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Hello I'm Morgan Silve, and I am the host of Bleach Talk. It is a weekly event that happens on this wikia, where users from everywhere get to post up their opinions about certain topics. Please check out my blog page for more.

Favorite Manga Chapters

End of the Chrysalis Age


Cover of 406. Deicide8 end of the Chrysalis Age

A huge explosion, caused by Isshin's Getsuga Tenshō, engulfs Aizen, leaving a crater behind along with several destroyed buildings. Urahara questions Isshin on its effectiveness, to which Isshin responds that he can no longer sense Aizen's reiatsu since he transformed, indicating he doesn't know. Isshin then goes on to say that perhaps the only "one's capable of perceiving Aizen's power the way he is now are those standing in the same place as him". To Isshin's and Urahara's disbelief, Aizen emerges from the smoke with a large slash on his face. Aizen then remarks that it was a "palpable hit" and that he "'understood'" the attack. He then raises his sword and says that it is time for them to understand his power.

Meanwhile, Ichigo notices a large explosion and looks back to see what occurred. Gin remarks that Ichigo should be paying attention to their fight. Gin then completely loses respect for Ichigo, comes down from the high ground, and says that he isn't "a warrior anymore". He goes on to say that Ichigo isn't a Shinigami, Hollow or even a person anymore. He then remarks that Ichigo could never fight an opponent like Aizen. Ichigo opens his mouth in a rebuke, but he relents and no words come out.

Gin then once again suggests that Ichigo should run as he is tired of him, and Aizen would be "disappointed" to see him as he is now. Gin remarks that he doesn't blame him because Ichigo understands Aizen's power and should be scared of him. Ichigo bows his head in despair and acceptance as Gin unsheathes Shinsō and says that if he isn't going to run he will cut him down where he stands.

Before Gin can attack, an explosion occurs behind Ichigo, revealing Aizen after it subsides. As Ichigo gazes at Aizen, he notices the defeated bodies of Yoruichi, Urahara and his own father. He chokes out their names, as Aizen asks Gin what he was doing to Ichigo. Gin remarks he was merely "testing his [Ichigo's] strength". Aizen turns away from Ichigo and orders Gin to open a Senkaimon to Soul Society, where the real Karakura Town is, as it will be easier to storm the Royal Palace by creating the Ōken in Soul Society. Ichigo yells at Aizen to wait. Aizen turns, but his "face" seems to be falling off, to which Gin remarks that Aizen's incubation period must be over. Aizen fully turns and reveals his old face under the chrysalis, although he sports longer hair and black sclera, reminiscent of a Hollow. He then declares he can watch the fall of Soul Society with his own eyes.

As Gin opens a gate, Aizen turns to Ichigo and says that they are leaving him there in fake Karakura Town. He then says "eating you can be done after all this is finished", and disappears with Gin inside the gate. Ichigo stares as the gate closes, but is reprimanded by his father for "just standing there". Isshin gets up and puts his arm around Ichigo, looking for support as he tells Ichigo to open a gate himself so that they can go and "protect Karakura Town".

Mute Friendship


Cover of 440. Mute Friendship.

As Ichigo and Sado rush towards Orihime's reiatsu, Sado stops Ichigo from calling her, fearing from her very tense reiatsu that the distraction of her phone ringing could result in her death. Sado tells Ichigo that he can only discern the direction of her reiatsu, but Ichigo realizes that her apartment is that way.

Tsukishima chastises Orihime for her comment about not letting him leave. Moe tries to impress upon her how dangerous Tsukishima is, but she silences him. Orihime contemplates the situation and what action she should take, but Tsukishima turns away. She tells him to wait and begins to activate Santen Kesshun, but he appears behind her and slashes her with his Fullbring, cutting through her shoulder and deep into her chest.

Ichigo and Sado arrive to find a confused and uninjured Orihime alone. They ask what happened, but she claims that she has a stomach ache after her friend left. She wonders to herself why she called him a friend and decides that she will text Sado later about the situation so that she does not alarm Ichigo. Sado notes that she thinks Ichigo is still powerless and decides to ring her later. He tries to reassure Ichigo, but keeps him in the dark about his thoughts on the matter.

Ichigo returns to Xcution's hideout and tells them that he knows something happened. When he mentions the attack on Uryū, a drunk Kūgo confirms that Tsukishima is a Fullbringer and former ally.

My Favorite Powers & Abilities

Name Information Picture
Cero This technique creates a large blast of concentrated Reiatsu at their opponent. It is usually blasted from different parts of the body, after making a certain gesture; with the exception of Coyote Starrk. LaMirada
Koten Zanshunn By chanting Tsubaki's comand, the user can attack his/her opponent with Tsubaki's special ability; the ability to make a sheild that negates events on either side of the body, make a hole in the opponent, and slice them in two. Depending on Orihime's feelings while using this technique, the stronger or weaker the attack is. KotenZanshun
High-Speed Regenaration A technique that is instincual to most Hollows, though as stated by Ulquiorra, Hollows discard of this ability for greater power. HighSpeedRegeneration110
Kidō This unique ability allows Shinigami to manipulate their reiatsu in a number of ways, and in different levels of strength in order to bind or attack an opponent. KuyōShibari

Favorite Species



Uryū using Ransōtengai.

The Quincy are obviously the most unique species in the series. Unlike Shinigami, they are much less in numbers (only three have been shown, in other words, known). Also, instead of purifying a Hollow, or sending it to Hell, Quincy completely vanquish Hollows. I'm guessing the Hollows killed by Quincys go to space or something after death.....

Another amazing fact about Quincy is that they are Humans. It would be hilarious if all the Quincy powers started off as a Fullbring. Such powers would be related to Hollows that is, much like Chad's abilities.

  • Gintō; amazing techniques, I'm pretty sure Kubo was being creative when he came up with these weird silver tubes. He probrably wanted to add equality between Shinigami and Quincy.
  • Ransōtengai; When I saw this technique, I was begining to think that Kubo was somehow inspired by Naruto. In Naruto, a seperate series, there is a special technique that involves marionette control, and the marionettes are controlled by strings made out of chakra (Reiatsu or Reishi in Bleach). The fact about it being used on the user himself is intresting, even when one is paralyzed; they can still fight.
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