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Unbeatable Enemy
Kanji 倒せない敵
Romanji Taosenai teki
Episode Number 9
Manga Chapters Chapter 20, Chapter 21, Chapter 22, Chapter 23, Chapter 24, Chapter 25
Arc Agent of the Shinigami arc
Previous Episode June 17, Memories in the Rain
Next Episode Casual Soul Realm Assault Trip!
Japanese November 30, 2004
English November 4, 2006
Theme Music
Opening *~Asterisk~
Ending Life is Like a Boat
Episode 9 Screenshots

Unbeatable Enemy is the ninth episode of the Bleach anime.

Ichigo Kurosaki battles against Grand Fisher.



Ichigo Kurosaki severs Grand Fisher's tentacle in order to free Yuzu Kurosaki.

As Grand Fisher prepares to devour Yuzu Kurosaki because she is noisy and he only needs one hostage, Ichigo Kurosaki appears and cuts through the tentacle holding her aloft before grabbing her out of midair as she falls to the ground. Landing, Ichigo turns around to face Grand Fisher with Yuzu in his arms and glares at him. Suddenly, Karin Kurosaki begins screaming as Grand Fisher grabs her and holds her up while laughing.


Grand Fisher holds Karin Kurosaki hostage.

With Grand Fisher mockingly declaring that he still has his hostage, Ichigo leans an unconscious Yuzu against a nearby headstone and calls out to Karin, who says his name with concern and fear before falling unconscious as well. Upon joining Rukia Kuchiki behind Ichigo, Eikichirō Saidō sees Karin in Grand Fisher's hand and curses him. Laughing, Grand Fisher stands with the girl from the day Masaki Kurosaki died standing in front of him, to Ichigo's shock and bewilderment.


The girl from the riverbank is revealed to be a lure.

While the girl laughs, Ichigo asserts that she is the girl from the riverbank six years ago and demands to know what she is doing here, prompting a surprised Rukia to take note of Ichigo mentioning six years ago. Ichigo confirms that the girl was the one he tried to help as a child and grits his teeth as he recalls how she was gone and his mother was dead when he woke up. Admitting that she does not remember things from six years ago, the girl states that this is interesting and chuckles as her head splits open, revealing a bone-like carapace underneath that shoots out a tentacle before shedding the rest of the girl's body and attaching itself to Grand Fisher, who laughs.


Rukia Kuchiki details Grand Fisher's history and tactics.

As Ichigo looks on in shock, Rukia identifies Grand Fisher and describes how he hides himself and gives his Lure a Human appearance, which he uses to attract individuals with high Reiryoku that he attacks and increases his own power by devouring. Noting that Grand Fisher has defeated the Shinigami for over fifty years in this manner, Rukia reveals that his favorite target is women, leading Ichigo to realize that his mother was Grand Fisher's target all along. Grand Fisher chuckles at Ichigo having survived seeing him before and theorizes that he may have initially target Ichigo for his high Reiryoku before declaring that women always taste more delicious.


Grand Fisher's fur extends from his body.

While an angered Saidō states that he has not seen a Hollow so disgusting in a long time, Ichigo, now visibly trembling with rage, yells as he leaps into the air above Grand Fisher, where he calls out to Karin before slashing downward toward Grand Fisher. As Grand Fisher jumps back at the last second, Ichigo's Zanpakutō hits the ground, breaking off shards of stone, as Rukia tells him to not be so careless as she runs toward him. Ichigo looks behind him and leaps away as Grand Fisher extends his arm to slam into the pavement where Ichigo had been standing. Landing on a nearby brick wall, Ichigo looks up to see Grand Fisher's fur extending from his body.


Grand Fisher is bound by Bakudō #9. Geki.

Grand Fisher's fur surrounds and binds Ichigo as Grand Fisher pulls himself closer. While Rukia calls out to him and Saidō grimaces, Ichigo declares that Grand Fisher is one enemy whom he will never forgive as Rukia uses Bakudō #9. Geki, causing Grand Fisher's body to glow red as he groans in pain and is briefly immobilized. However, Grand Fisher quickly overpowers the spell and tells Rukia to not interfere as a tendril of his hair lashes out and crashes into her, sending Rukia flying into a headstone. As Rukia falls to the ground while bleeding from the head, Saidō looks at her in concern while Grand Fisher tells Ichigo that he is going to devour Karin.


