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This article contains information from anime sources that were not written by Tite Kubo and therefore are not considered canon material by the wiki.

Uryū Ishida & Yasutora Sado vs. Muramasa & Senbonzakura is a fight taking place in the Zanpakutō Rebellion. It focuses upon Uryū Ishida and Yasutora Sado's fight against Muramasa and Senbonzakura after the latter's arrival in the Human World.


248Orihime uses

Orihime uses Santen Kesshun.

In the Human World, Muramasa descends to the ground and notes this is the location before smiling. As the mist around him clears to reveal an island with several trees on it in the middle of a lake, dozens of Jigokuchō land on the trees around him as Muramasa states the time has come. As Muramasa says Kōga's name, blood trickles from his right eye. Wiping away the blood, Muramasa walks forward as a figure stands behind a nearby tree. When a surprised Muramasa turns and demands to know who is there, Orihime Inoue steps out from behind the tree and asks Muramasa who he is and why he is here. Narrowing his eyes, Muramasa manifests his sword and rushes toward Orihime, who uses Santen Kesshun.[1]

248Muramasa appears

Muramasa appears behind Orihime.

When his sword fails to break the shield, Muramasa leaps back and wonders what this is. As Orihime asks him what he wants from her, Muramasa appears behind her. As Orihime gasps, Muramasa holds up his hand as the air around Orihime distorts. Unable to move, Orihime wonders what is happening. When Muramasa breaks into a coughing fit, Orihime regains the ability to move and turns around. Clutching his head, Muramasa states he is so close and looks toward the island. Reaching toward the island, Muramasa's vision blurs as he collapses. Later, Muramasa lies on the ground as Sōten Kisshun heals him.[1]

248Orihime heals

Orihime heals Muramasa with Sōten Kisshun.

Opening his eyes, Muramasa expresses surprise. When Orihime tells him he cannot move yet, Muramasa looks to the side and recognizes her as Orihime says she is almost done. When Muramasa asks Orihime who she is, Orihime states she only came here because Kisuke Urahara told her someone had entered the Human World. When Muramasa asks her if she is one of Ichigo's friends, Orihime expresses surprise as Muramasa asks her why she would help him. Saying Muramasa was injured, Orihime states she helps people who are hurt. When Muramasa says he is Ichigo's enemy, Orihime admits she knew this.[1]

248Reiatsu radiates

Black-red Reiatsu radiates from Muramasa.

Saying Muramasa was in very bad shape, Orihime states she could not leave him here and says Muramasa looked like he was in a lot of pain, prompting Muramasa to express surprise. When Muramasa calls her a foolish girl, Orihime expresses surprise as Sōten Kisshun vanishes and Muramasa sits up. When black-red Reiatsu radiates from Muramasa, Orihime notes it is as dark as an Arrancar's Reiatsu. Looking at Orihime, Muramasa moves away as several Heilig Pfeil hurtle through the area where he was sitting. Expressing surprise, Orihime looks to the side to see Uryū and Sado. As Orihime calls out to them, Muramasa appears several feet away and notes Orihime brought backup.[1]


Muramasa raises his sword in front of him and prepares to attack Uryū Ishida and Yasutora Sado.

As Uryū states Muramasa must be their special guest from Soul Society, Sado asks Orihime if she is okay.[1] Later, Uryū and Sado stand across from Orihime and Muramasa, with Uryū aiming Ginrei Kōjaku at Muramasa. When Orihime calls out to them, Uryū asks her if she is alright. As Orihime confirms this, Uryū expresses surprise at Muramasa's Reiatsu and notes he does not resemble a Shinigami or an Arrancar. As Uryū wonders who he is, Sado breathes heavily. When Muramasa attempts to move, Uryū tells him to not move, prompting Muramasa to ask him who he is. When Muramasa asks them if they are friends of the Shinigami, Uryū states he is not a Shinigami and says he is a Quincy. Raising his sword in front of him, Muramasa asks Uryū what a Quincy is before rushing forward.[2]



Sado punches at Muramasa.

When Uryū fires a Heilig Pfeil at him, Muramasa leaps into the air to avoid it before slashing at Uryū and Sado, who dodge and move away. Running toward Muramasa, Sado yells and punches at him, prompting Muramasa to lean back in order to avoid the attack. When Uryū tells him to move out of the way, Sado punches at Muramasa twice more before turning around and running away from Muramasa. When Uryū uses Licht Regen, Muramasa leaps to the edge of the lake as the dozens of Heilig Pfeil rain down on the area where he was standing.[2]


Four silhouettes of Muramasa stand behind Uryū.

