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This article contains information from anime sources that were not written by Tite Kubo and therefore are not considered canon material by the wiki.

She is an Arrancar and the leader of the Giant Hollow Fortress which attacked Karakura Town.


She wears a modified version of the standard white Arrancar uniform resembling a dress. She has pink eyes, long purple, curled hair and wears purple lipstick. Her mask remnants resemble the head of a rabbit complete with ears.


Karakura-Raizer mini-arc[]


The Female Arrancar successfully hit by Karakura-Raizer Erotic.

When the Karakura-Raizer team defeat some Hollows, she appears along with a giant fortress floating in the sky. She claims that Sōsuke Aizen has given her "great power." After Ururu Tsumugiya defeats all of the Hollows coming from the fortress, Kon, Tatsuki Arisawa, Keigo Asano, and Chizuru Honshō arrive at the fortress. While Tatsuki is not looking, the Unnamed Arrancar attempts to impale her throat. Tatsuki grabs the Arrancar's Zanpakutō and the Arrancar is impressed that Tatsuki was able to dodge her attack.[1]

Chizuru then comes from behind, and grabs the Arrancar's breasts, calling them "monster boobies." The Arrancar then throws Chizuru away from her. Chizuru gets up, and attempts to grab her breasts again. The Arrancar flees from Chizuru, using Sonído. Chizuru uses a faster technique, as her Erotic Suit sends her into Hyper Erotic Mode. Chizuru then grabs the Arrancar, and uses "Raizer Doggy Style." The Arrancar then screams out in terror, leaving Tatsuki, Kon, and Keigo astonished.[1]

The Arrancar later creates Michel to aid her in her next attack on Karakura Town. When Michel was defeated by Kon, she becomes angry and throws her Zanpakutō at the Giant Hollow Fortress' screen, causing great, and serious damage to her own fortress.[2]

Powers & Abilities[]

Sonído: She uses Sonído in an attempt to escape from Karakura-Raizer Erotic, only to be outmaneuvered by her Hyper Erotic Mode.[1]


Arrancar Leader Wand

Her Zanpakutō's tip.

Her Zanpakutō takes the form of a princely palace-like staff or trident with a zigzag-shaped middle prong. This prong features a crescent moon symbol at its tip.[1] Its name is unknown.


  • In the credits of episodes 213 and 214, she is called female leader Arrancar (女幹部アランカル, jokanbu arankaru).


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