Saidō severs Grand Fisher's right hand, freeing Karin.

Asking Ichigo what he will do, Grand Fisher begins to move Karin toward his mouth, only to stop when Ichigo begs him to and ask if Ichigo will allow himself to be eaten instead. Grand Fisher laughs as he prepares to devour Ichigo, but Saidō appears and cuts off Grand Fisher's right hand, freeing Karin and prompting an angered Grand Fisher to grab Saidō with his teeth and throw him to the ground. As Karin and the severed hand land several meters away, Ichigo cuts himself loose from the fur binding him and lands on the ground in front of Grand Fisher, whose fur ripples before separating into several tendrils that quickly hurtle toward Karin, to Ichigo's shock.


Saidō is impaled several times by Grand Fisher's fur.

Suddenly, Saidō lands in front of Karin with his Zanpakutō held in front of him, and the fur tendrils split around the blade to impale him and the ground several times, stunning Ichigo and Rukia. As a green-tinted apparition of Masaki appears in Grand Fisher's parted fur for a split second, Ichigo cuts through the fur tendrils, causing Saidō to set his Zanpakutō down as blood drips from his wounds. When Ichigo demands to know why he would go this far, a grinning Saidō asserts that Shinigami must always fight and never forgive Hollows because only an empty feeling is left behind when they take someone precious to people, which he cannot allow to happen.


Saidō reveals he is merely asleep instead of dead.

Telling Ichigo that he has to protect, Saidō collapses and does not move, prompting a shaken Ichigo to claim that he cannot have died if he is a Shinigami. As she explains that even Shinigami are not immortal and that death exists in a different form for them, Rukia falls silent as she sees Saidō is snoring, leading Ichigo to note with disbelief that Saidō has just fallen asleep before angrily telling him to get up and stop distracting them. Kon runs up to them in Ichigo's body while carrying his plushie body and notes that this looks pretty bad upon seeing Saidō before being ordered by Rukia to take Karin and Yuzu away from the battlefield.


Ichigo asks Rukia to stay out of this fight.

As he picks up Karin and Yuzu, Kon asks Rukia what she will do, only to run away when she reiterates her order. It begins to rain as Rukia tells Ichigo to back her up as support, but Ichigo leaps ahead to confront Grand Fisher up close and tells Rukia to stay back this time so he can do this himself, to Rukia's surprise. When Rukia reminds him that Grand Fisher is strong and has been defeating the Shinigami for over fifty years, Ichigo tells her to shut up and asks her to not interfere as he asserts that this is his fight with his Zanpakutō held high. While Grand Fisher roars and his fur flares out, Ichigo screams and runs toward him to resume their clash.


Grand Fisher's mask reappears behind a shocked Ichigo.

Meanwhile, at the local shrine, Isshin Kurosaki stands near Kon, who is keeping watch over Karin and Yuzu. When he hears Karin stir, Kon asks her if she is okay in a serious manner, and after a few seconds without a response, he mentally agonizes over having to keep such a serious expression on his face and wonders how Ichigo manages to do it all the time. Elsewhere, Ichigo screams as he runs through the forest, where dozens of tendrils of Grand Fisher's fur snake between the trees, and slashes at Grand Fisher's mask, only to be shocked when it disappears. Grand Fisher's mask reappears behind him as he criticizes Ichigo for being slow.


Grand Fisher confronts Ichigo in an open clearing.

Landing on the ground, Ichigo leaps away as three tendrils slam into the area where he was standing and continues to outpace dozens of other tendrils targeting him until he reaches a clearing, where Grand Fisher confronts him. When Grand Fisher claims it was gutsy of Ichigo to tell his friends to not interfere when this is the limit of his strength, Ichigo tells him to shut up and clutches his side while mentally noting that he does not know how much Yuzu grieved or how lonely Karin felt after their mother died. As he recalls Saidō telling him that he needs to protect, Ichigo adjusts his grip on his Zanpakutō while declaring that he decided to protect.


