanced and hates to see even a single paragraph without an image!! She also spends a lot of time ensuring that the Image Policy is obeyed and takes care of a lot of the maintenance work in regards to them, cataloging and categorizing those that require it!!


Sun Xia, the Exclamatory by Mohrpheus.png

Sunny is of Irish ancestry, and was born in Ireland!! She has spent most of her life on the lovely Emerald Isle, except 3 years spent in England during which time she earned a degree in History and a degree in Education studies!! She came into Bleach in 2007 and while preferring the Dubs, she does love the art of the Manga and will watch the Subs when produced, although on Mute!! For the last few years, SunXia has been fairly ill and has required several bouts of surgery so spends a lot of time online which is fairly good since she has learnt a lot more about websites than she previously knew!!


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Favourite Characters

Top 10

  1. Jūshirō Ukitake ~ Been favourite since Rukia's flashback and got even better as time went on, her first major edit was on his page!!
  2. Kisuke Urahara ~ Was perhaps her favourite active character until Ukitake was fully introduced, she loves his secrecy!!
  3. Byakuya Kuchiki ~ SunXia thinks he's a cutie for his cold behaviour and his awesome prowess in battle!!
  4. Orihime Inoue ~ SunXia loves this girl and is currently working to improve article, reminds SunXia of herself so much!!
  5. Lisa Yadōmaru ~ Not had much screen time but has awesome presence when she does!!
  6. Tōshirō Hitsugaya ~ Another little cutie and great Zanpakuto!!
  7. Rukia Kuchiki ~ Rukia is like the competitive side of SunXia and shares many qualities with her, awesome protagonist!!
  8. Tatsuki Arisawa ~ One character that has been underdeveloped storywise, could have so much more with her!!
  9. Shunsui Kyōraku ~ This man is just hilarious and flirty!! Awesome of the field of battle!!
  10. Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck ~ Bumped Uryū Ishida out of SunXia's top ten, an awesome complicated character!!


Sunny is a very dedicated contributor here at Bleach Wiki and is very loyal to its upkeep and preventing detrimental elements from taking over!! As a member of the Policy & Standards Committee, she has many responsibilities throughout the Wiki that she always keeps an eye on, even two at times!!

Image Project!!
Ep7OrihimeFuture.png I contribute to the Image Unit of Bleach Wiki.

Sunny is the leader of this project, ask if you want to sign up!! Through this project Sunny is the head of Images on the Wiki and also gathers Gifs when required!! She tends to be a perfectionist which she does not need to apologize for as the Wiki must look good at all times!! Images are very important as they help tell the story and convey the emotion to readers, which is what the Wiki should do!! As part of her role as this projects leader, she has written This Blog to help people when they are new to adding Images to the site!!

Anime summary Project!!
Ep1RukiaSensesHollow.png I contribute to the Anime Summary Unit of Bleach Wiki.

Sunny also heads this project as well and again she am very picky about detail!! This Wiki should have all the information that any visitor requires so the summaries that Sunny has completed for Episodes tend to be long and populated with a lot of pictures!! Again she does not apologize for being a perfectionist, again the Wiki should be at its best!!

Ep138SeireiteiCommunication.png I contribute to the Article Improvement Unit of Bleach Wiki.

References are very important on this wiki!! Sunny has written A BLOG about the important of Referencing to help new users who are not familiar with using references as other Wikis do not require them!! Sunny does a lot of referencing and has fixed many articles so that they achieve the high standard expected on Bleach Wiki!!

Fight Summary Project!!
Ep56YoruichiFightsSuìFēng.png I contribute to the Fight Summary Unit of Bleach Wiki.

Sunny writes a lot of Fight summaries when her other projects aren't taking up her time!! When she is getting images for certain events, she will more than likely overhaul the entire article so that it reaches the high standard expected here!! She tends to work with this project alongside the Image Project, getting two aspects out of the way at once!!


