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About Me Section

Hello! I am Andrevv, and I am currently in the works of a project of my own called Shades Of Shadows. I enjoy the community on this wikipedia, and I am a big fan of a lot of shows. Don't be afraid to say Hello back!


I am an avid music fan. I love and appreciate all forms of it! If you name a genre, I more than likely have a favorite artist that I'd recommend and talk about. I enjoy playing the bass guitar, although I am practicing Keys and Vocals for a future project with some friends.


I have a spotify playlist now, So please feel free to check it out! It has a wide variety of genres, so you may find something to your liking :) spotify:user:12153671942:playlist:7jwgQ9rMR8w3Q8NqjBtjg3



Feel free to add me and tell me you came from here!


If you're part of the bleach wiki discord, you'll see me on there. My name will either be Andrevv or some nonsensical nickname I give myself.


I mainly only play battlefield 4 on Origin, but still, hit me up!


I'm fairly new to reddit, but still feel free to say what's up if you see me here


Well, that's about it for me, but thanks for stopping by!

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