Grand Fisher's talons impale Ichigo around his Zanpakutō.

While Rukia runs up toward the clearing, Ichigo proclaims that he is going to destroy Grand Fisher as they charge toward each other, only for Grand Fisher to disappear as Ichigo swings his Zanpakutō toward him. Reappearing behind Ichigo, Grand Fisher reminds him that Rukia told him to not be careless and extends his remaining hand toward Ichigo, who blocks it with his Zanpakutō. Grand Fisher points out how many times Ichigo has jumped headlong into danger without any real plan, and as Rukia looks on in shock, he declares that this is why Rukia called him careless as the talons on his hand extend around Ichigo's Zanpakutō and pierce his chest.


Grand Fisher regenerates his right hand.

As a stunned Ichigo coughs up blood, the talons retract, leaving him to plunge his Zanpakutō into the ground and lean on it for support. While blood drips from Ichigo's wounds, Grand Fisher asserts that Ichigo is far too rash for pushing away his allies in the heat of the moment and jumping right into his enemy's lair before promising that Ichigo will simply die while being toyed with as his right hand regenerates. Rukia calls out in concern to Ichigo, who tells her once more to stay back and declares that he will defeat Grand Fisher even if his arms and legs are ripped off, prompting Grand Fisher to state that this is why he says Ichigo will die.


Grand Fisher transforms his Lure to resemble Masaki.

Grand Fisher explains that Ichigo being young means he loses his temper easily, which distracts his heart, which dulls his blade. Proclaiming that Ichigo is far too young to be fighting him, Grand Fisher closes his hand around the face of his Lure before opening it to reveal Masaki's head, shocking Ichigo. As Rukia recognizes Masaki, Grand Fisher details how even the most cold-blooded Shinigami have one person whom they can never kill, which he believes is a certainty, and reveals that this is how he has been able to defeat every Shinigami he has faced until now before asserting that this is the one for Ichigo as his Lure speaks to Ichigo with Masaki's voice.


Rukia restrains herself from helping Ichigo fight Grand Fisher.

As she calls out to Ichigo, Rukia suddenly recalls Jūshirō Ukitake telling her that she could save him with her aid at the cost of destroying his honor and explaining that there are two types of battles which they must be careful to distinguish - the battle to protect life, and the battle to protect honor. Looking at Ichigo, Rukia realizes that this is a battle to protect honor and that she cannot lend him her strength. Physically restraining herself and shaking, Rukia mentally tells herself to not help him and Ichigo to not die as Ichigo assumes a battle stance. Back at the cemetery, Saidō wakes up and gets to his feet as he realizes he fell asleep again before running off.


Grand Fisher impales Ichigo's shoulder with his fur.

In the clearing, Grand Fisher asks Ichigo if he can really draw his sword against Masaki as he laughs, but an enraged Ichigo merely asks him if he knows what he is doing and declares that he can never bring out his mother's image in a place like this as he rushes toward Grand Fisher. Suddenly, the Lure floats in front of Ichigo and insists that he put down his sword and not hurt his mother, only for Grand Fisher to appear behind her and form his fur into a thick tendril that impales Ichigo through his right shoulder. As the tip of Ichigo's Zanpakutō hits the ground, Ichigo gasps in pain while standing still as Rukia and Saidō, having just arrived, look on in shock.


Masaki's thoughts manifest themselves in the Lure.

Reminding Ichigo of his words about anger dulling his sword, Grand Fisher declares that it will be over with the next blow as the talons on his left hand extend before hurtling toward Ichigo, whom he proclaims was the youngest, rashest, and weakest of all the Shinigami he ever faced. However, the Lure suddenly starts radiating light and electricity, to Grand Fisher and Ichigo's shock, and Saidō merely grins as the Lure becomes a non-menacing version of Masaki. When Saidō theorizes that Masaki's thoughts are manifesting themselves, a stunned Rukia asks if this means that the Lure recorded Masaki's thoughts at the time of her death.


The manifestation of Masaki tells Ichigo to live.