Sunny spends a lot of time patrolling the Recent Changes page to ensure people are not violating policies with their edits and reducing the consistency of the site!! She usually messages new users to give them helpful tips in learn how to edit here!! She has also written This Blog in conjunction with other Committee members to help new users know where to start on the Wiki!! She also spend a lot of time ensuring maintenance reports are cleared and categories are up to date!!

Favorite Quotes

  • "If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyway. If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway. If you find happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway. The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway. Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway." (Kent M. Keith)
  • "Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones." (Marcus Aurelius)
  • "I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls" (Audrey Hepburn)
  • "The cruel words of one are nothing compared to the shouts of many" (Jennifer Livingston)

Wiki Tribe Quiz

You're The Thinker


It might look like you’ve got a really cool head on your shoulders, but inside you’re full of passion. You’re hungry for knowledge. You love to understand what makes things tick, and the best way to learn is by taking them apart, analyzing them…and maybe putting them back together again. Getting totally into a project can be fascinating, but sometimes nothing beats collaboration – other people are a great source of knowledge and new viewpoints.

You’re a natural leader. You know what you want and how to get it. You’re happy to take charge of a situation and help everyone get the best out of it. When you talk, people listen to what you say. It’s a great position to be in. Just don’t forget to take the time to hear what other people who might not have your confidence have to say once in a while – there’s always room to learn and inspiration can come from the most unexpected places.

Whether you want to change the world or just find your place in it, follow your heart and do what you love. If computers are what you really enjoy, think about how far you can take it. It’s all about the balance between hard work and fun. And you know hard work isn’t scary if it’s for something you really believe in.

Favourite Zanpakutō


  • Benihime (紅姫, Crimson Princess)

Sun has loved this baby from the get go, from the moment Urahara revealed to Ichigo that he had a Zanpakuto and was thus a Shinigami as well, it was brilliant!! She's strong and cool!!


  • Kinshara (金沙羅, Golden Sal Tree)

Yes, this Shikai and its abilities could have been displayed better and Rose is a clutz for revealing it and its Bankai's Special Abilities and the trick behind them but the overall appearance of this Zanpakutō is cool and Sun has always liked Whips in battle in fantasy scenerios!!


  • Sakanade (逆撫, Counter Stroke)

A blade that makes things in reverse?? Yes please!! Also, Sun loves how uniquely Shinji holds the handle of his blade...by ah not holding it when it is in Shikai!! She would love to see more of this Shikai being used!!


  • Ichimonji (一文字, Straight Line)

This Zanpakutō has been awesome since the get go, she loved that they brought in a Calligraphy brush into the series as it reminds Sun of Ma Dai in Dynasty Warriors!! However, when it was revealed that this wasn't even yet in Shikai and that the brush was actually the sealed state, Sun went Ga-Ga, literally!! Its turned into a blade, but its still a brush, but its a blade that can still do calligraphy!! Love the implications there, when people didn't have ink, they carved into stone!! Such an awesome contrast!!


  • Benishidare (紅枝垂, Crimson Weeping Bough)

While Sun dislikes the Filler Arcs greatly (she was almost going to add Muramasa here for a joke but it would be too obvious that she dislikes it) this Zanpakutō is probably one of the best things about the Amagai Arc for Sun because its cheesey and funny and does not pretend otherwise!! From his over-the-top release to its mostly useless abilities, its one thing she giggles at when using those episodes!!


  • Haineko (灰猫, "Ash Cat")

Sun loves Zanpakutō that are very different from the standard Melee type!! Sun does think Haineko could have been utilized better in battle but that is a choice Kubo made, not Rangiku, she wishes to see her fight more!! Her double team with Hitsugaya was awesome!!


  • Senbonzakura (千本桜, Thousand Cherry Blossoms)

The blade itself!! Sun loves this blade, she didn't think Byakuya could get anymore awesome and then he pulls out this baby, he's dangerous close up but deadly at a distance!! Senbonzakura is one of the most versatile blades and Shikais shown in the series and Byakuya's skill in utilizing them all is legendary!! Sun remembers this Blade being the blade to beat early in the series!! One of the best things about an Arc executed beautifully!!

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