When a yelling Sado runs toward him, Muramasa expresses anger and moves away as Sado fire El Directo at him. As the blast of energy crashes into the water, Uryū moves to the edge of the lake with Hirenkyaku and calls out to Sado. Appearing next to a nearby tree, Muramasa notes this is the worst kind of timing and proclaims Uryū and Sado have wasted enough of his time. Stating he must get going, Muramasa raises his hand as the air around it distorts. Expressing surprise, Uryū turns around to see four silhouettes of Muramasa standing behind him.[2]

249Muramasa runs

Muramasa runs toward Uryū from behind.

As Uryū prepares to attack the silhouettes, Muramasa appears several feet away from him and runs toward Uryū from behind with his sword drawn. Leaping out of the water, Sado calls out to Uryū before firing El Directo once more. As Uryū moves away with Hirenkyaku, the blast of energy hurtles toward Muramasa, who moves back to avoid it. As Sado appears next to Uryū, Muramasa curses and wonders why Uryū and Sado must interfere when he is so close. When Uryū tells him to attack Muramasa from the other side, Sado confirms this as they begin running toward Muramasa on either side.[2]


A wall of blade petals protects Muramasa.

When Sado fires El Directo at him once more, Muramasa moves away as the blast of energy tears through the area where he was standing. When Muramasa leaps into the air, Uryū asks him where he is going and uses Licht Regen once more. As the dozens of Heilig Pfeil hurtle toward Muramasa, a wall of blade petals forms in front of him and protects Muramasa from the Heilig Pfeil. As Uryū expresses surprise, Sado notes this was 6th Division Captain Byakuya Kuchiki's Senbonzakura. As Senbonzakura says this was a nice try, Muramasa lands behind him.[2]

249Senbonzakura sends

Senbonzakura sends a flurry of blade petals toward Uryū.

As Uryū arrives, Senbonzakura tells Muramasa to leave Uryū and Sado to him. As Uryū notes Senbonzakura is one of the rebellious Zanpakutō Spirits, Senbonzakura says his release command and sends a flurry of blade petals at Uryū, who leaps back. As Sado calls out to Uryū, Senbonzakura moves away as Muramasa raises his hand once more. As the area around Sado begins to distort, Muramasa tells Sado he should spend less time worrying about his friends. As Sado's eyes widen, the area around him transforms into a town, which he recognizes as his home in Mexico.[2]


Oscar punches Sado in the stomach.

Looking over his shoulder, Sado sees Oscar Joaquín de la Rosa standing behind him. As Sado greets him, Oscar punches him in the stomach. Grunting in pain, Sado coughs up liquid and falls to his knees as Muramasa stands in front of him. Expressing derision, Muramasa states Sado is obviously not a Shinigami because it was far too easy to beat him before turning around. When Muramasa begins to walk away, Sado grabs his arm. Looking over his shoulder at Sado, Muramasa notes he can still move and tells Sado to die before gesturing at him with his hand.[2]


Sado clutches at his throat and chokes.

Reeling back, Sado clutches at his throat and chokes before falling on the ground in the real world. Expressing derision, Muramasa walks away. When Orihime runs up to Sado and asks him if he is okay, Muramasa looks over his shoulder and tells Orihime her help is useless before saying Sado has fought his final battle. As Orihime asks Muramasa how he could do this, a nearby tree falls over as Orihime says Uryū's name. Meanwhile, Senbonzakura flies past several trees before moving away when Uryū appears in front of him and uses Licht Regen once more.[2]

249Senbonzakura activates

Senbonzakura activates his Bankai.

Expressing anger, Senbonzakura sends a stream of blade petals toward the oncoming Heilig Pfeil. As the blade petals and Heilig Pfeil collide, Uryū expresses anger and aims his bow upward before using Licht Regen once more. As Senbonzakura sarcastically states he is over here, the Heilig Pfeil fall toward him. Expressing surprise, Senbonzakura holds his sword out to the side and activates his Bankai, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi. As several giant rise up around him in a circle, they disperse into a whirling mass of blade petals, which shield Senbonzakura from the Heilig Pfeil.[2]


A triangular shield forms in front of Uryū.