Ichigo wonders what this could mean as Saidō reveals that he caught a glimpse of this earlier and asserts that there is no telling how this battle will end yet. Now wearing Masaki's clothes and surrounded by light, the manifestation of Masaki tells Ichigo that she is proud of him and glad that she was able to meet him and the rest of his family. Asking Ichigo to live with strength and kindness, the manifestation of Masaki thanks him as it ascends into the light, which disappears along with it. Wondering if this is what Masaki was thinking at the time of her death, Ichigo grips the fur impaling his shoulder and tightens his grip on his Zanpakutō.


Ichigo stabs Grand Fisher after pulling himself closer.

As Grand Fisher notices this, Ichigo gets to his feet and admits that anger may indeed dull the sword, but proclaims that a dull sword is all he needs to beat something like Grand Fisher as he pulls the tendril out of his shoulder and pulls himself closer to stab Grand Fisher in the side. In Karakura Town, as Tatsuki Arisawa bids her farewell, Orihime Inoue walks down the street with an umbrella while wondering if she could connect two hearts like the rain connects the never-intersecting sky and earth. Thinking of Sora Inoue, Orihime mentally tells Ichigo that she believes she has come to understand him a bit more while looking up at the sky.


Ichigo tears open Grand Fisher's side with his Zanpakutō.

Back in the clearing, Ichigo yells as he tears his Zanpakutō through Grand Fisher's side, releasing a torrent of blood as Grand Fisher screams in agony. Hobbling away, Grand Fisher declares that he will never forgive Ichigo as he flees into the sky, and Ichigo demands that he wait as he leans on his Zanpakutō. Rukia runs up to Ichigo and declares that the battle is over because neither of them can fight anymore. As he proclaims that it is not over because Grand Fisher is not dead yet, Ichigo collapses into Rukia's arms, prompting her to lower him to the ground and thank him for not dying as Saidō watches silently from the side.


Saidō decides to not bring Rukia back to Soul Society.

Saidō expresses his admiration for Ichigo's power and notes that a Shinigami's Reiryoku is their life energy before asserting that this means Ichigo could become a monster. Standing up, Saidō states that it is time to go home and assures Rukia that he is not so heartless as to break up a serious couple. After teasing Rukia again about coming of age, which she reprimands him for, Saidō casually notes that his superiors will find out when they find out and bids Rukia farewell as he walks away. As Rukia looks back down at Ichigo and the rain clears up, Karin and Yuzu rest inside the shrine as Kon walks out to look up at the moon alongside a smiling Isshin.


Isshin joins Ichigo in front of Masaki's grave

Some time later, Ichigo, now back in his body, stands in front of Masaki's grave and apologizes for not getting revenge. Suddenly, Isshin walks up and asserts that Masaki will be relieved on the other side if Ichigo presents himself looking fit and healthy like this. As Ichigo tells him to not eavesdrop on his own son, Isshin pulls out a pack of cigarettes and lights one, prompting a surprised Ichigo to state that he thought Isshin quit. After taking a drag and exhaling, Isshin explains how Masaki said he looked cooled with a cigarette when they first started dating, which is why he only smokes once a year on this day in front of her since she complimented him only that one time.


Isshin reminds Ichigo that he is the one Masaki saved.

Hanging his head, Ichigo demands to know how Isshin can keep smiling and why no one blames him before claiming that it would be so much easier if they did, prompting Isshin to ask why they would blame him. While Ichigo looks at him in surprise, Isshin states that Masaki would scold him if he blamed Ichigo for her death and asserts that no one is responsible for her dying as he describes her as the woman he loved who would give her life to save her own child. As he turns to look at Ichigo, Isshin reminds him that he is the man whom the woman he loved protected with her life. Walking past a speechless Ichigo, Isshin whirls around and knees him in the back.


Ichigo asks Rukia to let him remain a Substitute Shinigami for a while longer.

Ichigo doubles over in pain as Isshin walks away while telling him to live well, grow old well, go bald well, and die after him, which he should do laughing if possible, as Isshin will not be able to face Masaki otherwise. Asserting that Ichigo should shake off his depression, Isshin claims that he is too young to be burdened with something cool like sadness before stating that he will be waiting below as he leaves. As he asks Rukia if she is listening, Ichigo requests to continue his Shinigami duties a while longer because he wants to become stronger, protect people from Hollows, and defeat Grand Fisher because he will not be able to face his mother otherwise. Coming out from behind a tree on the cliff nearby, Rukia looks at Ichigo with visible happiness.

