Legato Bluesummers

aka Total carnage; Legolas; Reborn; Byakuran

  • I live in Afghanistan
  • I was born on January 29
  • My occupation is being the best Hitman alive
  • I am forever living, for I was never born

Hey, I am Legato Bluesummers, but you may just call me Legato. I love bleach, and my favorite characters (in no order) are

Toshiro, Ichigo, GrimmJow, Nel Tu, Aizen, Kisuke, Orihime, Gin, Starrk, Renji, Isshin, Nnoitra, Kugo Gingo, Tsukishima, As Nodt, Juhabach, Yamamoto, and Ulquiorra.

Ep116AizenProfile This user blieves Aizen is god.
Media Project Logo I contribute to the Media Unit of Bleach Wiki.
255Espada This user supports the Espada.
Ep60Gotei13Insignia This user supports the Gotei 13.

Ep38TosenProfile This user seeks to deal justice to vandals.
Eyes This user keeps an eye out for vandalism.
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Other anime i like:

Dragon ball z, Death Note, Rosario + Vampire, Hellsing, Baccano, one piece, Trigun, YuYu hakusho, Hunter X Hunter, Gurren Laggan, Cowboy Bebop, The big O, Inuyasha, Naruto, Soul Eater, Bakugan, etc

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