As Uryū expresses surprise, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi flattens before rising up and surging toward him. Assuming a battle stance, Uryū moves away with Hirenkyaku as the blade petals surge through the area where he was standing. When Uryū appears several feet away from Sado, Orihime stands up and calls out to him as Senbonzakura appears next to Muramasa. When the area around Muramasa's hand begins to distort once more, Orihime holds her hands over her ears and uses Santen Kesshun, which forms a triangular shield in front of Uryū as the area around it distorts.[2]

249Muramasa's expression softens

Muramasa's expression softens.

When the area returns to normal, Santen Kesshun disappears as Muramasa expresses surprise. Turning to face Muramasa and Senbonzakura, Orihime asks Muramasa why he is doing this and expresses sadness. As Muramasa's expression softens, Orihime says she can tell Muramasa is burdened with a deep sadness and states she saw it the moment she looked into his eyes. As Orihime asks Muramasa why he is doing this, Uryū says her name as Orihime asks Muramasa who he really is and what his purpose here is. Expressing irritation, Muramasa tells Orihime to not pretend to understand him.[2]

249Reiatsu radiates

Black-red Reiatsu radiates from Muramasa.

As Orihime expresses surprise, Muramasa asks her what makes her believe she could know anything about him. As Muramasa says his name is Muramasa and his sheer power will alter this world, black-red Reiatsu begins to radiate from him, creating a strong wind which blows through the area. As Orihime expresses surprise, Rukia Kuchiki fires Hadō #33. Sōkatsui at Muramasa. Turning around as his black-red Reiatsu dissipates, Muramasa slashes through the blast, which explodes. As Orihime and Uryū shield themselves, Rukia lands next to them.[2]

249Rukia states

Rukia states they need to be careful.

When Rukia asks them if they are doing alright, Uryū states they are fine as Orihime says Sado is hurt. As Rukia asks them what happened, Sado groans in pain. When Senbonzakura asks Rukia how she found them, Rukia reveals she followed Byakuya's Reiatsu. When Uryū asks her if Byakuya is here as well, Rukia says she will explain it later. Stating they need to be careful, Rukia reveals Muramasa is the one who manifested the Zanpakutō Spirits and left the Seireitei in chaos. As Orihime expresses surprise, Uryū asks Rukia why Muramasa is in the Human World.[2]

249Reiatsu begins

Muramasa's black-red Reiatsu begins to expand outward.

When Uryū realizes something and asks Rukia where Ichigo is, Muramasa says Ichigo should be burning to death in Ryūjin Jakka's flames. When Rukia asks him if he is saying he gained control of Yamamoto's Zanpakutō Spirit, Muramasa confirms this. Stating this is impossible, Orihime proclaims she knows Ichigo will come back. Asking Orihime if this is so, Muramasa breaks into a coughing fit. When Senbonzakura expresses concern, Muramasa says he is alright and states he does not have much time left. When Muramasa's black-red Reiatsu begins to expand outward, Orihime wonders what he is doing.[2]

249Hollows stand

Several large Hollows stand behind Muramasa.

When a Hollow emerges from the Reiatsu, Uryū expresses surprise. As more Hollows emerge, Muramasa's Reiatsu dissipates as several large Hollows stand behind him and Senbonzakura. As Orihime says she knew there was something Hollow-like about Muramasa's Reiatsu, Rukia asks Muramasa why Hollows are here and states he told the Shinigami he was a Zanpakutō before asking Muramasa if he cares to explain what is going on here. As blood trickles from his eyes, Muramasa says he did not lie and states he is a genuine Zanpakutō Spirit with the power to change the entire world.[2]

Kōga's Revival[]

249Heilig Pfeil and blade petals collide

The Heilig Pfeil and blade petals collide.

Saying he is only trying to release himself from this long, lonesome, and cursed battle, Muramasa tells Senbonzakura to take care of this before moving to the air. When Uryū prepares to attack him, Senbonzakura moves in front of Muramasa. Expressing surprise, Uryū uses Licht Regen, prompting Senbonzakura to send a stream of blade petals toward him. As the Heilig Pfeil and blade petals collide, Senbonzakura lands and states Uryū is not getting past him before rushing forward. As Uryū and the Hollows move forward, Rukia tells Orihime to take Sado and hide somewhere safe.[2]

249Rukia fires

Rukia fires Hadō #33. Sōkatsui at one of the Hollows.