Next Episode Preview[]

Kon notes that Grand Fisher was a scary Hollow and admits he was pitiful in this episode before promising to display his prowess next time for Rukia's sake, only for Ichigo to reveal that he does not have any scenes in the next episode, to Kon's shock.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Yuzu Kurosaki
  2. Grand Fisher
  3. Ichigo Kurosaki
  4. Karin Kurosaki
  5. Rukia Kuchiki
  6. Eikichirō Saidō
  7. Masaki Kurosaki
  8. Jūshirō Ukitake (recollection)
  9. Isshin Kurosaki


Powers and Techniques Used[]

Kidō Techniques:

Hollow Techniques:

  • Migration (移胴 (ミグレイション), Migureishon; Japanese for "Shift Torso")
  • Oppression (圧髪 (オプレッション), Opuresshon; Japanese for "Force Hair")
  • High-Speed Regeneration (超速再生, Chōsoku Saisei)
  • Transcribe (脳写 (トランスクライブ), Toransukuraibu; Japanese for "Brain Projection")


Timestamp Track Listing
01:31 Bleach 5th Anniversary Box CD 1 - 17 - BL_13
01:58 Bleach OST 1 - 09 - Enemy Unseen
04:25 Bleach 5th Anniversary Box CD 1 - 05 - BL_86
05:45 Bleach OST 1 - 08 - Raw Breath Of Danger
06:27 Bleach OST 1 - 11 - Requiem For The Lost Ones
07:29 Bleach OST 1 - 07 - Creeping Shadows
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16:17 Bleach OST 1 - 19 - Never Meant To Belong
18:40 Bleach OST 1 - 22 - Going Home
20:38 Bleach OST 1 - 13 - Burden Of The Past

Anime Notes[]

  • Ichigo Kurosaki questioning if the Lure is the slave of Grand Fisher or being controlled by him, only for the Lure to deny this.
  • Grand Fisher calling Ichigo lucky for living after encountering him prior as his Lure reveals its true form.
  • Grand Fisher declaring that he has to devour Ichigo's Soul for seeing him twice after revealing the true form of his Lure while Ichigo wonders if the girl is part of Grand Fisher.
  • Rukia Kuchiki printing out Grand Fisher's record from Soul Society's database and handing it to Ichigo while Grand Fisher claims that today is a veritable feast with so many people who can see him, leading Ichigo to internally realize that he fell for Grand Fisher's trap on the day Masaki Kurosaki died.
  • Grand Fisher regenerating his arm and criticizing Ichigo's lack of experience as he begins his assault.
  • Rukia promising to take care of Karin Kurosaki and Yuzu Kurosaki while requesting that Ichigo not die.
  • Ichigo reaffirming his vow to protect his family.
  • Grand Fisher admitting that he really does not remember what happened six years ago and explaining how he used the talons on his left hand to peer into Ichigo's memory, allowing him to recreate Masaki since she is the one thing that Ichigo cannot cut.
  • Kon begging Rukia to go back and help Ichigo so he does not have to live in Ichigo's body for the rest of his life, which Rukia eventually agrees to.
  • Rukia running through the forest and internally debating whether she should help Ichigo when he is fighting for himself as a Shinigami for the first time before stopping behind a tree overlooking the fight.
  • Rukia questioning what difference the preservation of honor makes if one dies while defending it.
  • Grand Fisher responding with slight confusion to Ichigo's outraged reaction to the transformation of his Lure.
  • Orihime Inoue and Tatsuki Arisawa commenting on how it is suddenly raining, with Orihime requesting to borrow an umbrella and pretending to have been living on the street in a sleeping bag after getting evicted from her house before revealing that she has been staying at a hotel instead and was carrying around a sleeping bag for the joke, leaving Tatsuki mildly embarrassed as she offers to let Orihime stay the night, which Orihime declines.
  • Orihime internally reflecting on how Ichigo lost his mother when he was nine years old and noting that she understands what it feels like to realize nothing is certain in this world due to her brother passing away as well as she wonders if she is feeling one-sided sympathy for Ichigo.
  • Rukia commenting on Ichigo's condition as she approaches him at the battlefield, only to be interrupted when Grand Fisher transfers his consciousness to his Lure, scratching Ichigo's other cheek in the process, and explaining that he has two bodies which he can switch between at will before mocking Ichigo as being a slave to his vision because he cannot cut Grand Fisher now that he has Masaki's appearance.
  • Ichigo shrieking in pain upon returning to his body and gaining cuts on his cheeks, causing Rukia to remind him that all the wounds which he sustains in his Shinigami form stay with him when he returns to his body and admitting that she did not have enough power left to heal Ichigo's other injuries after tending to the hole in his chest when Ichigo points out how he is usually fully healed beforehand, followed by Rukia explaining that any pain which he does not feel in battle will be felt more acutely when he returns to his body and giving Ichigo bandages for the cuts on his cheek as Ichigo notes that he lost since Grand Fisher is not dead and walks away to spend time alone, leaving Kon, now back in his plushie body, to complain about his sogginess preventing him from getting up.
  • Isshin Kurosaki offering an umbrella to Ichigo, who eventually smacks him with it when he insists, and observing that Masaki has been gone for ten years, only for an incredulous Ichigo to point out that it has been six years before growing increasingly frustrated as Isshin downplays this.
  • Isshin smacking Ichigo on the back and telling him to cheer up.
  • Ichigo lamenting that he could not do anything to protect Masaki and still cannot.
  • Ichigo questioning if Rukia's Shinigami powers are returning or not.
  • Grand Fisher being turned into an Arrancar by Aisslinger Wernarr while being lectured on his failure to kill Ichigo by Di Roy Rinker, resulting in Grand Fisher declaring that he will never give a Shinigami an opening again as he swears vengeance on Ichigo.

