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About Me

Howdy, folks. The name's FutureEeveeKing13, the artist formerly known as FutureQuincy (not my real name since my parents aren't cooky in THAT way), aka that dude with the really deep voice and seemingly infinite pool of references to stuff and things. I've been an avid fan of Bleach and an editor on this wiki for a few years now, and since joining I can honestly say its helped me out in terms of my interests. I've gotten better at the introduction thing so, here goes.

How I Got Into Bleach

I first got into Bleach during my junior year of high school, after a friend told me about it. After a while I decided to try out a new manga (thanks Barnes and Noble for being lazy about restocking Yu-Gi-Oh volumes), and I remembered what my friend had said about Bleach, so I picked up volume one. I was instantly hooked. I was particularly fond of the Soul Society arc, as it established the concepts and characters that pretty much make up the series. I've kept my interest in Bleach, although I've placed a more critical eye on some aspects of it. I used to believe that people were complaining about certain things in the series for no reason, but I'm a bitter old man now and I can see where there are flaws. In short, I still think fondly of this series even during the current arc, despite some apparent flaws that leave me shaking my head a bit (*coughcough*THEALMIGHTY*coughcough*).

How I Found The Wiki

Google. No, seriously. I was still in the early days of being into Bleach and wanted to get more info, so I just used everyone's favorite search engine and PRESTO, there was the link to the wiki. I actually waited a few months before making an account, since I wanted to get the gist of how I should go about editing without unintentionally causing the total implosion of the internet (this stuff happens, y'know). I started out not really communicating with anybody but I eventually opened up a bit more. Kinda like how I developed in high school and college. Aw, look at me getting all emotional.

What I Do On The Wiki

When I started out I was almost universally a grammar guy, but nowadays pretty much all of the grammar issues have been taken care of. I'll still find the occasional grammatical mistake to fix, and I'll take care of it when somebody decides they're gonna be a goofball with an article (just cuz you like a character doesn't mean they're suddenly gonna share your birthday, guys. Just saying.) I also take part in the wiki's chapter podcasts when I can (I'm the goofy one with the shockingly deep voice that makes the ladies swoon).

Interests Outside of Bleach

Besides Bleach, other anime/manga I am a fan of include Attack on Titan, Black Lagoon, Space Dandy, and Kill la Kill. I am an avid video game player, and I focus primarily on Nintendo products. Pokémon is my lifeblood (I am an admitted Glaceon freak :3), and I consider JRPGs and fighting games to be my forte. Viewers of the podcast will know that I am a fan of JonTron, with other internet channels I watch including the Nostalgia Critic, Linkara, Angry Joe, the Angry Video Game Nerd, Jim Sterling, chuggaaconroy and Yuriofwind.

I am a history major, although I wish to possibly be a writer some day (I'm currently working on writing down a story I've been thinking about since middle school). I consider myself to be easy-going with a strong appreciation for humor. It takes me a while to open up to people (stemming from bullying incidents I had to suffer through when I was younger), but I like to believe that I'm more outgoing now that I'm in college. I enjoy making people laugh and I hope that's what I'm accomplishing in the podcasts.

My Favorite Characters

  • Rangiku Matsumoto: The first few clips from the Bleach anime I watched involved Matsumoto and I instantly adored her. I can relate to the "slacker" attitude as I myself am a bit of a procrastinator. The scene where she attempts to tempt Ichigo into letting her stay at his house is still one of my favorite scenes from any media.
  • Kensei Muguruma: I dunno, just the moment I saw this guy during the Turn Back the Pendulum arc I started to like his style. If there is one thing I can say about the current arc its that I appreciated Kubo explaining just what it is that Kensei's Bankai does, since I was a bit annoyed during the FKT arc at how he just disappeared after activating it.
  • Shūhei Hisagi: I like how his relationship with Kazeshini is so different from everyone else, how he is not as attached to it as others are to their blades. Also, the reaper symbolism with his Zanpakutō is pretty cool too.
  • Kisuke Urahara: "Funny but strong" is one of my favorite types of characters, and Kisuke fits the bill perfectly. He's the kind of guy whose demeanor hints that you shouldn't take him seriously, yet that is absolutely not the attitude to have. I'm also half-convinced that he and Aikuro Mikisugi from Kill la Kill are the exact same person.
  • Baraggan Louisenbairn:This guy impresses me since his aspect of death is inevitable. We can try our hardest and succeed in avoiding despair and solitude, but aging is something that every living being goes through and cannot escape. His powers are frightening, and his appearance in Ressureccion is just as chilling (I guess I just like reaper imagery. Go figure).
  • Shunsui Kyōraku: As with Urahara, I like Shunsui because he fits the "funny but strong" bill. While I was bummed to see Yamamoto die, I have enjoyed seeing Shunsui in the role, as he is doing things in a way that the stubborn Yama-jii never would have done. Him telling the other captains why he set Aizen loose is one of my favorite moments from him.
  • JuJu-man: At first I enjoyed Yhwach because his actions seemed to surpass Aizen in every way. He killed countless Shinigami, including Yamamoto, and successfully broke into the Soul King Palace, things Aizen tried and failed to do. He was a great villain. Then came The Almighty. I'm sorry, but...why? My issue isn't just that its an overpowered ability. It's that it makes no sense. Everything shown regarding Yhwach was in relation to his power distribution abilities. Why not make that his epithet, and not future sight which was hardly even hinted at? Needless to say I enjoyed Yhwach's antics up until he gained the ability to see how The Walking Dead would end.
  • BG9: BG9 was one of the more intriguing members of the Sternritter. He did not seem to follow any of the moral standards the rest of the Quincy do, and was completely willing to attack anybody. A shame, then, that he was probably offscreened before we could either learn his epithet or what exactly he actually was.
  • Bambietta Basterbine and The Quincy Women's Association: I don't know what it is about psycho-girls in manga/anime, but darn it I enjoyed watching these girls. Villain quartets/quintets are always fun, and their erratic personas were even more enjoyable. Giselle in particular is easily one of the creepier characters the series has produced, and given that this is the series that produced Mayuri, that's saying a lot.

One Last Thing

Before I end this off I would just like to thank the Bleach Wiki Mods/Admins/whatever you guys call yourselves for letting me partake in the podcasts and for laughing at my jokes. Without you guys I probably wouldn't have started looking at the rest of the anime I find myself obsessed with and I probably would've opened up that DVD copy of Fade to Black if you guys hadn't warned me not to. I think a lot of what I like watching or reading now is stuff you guys recommended, and I am sincerely grateful. I've enjoyed my time on Bleach Wiki and it's largely because of you all. Really, thank you.


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