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About Me

I go by the name Mohrpheus here and just about everywhere else on the internet. Please make sure that you do not leave out the first “h” - it is of considerable importance. I have been a fan of Bleach ever since the English dub first debuted on Adult Swim. I only started to actually read the series when Chapter 279 came out, back when Ichigo started his final fight against Grimmjow. The fight grabbed my interest, so I went back and read through the series from the beginning, all in one sitting. Best use of my time ever. I did not actually learn of this Wiki, let alone join it, until Ichigo’s final fight with Ulquiorra. Needless to say, a lot has changed since those days.

As an editor, my primary concern is with keeping speculation and the like off articles. Regardless of my own opinions, interpretations, and theories regarding the series, I try to ensure that the articles only contain the facts. I have no issues with entertaining speculation through logical discourse, but the moment someone tries to establish it as an absolute, we have a problem. Asides from that, I keep up with any spelling and grammar issues I come across, and occasionally author articles myself. Every once in a while I will upload images when I feel that I won’t be burnt to death at the stake for doing so.

For all its faults and shortcomings, I love the Bleach manga. (The anime, not so much, but I won’t go into that here.) I feel that Kubo has a poetic flair that many other mangaka lack, and I really like his art style. The story has been hit or miss at times, but in hindsight I feel that it has been pretty great overall.

Anyhow, that’s really all there is to know. It only took me about two years to come up with this profile, so yay!

My Contributions

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