  • Eikichirō Saidō joining Ichigo and Rukia in the cemetery, where he is shocked by Grand Fisher's presence.
  • Rukia picking up on Ichigo mentioning how he saw Grand Fisher's Lure six years ago, prompting him to explain that he tried to save her but discovered that she had vanished when he reached her.
  • Rukia revealing that Grand Fisher prefers to target women, prompting Grand Fisher to explain that he likely targeted Ichigo at first, but switched to Masaki since women are more delicious, to Saidō's disgust.
  • Ichigo declaring that Grand Fisher is one foe he will never forgive.
  • Grand Fisher attempting to devour Karin while mocking Ichigo, only for Saidō to intervene and cut off his arm before Grand Fisher throws him to the ground with his teeth as Karin lands several meters away.
  • Grand Fisher attempting to kill Karin with Oppression, only for Saidō to block the fur strands with his body, where he sees an image of Masaki briefly flash within Grand Fisher's fur before Ichigo cuts through the strands.
  • Saidō explaining how the Shinigami can never forgive Hollows for taking away loved ones and collapsing from his injuries, only to reveal that he is merely sleeping when he begins snoring.
  • Rukia requesting that Ichigo back her up as she prepares to fight Grand Fisher.
  • Ichigo rushing toward Grand Fisher as the latter roars and flares up his fur.
  • A flashback to Saidō telling Ichigo that he must protect.
  • Ichigo demanding that Rukia stay back when she expresses concern for him after he is stabbed by Grand Fisher's talons.
  • Flashbacks to Ichigo's last day with Masaki.
  • Saidō waking up in the cemetery and noting that he fell asleep before running off after Ichigo and Rukia.
  • Saidō joining Rukia at the site of the battle.
  • Grand Fisher's Lure crackling with electricity and glowing with light as it gains Masaki's clothing at the time of her death and relays her last thoughts of her pride in Ichigo, which Rukia and Saidō deduce were recorded at the moment of her death, before ascending into the air and vanishing.
  • Flashbacks to the Kurosaki Family spending time together before Masaki's death.
  • Orihime wondering if she could connect to someone's heart like the sky and the ground if she were the rain as she leaves Tatsuki's house.
  • Saidō deciding to not bring Rukia back to Soul Society since he does not want to break up her relationship with Ichigo before departing.

