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About me

Greeting my name is Jeff. I'm a huge and loyal fan of Bleach. Though I like Transformers just as equal too.

I'm a fan of the Arrancars and SternRitter the most. I enjoy the anime expanding the Arrancars more then in the manga and really hope the anime would return to do the same for the SternRitters also.

My favorite Arrancars

Top Ten

  • 10: Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio

    Arrancar 103 Dordoni

    - Dordoni was an awesome character and one of the funny one. I feel people don't take him serious and forget he found against Ichigo's Captain Level Shikai with any problem and overpowered Ichigo. Able to hold up against his Bankai for a bit too. Serious Dordoni should have been remain an Espada, since Dordoni is far strongest then Zommari, Szayel, and Aaroniero. Aizen was a fool to kick him out. Also mad with Szayel have Rudobon go after him and kill him. However, I might hate Mayuri, he did bring back Dordoni and he alive again. Just hope if Harribel creates the Esapda again, Dordoni can reclaim his glory at being at the Top once again.

  • 9: Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

    Espada 6 Grimmjow

    - Grimmjow is very awesome and a fan favorite. I agree with the guy the perfect rival for Ichigo and we got a lot for Grimmjow seeing him as a Hollow too. Just unhappy about him not save his fraccions to live and fight later in the war, but we got them in his flashback and want the look like as Hollow too. Grimmjow should have got a fight in with a SternRitter at the end. If Harribel do make the Esapda against. He most like be the 2nd now, which we all know would make him very happy.
  • 8: Tia Harribel
    274Harribel alt 4

    Esapda 3 Harribel

    - Harribel is most like one of the top most sexiest women in Bleach. She very strong and she one the don't care about reveal a good about of her body in revealing clothes. As being a water user is awesome too. Happy she lived and became Queen of Hueco Mundo, just wish she got more then get locked up, but thank to the navels Harribel was save by Nelliel and I find perfect for the current three be saved by the past three.
  • 7: Coyote Starrk

    Espada 1 Starrk

    - Starrk is mostly one of the most fan favorite Espada. Despite being lazy, he is very powerful and the first character to use guns in Bleach. I feel like Starrk should have lived, since Kyōraku didn't want to, but didn't have a choice, since they could have been good friends if they were not one opponent side.
  • 6: Aisslinger Wernarr

    Arrancar 17 Aisslinger

    - I don't care what people think, I like Aisslinger, he was voice by Travis Willingham one of the best voice actor. He has a cool design and in my fan fiction I extend him out a lot more and had him the fraccion of the former First Espada.
  • 5: Cirucci Sanderwicci

    Arrancar 105 Cirucci

    - She truly the most beautiful and best woman in Bleach to me. Cirucci as the charm and beauty I love and look so cute and beautiful too. Think purple hair women in anime are my favorite, but Cirucc is the best. Having a very unique Zanpakuto being a giant Death Yo-Yo. All the bird type works too, very happy the Kubo brought her back to life, because I hated Szayel a lot forcing Rudobon to kill her. I give Mayuri this one for bring her back, just don't like him either, but at least he getting better. I find it funny Kubo unusually never kill women off in his series, become we guys like most of them, happy he try to find away to bring some of them back make us happy. Now all need to happen is Skullak Tuma the Former First Espada return and save his friends and his beloved Cirucci and live happy in the end.
  • 4: King Baraggan Louisenbairn

    King Baraggan

    - What can I say about the most powerful Arrancar of all. King Baraggan was awesome and should have been the 1st. His Aspect of Death is the one we all fear the most. Old Age is very scare for us humans. Also is basically Death himself in Bleach. All rot and die from his OP power. He was the rightful King and in a world like Hueco Mundo it fit for him. Not like he didn't anything bad at all. Just very sad Aizen took it all away and force Baraggan to be the 2nd too. Still Baraggan is the most favorite Esapda and had the six best fraccions too. Just sad he didn't get his revenge at all. Wish Baraggan would be able to at least injure Aizen before dying.
  • 3: Findor Carias

