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This article contains information from anime sources that were not written by Tite Kubo and therefore are not considered canon material by the wiki.

Gesell (ゲゼル, Gezeru; German for "Pupil/Companion") is the Doll of Ugaki.[1]


Ordinarily, Gesell is comprised of Wächter, medium-sized floating black eyeball-like sentinels with yellow sclera and red pupils that open like eyelids to reveal a light teal light within; each of these sentinels can also create a mouth perpendicular to their openings that stretches across their entire body with two large fangs on each row of teeth and four long, thin, tendril-like limbs located at 90-degree angles around their body when initiating combat.[1]

The true body of Gesell is a massive and muscular black golem with no eyes and large teeth left completely bare by a lack of lips. Both sides of his chin and each of his shoulders, deltoids, and triceps have a short, thick cylinder protruding from them, while the back of his head arches backward to a point. The body of Gesell is covered in medium-width, swirling, and vertically symmetrical raised red lines that outline his abdominal and pectoral muscles, encircle his neck and the protrusions on his deltoids, create an inward-curving pattern joined at his clavicle on either pectoral, run down his sides to cover his back with a fleur-de-lis-like design and encircle his hips, and create a gemstone shape on his forehead, with separate markings on each forearm originating from either side of his middle knuckles and running up to his elbow to create a loop.[2]

The crest of Gesell is a large mat similar in shape, design, and overall appearance to the sefirot, with the Bount emblem surrounded by several geometrical lines outlining an intricate web, each labeled with the name of a card from the Major Arcana.[3]


Though he rarely speaks, Gesell is a ferocious, brutal, and bloodthirsty combatant, readily using excessive force to dispatch his opponents[3] and sharing Ugaki's sadistic streak, which forms the basis of their master-servant relationship and leads Gesell to readily obey Ugaki's various commands.[4] However, this bond is not ironclad; when he was attacked by Renji Abarai's Higa Zekkō, Gesell was left in so much pain that he went completely berserk and turned his rage on Ugaki, killing them both by crushing his master without hesitation.[2]


Bount arc (anime only)[]


The Wächter of Gesell confront Ichigo and his friends.

After Gō Koga captures Uryū Ishida and brings him to the Bount Mansion, Ugaki has the Wächter of Gesell patrol the grounds of the mansion for any threats, which ends up alerting him to the intrusion of Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends, who seek to rescue Uryū. In response, Ugaki has Gesell misdirect Orihime Inoue and Yasutora Sado to impede their progress toward the building while swarming Ichigo, Rukia Kuchiki, Ririn, Kurōdo, and Noba with hundreds of his sentries, forcing them onto the rooftop of the mansion and eventually chasing them into the main hall, where they are confronted by Jin Kariya and the other Bount.[1]


The Wächter are blown away by Yoruichi Shihōin's Shunkō.

Continuing to chase Orihime and Sado away from the mansion,[5] the Wächter are eventually called to the main hall by Ugaki when Yoruichi Shihōin breaks in to save Ichigo, though they are quickly blown away by the whirlwind produced by her Shunkō activation.[6] A few nights later, Ugaki uses Gesell to observe Ichigo and his friends as they run around Karakura Town to respond to the swarming Bitto[7] and continues to keep tabs on them and the area over the following day, particular Uryū, whose progress on regaining his lost Quincy powers Kariya intends to closely monitor before enacting the next stage of his plan.[3]


Gesell brutally incapacitates Yumichika Ayasegawa.

Tasked by Kariya with dispatching the Gotei 13 strike force that has entered the cave system that the Bount are now hiding in, Ugaki properly summons Gesell. Through the sentries and brief manifestations of the true body of Gesell, Ugaki succeeds in separating 3rd Division Lieutenant Izuru Kira, 9th Division Lieutenant Shūhei Hisagi, 10th Division Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto, and 11th Division 5th Seat Yumichika Ayasegawa from each other and proceeds to incapacitate them with brutal sneak attacks.[3] When Ichigo and his friends enter the cave shortly afterward, Gesell confirms to Ugaki that he is ready to resume their assault.[4]


Gesell is left in agony by Higa Zekkō.