  • 23Grand Fisher impales

    Grand Fisher impaling Ichigo as depicted in the manga.

    24Grand Fisher defeated

    Grand Fisher's near-lethal injury as depicted in the manga.

    • Grand Fisher's tentacle does not bleed when severed by Ichigo.
    • Grand Fisher's Lure shedding its skin and attaching itself to his head is faster and less grotesque.
    • The hole left in Ichigo's chest by Grand Fisher's talon is largely obscured by a horizontal shadow, and the blood on Grand Fisher's fingers is barely visible.
    • Grand Fisher regenerating his arm is not as grotesque.
    • The tendril that Grand Fisher impales Ichigo with is much smaller, goes through his right shoulder instead of the center of his chest, and does not draw any blood.
    • The critical injury deal to Grand Fisher by Ichigo is much less graphic and the blood spilling from it is darkened.
    • Ichigo is not bleeding from the left side of his head and mouth after his battle with Grand Fisher concludes.
    • Ichigo only bleeds a small amount when collapsing from his injuries.
    • Due to not having been cut on his cheeks in battle, Ichigo does not receive similar injuries after returning to his body.

  • In the manga, when severing Grand Fisher's tentacle, Ichigo only has one hand on his Zanpakutō; here, he instead grasps it with both.
  • In the manga, after rescuing Yuzu, Ichigo immediately severs Grand Fisher's arm to free Karin from his grasp; here, before he can do so, Grand Fisher holds Karin up and declares that he still has a hostage.
  • In the manga, Grand Fisher is surprised by Ichigo's arrival and does not recognize him; here, he instead asserts that he has been waiting for Ichigo.
  • In the manga, Rukia catches up to Ichigo while carrying his body and Kon just as Grand Fisher reveals the true form of his Lure, where she finds Rukia and Yuzu lying against a rock; here, she instead is present from the beginning of the confrontation, while Kon is already inhabiting Ichigo's body, and only Yuzu is nearby.
  • In the manga, when beginning his attack on Grand Fisher, Ichigo yells while coming down on him; here, he instead yells before jumping into the air and screams Karin's name as he comes down on Grand Fisher.
  • In the manga, when attacked by Grand Fisher's extending arm, Ichigo pushes it upward with his Zanpakutō, kicks it away from himself, and leaps onto a nearby cliff; here, he instead leaps back from the arm onto a section of the nearby wall.
  • In the manga, Rukia attempts to bind Grand Fisher with Geki, but stops when Ichigo demands that she not get involved in the fight; here, she successfully uses Geki on Grand Fisher, who is briefly paralyzed, only to angrily send her crashing into a tombstone with Oppression for getting involved.
  • In the manga, Grand Fisher holds Karin with his left arm, which is severed by Ichigo; here, he holds Karin with his right arm, which is severed by Saidō.
  • In the manga, Rukia forces Kon's pill into Ichigo's body so he can carry Karin and Yuzu to safety; here, Kon is already in Ichigo's body when he reaches the cemetery and takes Karin and Yuzu away at Rukia's command.
  • In the manga, it does not begin raining until after Ichigo deals a critical blow to Grand Fisher; here, it begins raining after Kon moves Karin and Yuzu to safety.
  • In the manga, Kon is present inside the temple when Karin wakes up and tells her that she and Yuzu fell asleep on the hike up the mountain before going outside while promising to get Isshin, leaving Karin to wonder if she was dreaming about seeing Ichigo saving her while he expresses exasperation to Rukia about how tiring it is to constantly frown like Ichigo does, with all of this taking place right after Grand Fisher initiates Transcribe; here, Kon, Karin, and Yuzu are instead outside the temple with Isshin, Karin does not wake up, and Rukia is not present, leaving Kon to express his exasperation internally, all of which takes place before Ichigo continues his battle with Grand Fisher.
  • In the manga, after Rukia leaves, Ichigo runs from Grand Fisher through the cemetery and turns around to slash at him, only for Grand Fisher to suddenly appear behind Ichigo and graze the latter's forehead with a strand of his fur before pursuing him through the forest while mocking him for thinking that he can protect his loved ones alone with his meager skills, leading Ichigo to internally admit how exhausted and outmatched he is before declaring that he will not admit defeat; here, Ichigo instead runs through the forest while evading Grand Fisher's fur strands and slashes at him, but Grand Fisher moves behind him and extends more tendrils of his fur, forcing Ichigo to run out onto an open field to avoid them, where Grand Fisher confronts him once more and comments on how foolhardy it was for Ichigo to send away his allies when this is the limit of his strength.