As Orihime agrees to do this, Rukia fires Hadō #33. Sōkatsui at one of the Hollows, which dissipates. Meanwhile, on the island in the center of the lake, Muramasa walks toward the trees in the center and notes he is almost there. Saying it will not be very long now, Muramasa smiles and says Kōga's name. As dozens of Jigokuchō fly off of the trees, Muramasa states he has made it all this way before coughing. Raising his hand, Muramasa begins to chant an incantation. Meanwhile, Orihime sits Sado up against a tree and tells Rukia they will be okay here.[2]


The Hollow dissipates.

When Rukia asks her if she is sure, Orihime says Muramasa is being consumed by the sadness which she sensed inside of him earlier and states Rukia has to stop him. When a Hollow roars, Rukia notes they are here and runs off as Orihime expresses surprise. When a large Hollow leap into the air and falls toward them, Orihime calls out to Rukia, who tells her to watch out. Groaning in pain, Sado fires a point-blank El Directo at the Hollow, which dissipates. When Rukia asks him if he is alright, Sado says he will be okay as Rukia sees four more large Hollows approaching.[2]

249Uryu uses

Uryū uses Licht Regen once more.

When Sado tells her to go, Rukia expresses surprise before stating she understands. As Rukia moves away with Shunpo, Orihime states Rukia must hurry. Meanwhile, Uryū tells Senbonzakura to come on and uses Licht Regen once more, prompting Senbonzakura to send a stream of blade petals at Uryū. As the blade petals and Heilig Pfeil collide, Uryū expresses anger before looking toward the island in the center of the lake to see it crackling with blue electricity. As Muramasa continues to chant the incantation, Uryū curses and says he must do something quickly.[2]


Uryū blocks Senbonzakura's sword with a Seele Schneider.

Appearing in the air above Uryū, Senbonzakura proclaims this is the worst time to be distracted and attacks Uryū. Turning around, Uryū blocks Senbonzakura's sword with a Seele Schneider, prompting Senbonzakura to state this is impossible. Meanwhile, Muramasa finishes chanting the incantation and glows with purple Reiatsu. As the island cracks and shatters like glass, Rukia notes the tree was just a barrier. Clashing twice, Senbonzakura and Uryū cross blades as Senbonzakura says he never knew of a Quincy who used a sword and proclaims Uryū cannot win with a weapon he is not skilled with.[2]


The blade petals flow into the Seele Schneider.

When a shockwave blows him back, Uryū slides across the ground before stopping. Raising his sword over his head, Muramasa bids Uryū farewell. When his sword disperses into blade petals, Muramasa expresses confusion. Standing up, Uryū states a Seele Schneider is not a sword and reveals it is a tool which weakens the bond between Reishi. As Uryū says this process makes it easier for him to steal the Reishi, the blade petals condense and flow into the Seele Schneider. As Senbonzakura states he does not believe, Uryū fires the Seele Schneider at him.[2]

Muramasa Grabs Rukia

Muramasa grabs Rukia's arms.

As part of his mask breaks, Senbonzakura is sent flying backward as Uryū moves away with Hirenkyaku. Meanwhile, the mist clears to reveal Kōga's prison in front of Muramasa, who smiles. As Muramasa tells Kōga he has arrived at last, Rukia fires Hadō #33. Sōkatsui at him. Manifesting his sword, Muramasa cuts the blast in half. When Rukia appears before him with Shunpo and prepares to attack him, Muramasa moves to her and grabs Rukia's arms. As Rukia grunts in pain, Muramasa tells her to not interfere. Calling out to Rukia, Uryū prepares to attack Muramasa.[2]

249Senbonzakura stands

Senbonzakura stands with the mouth of his mask gone.

Appearing behind Uryū, Senbonzakura tells him to not even try it. Turning around, Uryū uses Licht Regen once more as Senbonzakura sends a stream of blade petals toward him. When the blade petals and Heilig Pfeil collide and cancel each other out, Uryū expresses surprise as a panting Senbonzakura stands with the mouth of his mask gone. As Uryū pants as well, Senbonzakura yells and rushes toward him. Meanwhile, Rukia asks Muramasa what is inside of the seal and what he intends to do with it, prompting Muramasa to reveals Kōga is trapped inside of the seal.[2]

249Seal shatters

The seal shatters.

Saying Kōga is the most powerful Shinigami ever, Muramasa reveals he tried to seize control of Soul Society. As Rukia expresses surprise, Muramasa states his only wish is to revive Kōga and closes his eyes. Saying everything he has done was for this moment, Muramasa opens his eyes as his irises glow purple. As blue electricity crackles around the seal, the chains binding it break apart. As Rukia expresses surprise, the seal glows purple as large cracks appear in it. As blue light shines through the cracks, the seal shatters as its pieces are sent flying away.[2]

249Muramasa pushes

Muramasa pushes Ichigo to the side.

