Race Soul
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Soul Society
Kuchiki Clan
Personal Status
Relatives Kōga Kuchiki (Husband, deceased)
Ginrei Kuchiki (Father)
Sōjun Kuchiki (Brother, deceased)
Byakuya Kuchiki (Nephew)
Rukia Kuchiki (Adoptive niece)
Hisana Kuchiki (Niece-in-law, deceased)
First Appearance
Anime Episode 250
Japanese Ayumi Fujimura

She is the daughter of Ginrei Kuchiki and the wife of Kōga Kuchiki. As a Noblewoman of the Kuchiki family, she watches her husband descend to betrayal.


She has long brown hair and wears a pink kimono with a purple obi. She also drapes a dark pink haori with patterns of flower on top of this.[1]


The Kuchiki Noblewoman is kind, soft-spoken and dutiful. She is also quite perceptive as she is able to see when something is troubling her father and able to relay the changes that she senses in her husband. She also worries greatly about the changes she sees in Kōga Kuchiki, sadly watching him storm off from her father.[1] She sadly laments her husband's actions after he kills those who framed him, knowing he has betrayed the Gotei 13.[2]



Kōga's wife being given his kenseikan.

Several hundred years ago, she married the then 3rd Seat of the Sixth Division Kōga Kuchiki, who was a subordinate of her father Ginrei Kuchiki. Because of his marriage to her, Kōga became a member of the Kuchiki family and was allowed to wear a kenseikan. As Kōga worked towards ending the civil war that was taking place in Soul Society at the time, she became worried about how he was changing and confessed her fears to her father. Ginrei told her not to worry, and that Kōga was a smart man who could look after himself.[1] However, she continues to be concerned about him.[1] Her fears regarding Kōga ends up being justified when he murders the three elites who framed him and then turns against Soul Society and the Kuchiki family, going so far as to rudely return his kenseikan to Ginrei. Ginrei subsequently gives the kenseikan to his daughter, who cries on them.[2]


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