  • In the manga, Rukia does not return to watch the fight until after Grand Fisher transforms his Lure to resemble Masaki, and remains in the forest nearby to watch from afar until the battle is over; here, she comes back before Grand Fisher uses Transcribe and stays near Ichigo for the duration of the conflict.
  • In the manga, after Grand Fisher tauntingly claims that he will die without ever landing a blow, Ichigo slashes at him and promises to kill Grand Fisher even if his limbs are ripped off; here, he does not slash at Grand Fisher and instead makes this promise to Rukia while referring to Grand Fisher in the third person.
  • In the manga, Grand Fisher transforms his Lure to resemble Masaki over the course of telling Ichigo how his inexperience is leading to his defeat; here, he only does so after concluding that Ichigo is too young to fight him.
  • In the manga, Rukia's recollection of Jūshirō Ukitake explaining the difference between battles to preserve life and battles to preserve honor occurs while she is thinking about why she should not intervene in Ichigo's battle with Grand Fisher, being framed as part of her thought process; here, it instead occurs after she calls out to Ichigo and is framed as a shocking realization.
  • In the manga, Rukia herself is not visible when Ukitake is talking to her; here, she stands besides him and stares in shock while clutching her Zanpakutō.
  • In the manga, Rukia instructing Ichigo to not die is verbal; here, it is instead mental.
  • In the manga, Grand Fisher wonders if the sight of Masaki has paralyzed Ichigo; here, he instead mocks Ichigo as being unable to cut Masaki.
  • In the manga, Ichigo declares that he only needs a dull blade to defeat someone like Grand Fisher after gripping the tendril buried in his chest and shoving his Zanpakutō into the latter's shoulder; here, he instead makes this declaration while pulling the tendril out of his shoulder and before stabbing Grand Fisher.
  • In the manga, Orihime leaves Tatsuki's house after Ichigo deals a critical blow to Grand Fisher; here, she instead leaves after Ichigo stabs Grand Fisher.
  • In the manga, Grand Fisher escapes after being grievously wounded by transferring himself into his Lure, which retains the appearance of Masaki and prevents Ichigo from cutting him, before pointing out how Ichigo is too badly injured to pursue him as he flies into the air; here, with his Lure gone, Grand Fisher simply curses Ichigo for being a Shinigami who hurt him like this and flies into the air while continuing to bleed.
  • In the manga, Rukia thanks Ichigo for dying after Kon arrives; here, she instead does so right after Ichigo loses consciousness.
  • In the manga, Rukia is the one who explains how a Shinigami's life energy is equal to their Reiryoku before commenting on how this means Ichigo is stronger than she thought if he can survive such wounds; here, Saidō does so instead.
  • In the manga, Kon walks away from the shrine upon realizing that the battle is over, leaving Isshin confused when he looks outside for him; here, with Karin and Yuzu having been moved inside, Kon remains at the shrine and joins Isshin when he finds the latter smiling up at the moon.
  • In the manga, it is still raining when Ichigo and Isshin visit Masaki's grave; here, it is not, resulting in Ichigo and Isshin not holding umbrellas when they talk about Masaki's death.
  • In the manga, after Isshin notes that Masaki will be happy on the other side if she sees that Ichigo is strong and healthy, Ichigo realizes that he does not know Masaki's Soul was devoured and prevents himself from contradicting Isshin; here, he instead tells Isshin to not eavesdrop on his own son.
  • In the manga, before instructing Ichigo to live a long and happy life, Isshin knees him in the back with his left leg and calls him a lucky punk; here, he first walks past Ichigo before kneeing him in the back with his right leg without saying anything.

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