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SAFWYUrozakuro profile
English Rain and Dew Pomegranate
Kanji 雨露柘榴
Race Zanpakutō Spirit
Gender Female
Professional Status
Master Sōya Azashiro
First Appearance
Novel Bleach: Spirits Are Forever With You

This article is about the manifested spirit of Sōya Azashiro's Zanpakutō. For his Zanpakutō and its abilities, see Urozakuro.

Urozakuro (雨露柘榴) is the manifested spirit of Sōya Azashiro's Zanpakutō.


Urozakuro's manifested spirit takes the form of a rather tall, busty female with long black hair fastened with a golden braid into a fan shape in the back, and two pony tails on either side. She has two straps covering both eyes, and wears a large lavender robe with very large sleeves, and black lining around the shoulders, exposing her cleavage. She is also said to resemble Sōya's sister.


She appears to be quite unhinged and insane, commonly laughing in a psychotic matter and also is quite playful, teasing her master on a regular basis.


Bleach: Spirits Are Forever With You




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