Jeez, I sure took a while to put this up. Anyway, I'm LapisScarab (name selected entirely at random), I'm a guy, fifteen years old, and my interests are as far apart as you can possibly imagine. Hence, you can find my on a wide variety of other Wikias, like Narutopedia, Zeldapedia, and the Kingdom Hearts Wikia to name a few (though don't count on my user page being up on most of those; I'm lazy). I'm about 5'10, have dirty blonde hair and grey-blue eyes, and I spend most of my free time reading, drawing, or writing (largely due to my non-existant social life outside of school, sigh...). I take Spanish in school, and I'm pretty good at reading and writing it. I'm also currently learning Japanese, though that only recently started. Bleach is my favorite manga right now, beating Naruto largely because the main character is way less annoying.

As you can tell, I tend to get pretty long-winded when I write, a bad habit I have. Also, from the rest of the page, you'll probably notice that I really like antagonists. Even tough in real life I'd side with the "good guys", in fiction, good antagonists are always so interesting.

Favorite Espada

1) Coyote Starrk--His Resurreccion is my favorite and he and Harribel strike me as the most human of the Espada. His humanity is reinforced by his death scene, which beats Ulquiorra's in my opinion. Also, while I certainly didn't want some of the other Espada to die (Ulquiorra and Harribel, though I'm not totally convinced that the latter is dead), Starrk was the only one I was actually kind of rooting for. Overall, I'd have to say he is one of the more interesting Espada.

2) Ulquiorra Cifer--I actually like his personality more than Grimmjow's (I've always liked stoic characters because it's that much more surprising when they show emotion). I also really like his Segunda Etapa form. His death scene was almost touching, and was the only one (other than Starrk's) that really stuck with me.

3) Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez--I like his appearance, personality, Resurreccion, and release command, and his third battle with Ichigo is my second favorite in the series (short of Findor VS Hisagi) because they were pretty evenly matched. Plus, he might still be alive.

4) Szayel Aporro Granz--He's a mad genius (and when I say mad, I mean mad). Always liked crazy characters. His powers and personality are disturbing...but in a good way? I don't know, just something about him I like. His Bleach Beat Collection songs are awsome.

5) Barragan Luisenbarn--Partly for Ggio and Findor, who are my favorite non-Espada characters (especially after Findor's amazing fight in the anime), and Barragan's Resurreccion is EPIC.

6) Tia Harribel--She almost seems too nice to be an antagonist. I get an almost mother-daughter vibe from her and her Fraccion, and isn't "Sacrifice" one of the more noble ways to die?

7)Nnoitra Jiruga--I sort of liked his Resurreccion, especially when he released it in the anime. He's a huge jerk, but he's never boring to watch.

8) Aaroniero Arruruerie--Liked his fight with Rukia and the whole "two-in-one" thing he has with his heads.

9) Yammy Rialgo--Oh, Yammy. The only reason he's not last is because Zommari wasn't around long enough for me to like him more. Yammy's "MUST SMASH" fighting style is boring, and I don't like the "Cero Espada" thing he pulled.

10) Zommari LeRoux--He was pretty wierd, but not in the "somehow cool" way that Szayel is. He's annoying, and he didn't last long enough to redeem himself.

My Feelings on the Series

As I already said, Bleach is my favorite manga and anime series, and the reasons I like it are too numerous to count. So, at the risk of sounding like a hater, I'll put the two things I don't like. From my point of view, there are two major things wrong with the series: 1) bad death ratio and 2) formulatic battles.

The main problem I have is that too many antagonists die, while not enough protagonists do. Now, I'm not saying I want a massacre of the Shinigami, but if none of them die, there's no real sense of danger. On the reverse of that, I don't want all of the Arrancar to suddenly turn on Aizen, but I've always liked that plot device when it's used right. Just a few Arrancar like Starrk and Harribel and their Fraccion strike me as the type that could do something like that (and maybe--just maybe--Grimmjow, because he has a debt to Ichigo now, assuming he's still alive). Actually, though I could be wrong, I don't think any protagonists have died during the course of the main series (not counting those like Kaien Shiba, who died before the series began).

The second problem is much smaller. All of the battles seem to follow the same pattern; one character dominates the other, the victim uses some special power and dominates the attacker, and it will either end at that or the original attacker will pull the same thing. This happens in pretty much every battle, but it does a good job at keeping my attention, which is why it's much more forgivable than the former issue. You only really notice this when you stop and think about it. Also, feeding into the first problem, the "good guy" usually wins (though not always).

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