As one of the spears which were embedded in the seal embeds itself in the ground, another one clatters to the ground in front of Rukia and Muramasa. As a third spear embeds itself in the ground nearby, the dust clears to reveal Kōga. Throwing Rukia to the side, Muramasa raises his arms and greets his master. Telling Muramasa to hold it, Ichigo falls from the sky and attacks Muramasa, who pushes him to the side. As Rukia calls out to him, Ichigo lands on the ground nearby as Muramasa turns to face him. As Uryū calls out to Ichigo, Orihime tells him to be careful.[2]

249Koga opens

Kōga opens his eyes.

As Muramasa expresses irritation at his arrival, Ichigo stands up and apologizes to Rukia for being late. As Rukia states it is about time, Muramasa asks Ichigo how he could have made it past Ryūjin Jakka's blockade. When Ichigo says he is going to put a stop to whatever Muramasa is doing, Muramasa asks Ichigo if this is so and states this is too bad. Saying Ichigo is too late, Muramasa turns to the floating Kōga, who crackles with blue electricity, and laughs before stating the wish which he has had for an eternity has been granted. As Ichigo curses, Kōga opens his eyes.[2]


250Koga stabs

Kōga stabs Muramasa in the stomach with his broken sword after Muramasa frees him from the seal.

As blue electricity crackles around Kōga, Muramasa smiles and recalls their past. As Kōga stands before Muramasa, Ichigo, and Rukia, Ichigo curses and notes Muramasa was able to revive Kōga as Rukia tells him to move. As Ichigo and Rukia leap toward Kōga and Muramasa, an explosion of Reiatsu blows them back. As Reiatsu surges around Kōga, Ichigo and Rukia land as Ichigo notes Kōga is powerful. As Rukia wonders how Kōga can have so much power after being sealed away for so long, Muramasa states Kōga has finally awakened. Saying he has waited for this moment for a very long time, Muramasa walks up to Kōga and states they can complete the task which they began centuries ago. Saying Muramasa's name, Kōga stabs Muramasa in the stomach. Expressing pain, Muramasa asks Kōga why he did this.[3]

251Muramasa wonders

Muramasa wonders how this is possible.

Falling to his knees, Muramasa looks up at Kōga. As Muramasa asks Kōga why he did this to him, Ichigo expresses confusion as Rukia wonders what is going on. When Kōga states Muramasa never answered him when he called, Muramasa expresses shock as Kōga says he called for Muramasa when he was on the verge of being sealed away. As Muramasa states he never heard this call, Kōga says Muramasa never came to his aid despite him calling several times. Wondering how this is possible, Muramasa looks at his hands and states he did not hear Kōga before telling Kōga his voice did not reach him even once.[4]

251Muramasa reaches

Muramasa reaches out to Kōga.

Saying he was waiting patiently to receive Kōga's call, Muramasa states he would have come to Kōga at any time if he had heard a single word and says he would have assisted Kōga with all of the power within him. Stating this is how he felt, Muramasa leans over and says he never heard Kōga's voice for a long time. Revealing he eventually learned Kōga had been sealed away, Muramasa asks Kōga to believe him and states he has been trying to break the seal since he learned of Kōga's imprisonment. As Muramasa reaches out to him, Kōga proclaims he would not have been sealed away if Muramasa had been there for him.[4]

251Blood pools

Blood pools under Muramasa.

Pulling his sword out of Muramasa's stomach, Kōga kicks him away. As blood pools under Muramasa, Kōga says he is the one who gave birth to Muramasa's power because he is Muramasa's owner and states Muramasa only had to obey him after this. When Muramasa says they are both of one spirit, Kōga states Muramasa has never been anything more than a sword to him and raises his sword over his head. Saying Muramasa has been a tool of his, Kōga proclaims a tool should not be so conceited and slashes at Muramasa, who closes his eyes.[4]


Byakuya blocks Kōga's sword.

As Ichigo and Rukia express surprise, Muramasa opens his eyes and expresses shock upon seeing 6th Division Captain Byakuya Kuchiki blocking Kōga's sword with his own. Stating Kōga calls his own Zanpakutō Spirit a tool and tries to kill it, Byakuya says this is disgraceful and states Kōga has no right to call himself a Shinigami.[4]


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