    Arrancar 24 Findor

    - Findor was trust the most interesting one of all six of King Baraggan's fraccion. Calm at first and intelligence. Love how the Anime make Findor's fight one of the best ones and extend it out more too. Have a mask he can break and it a limiter is interesting. A water using it cool too. Think Sung-sun fit perfect for him if they become a couple. Just sad we didn't get to see him before the invasion and interacting with the other fraccions. Still Findor when out fighting until in the manga he ran away, make one question if he was still alive.
  • 2: Ggio Vega

    Arrancar 26 Ggio Vega

    - Ggio is the strong of all the fraccions. He was the leader of King Baraggan's fraccion and strong enough to fight Soifon for a while. Though I feel like I agree with many of the fans out there the like to ship Soifon and Ggio together. They actually work very perfect if they were not enemies. I like his release form, a tiger just another one of the three main feline Arrancars. Over all he was cool. I just still which we were introduce the Ggio and the others before the Fake Town fight to get to know the six better and how the interact together too.
  • 1: Rudbornn Chelute

    Arrancar 61 and Captain of the Exequias Rudobon

    - Rudobon is the most awesome and more interesting Arrancar of them all. First we got new skin show on him question is he human looking at all? Second he deserve to be an Espada, his powers could overwhelm any opponent. Also Rudobon is very smart because any other Arrancar came face to face with Unohana would have died there. Also his Release Form based of a Tree is interesting not many plant based Arrancar theme. Also I think his power if God-like able to create an unlimited number of soldiers. Why didn't Aizen bring Rudobon with his and just have his go into his Arbol form and unleashed an infinite number of soldiers on the Soul Reapers? I think the fraccions would be order to protect him of course. Still would been interesting if Rudobon was give a better fight. At least the anime extend it out. Also he is no dead either, Rudobon is alive, manga prove it and novel did too. Yammy only punched him and send his flying away. So he alive, question how the anime will explain he alive, when he was shattered by Yammy?

My Favorite Resurrección

Top 10

  • 10: Glotonería -


    Aaroniero's Resurrección power is very interesting. The power to evolve infinitely is something dangerous and awesome. Aaroneiro could have been stronger then he was. Looking like a giant octopus was fine too. The only thing was he ate over 30,000 hollow, but never once used one of this hollow powers? Were the all low level Hollow they were not even Gillian? Most like yes. It a shame His power would have be epic if they were used the right way.
  • 9: Giralda -


    Dordoni's Resurrección is a fun one. He barely changed his appearance at all. Yet he overpower a Captain Level Shikai with easy. Also he the Only Arrancar that has the power of the Wind too. Dordoni deserve to remain an Espada. He was far stronger then unsealed Yammy and Aaroneiro. He should have been the 9th or 10th Espada.
  • 8: Pantera -


    Grimmjow's Resurrección find him perfectly. Become a feline predator that hunts down his pray and kills them. He very fast and has some interesting moves too. Fans were not upset at his release at all. I like that is hair become longer and make him better looking too. At least we got to see Grimmjow using Pantera to finish Askin off. Grimmjow got at least on SternRitter kill... no wait he killed Kirge too. So good for Grimmjow.
  • 7: Tiburón -


    Harribel's Resurrección is quite something to look at. She is one that doesn't care about reveal her body at all. Though it look a lot better in the manga then the anime having to cover up more. The power to control water is cool too. Happy Harribel lived and I think most fans are happy too.
  • 6: Golondrina -
    156Cirucci's Resurreccion, Golondrina


    Cirucci's Resurrección is nice. Having giant vibrating blades to attack with and able to use her tail tip as a weapon to create a fan or sword is cool too. Though I do wish she got more of a harpy look to here. Still Cirucci is my favorite woman and happy she alive too. Just mad Mayiru is the one control her.
  • 5: Pinza Aguda -
  • 4: Tigre Estoque -
  • 3: Árbol -
  • 2: Los Lobos -
  • 1: Arrogante -

My Favorite SternRitters

Top Ten

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