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About Me


I came onto this wiki about a year ago, being the huge fan of Bleach that I am. However, this wiki is huge- it has a thousand articles and hundreds of members! It doesn't need my help that much, just a little clean-up here and there. So I'm not on much anymore, having found the Hellsing Wiki and the Change 123 Wiki. Both are smaller wikis that need extra help, and both I'm the admins of, so I'm mostly on those two. But of course, the Bleach Wiki here will always be my first Wikia love! ( to speak. *sweatdrop*)

History & Personality

My name, "Blazing Star", is inspired by the 5th Bleach opening, "Rolling Star" by Yui. (I'm a bit of a Yui fan.) I've memorized a lot of the openings. Yup.

Believe it or not, I only became a Bleach fan about two years ago. Yup, two years ago in August, I believe. But the instant I watched the first 5 episodes, I was hooked. Hooked soon grew to "obsessed", and "obsessed" grew to "addicted". I soon came to know just about everything there was to know about Bleach- the characters, their full names, the squad captains (past and present!), and the names of their zanpakuto.

Personality-wise, I'm laid back and I'm curious; I also have no problems with changing something I see a problem with, or challenging what someone said. I'm quite a stickler about grammar, and that's actually become my greatest asset as a wiki editor. I edit articles and organize the sentences better so that readers can easily understand them. Which brings me to...

My Mission

I do grammar. A LOT. I'm really quite a stickler about grammar, and English, and the flow of the writing so I'll be doing mostly language-related stuff on here. Besides, this Wiki's already pretty awesome without my help. It just needs a little clean-up here and there, that's all.

The object of Wikipedia, or any wiki really, is to enlighten a reader about a subject in a professional and unbiased manner. So that's what we'll aim for here.No opinions, no witty humor or bad jokes or unnecessary info from the fans, just facts about Bleach. With perfect, professional grammar. People come here to learn about Bleach in more detail, and they expect quality in comparison of Wikipedia- seeing as we're "the Bleach Wiki" and all. My goal? To have the Bleach Wiki's quality on par with The Other Wiki as far as language, information, and pictures. All right, here we go! XD

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