Though Gesell overwhelms Ichigo's group with his varied and sudden attacks, Rangiku reveals herself to be alive and intervenes to free them from Gesell. Following this, Ichigo and 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai confront Gesell in a different part of the cave and receive assistance from Hisagi and Izuru, the latter of whom manages to weigh down part of Gesell with his Shikai, Wabisuke, forcing Ugaki to temporarily recall Gesell.[4] Eventually, Renji decides to fight Gesell alone and grievously injures him with Higa Zekkō. Enraged by the pain, Gesell grabs Ugaki and crushes his body, killing both of them instantaneously.[2]

Powers & Abilities[]


Ugaki uses the Wächter of Gesell for surveillance.

Wächter (ヴァクテル, Vakuteru; German for "Guardian"): Uniquely among Dolls, Gesell is not restricted to operating a singular body; in addition to his main body, Gesell controls hundreds of eyeball-shaped sentinels that can sprout large fanged mouths and attack targets,[1] though they are not particularly durable[3][4] and are primarily used for two other functions:

  • Surveillance: The Wächter can transmit what they see and hear to Ugaki through the lenses of his glasses, allowing him to perform widespread surveillance over a distance of several miles at once.[7][3]
  • Light Projection: The Wächter can project powerful and wide beams of light from their front; while bright enough to disorient those caught in its path, the light's true purpose is to cast large shadows off either victims or nearby protrusions and objects for the main body of Gesell to attack from.[3][4][2]

Gesell creates shadow constructs to attack with.

Shadow Constructs: Through the shadows created by the sentinels, Gesell can attack or restrain foes with large weapons and his own body. The specific action he takes is determined by each card that Ugaki places in the center of his crest, which are illustrated with artistic representations of what Gesell will be using and are colored similarly to his body:

  • Phalanx: Gesell transforms one or more of his fingers into large spears with sharp, three-sided blades and extends them toward the target with considerable force.[3][2]
  • Spike Bed: A wide disc covered with sharp spikes on a pole that slams into an opponent from above to skewer and crush them.[3]

Rangiku Matsumoto is restrained by Lebender Draht.

  • Lebender Draht (レーベンダー ドラート, Rēbendā Dorāto; German for "Living Wire"): Dozens of thin ropes descend onto a target and wrap around their neck, chest, and limbs to hoist them into the air and begin choking them while keeping them restrained.[3]
  • Dämon Kraft (デーモン クラホゥト, Dēmon Kurafuto; German for "Demon Power"): Gesell extends his hand and arm, which are translucent if only one Wächter is providing light and solid if multiple are, out of the shadows to attack enemies with his prodigious strength. Alternatively, he can extend a single finger and flick it with enough force to send a lieutenant-level Shinigami flying.[3][4]

Gesell attacks with Schwerttanz and Kreissäge simultaneously.

  • Schwerttanz (シュヴェルタンズ, Shuverutanzu; German for "Sword Dance"): Gesell transforms his hand into a massive one-sided blade with a bowtie hilt to attack enemies with considerable force.[4]
  • Kreissäge (クライシーゲ, Kuraishīge; German for "Circular Saw"): Gesell transforms his hand into a massive circular saw that begins spinning at high speeds in order to attack with great cutting power.[4]
  • Sickle: Gesell transforms his hand into a large sickle on a chain, allowing him to cut through objects at a considerable range from the shadow he spawns from.[4]
  • Morningstar: Gesell transforms his hand into a large spiked ball on a chain that he can fling at targets with considerable force.[4]

A fully-manifested Gesell attacks with Streitaxt.

  • Unbekannt (ウンベカント, Unbekanto; German for "Unknown"): With dozens of Wächter shining their lights on the same area simultaneously, Gesell manifests his entire body from the hips up, allowing him to use his great physical strength to its fullest potential; in this form, he can easily break through rock walls and structures with single blows, as well as effortlessly hold adult Souls and Humans in one hand. Additionally, Ugaki can quickly remove him from harm's way by simply turning over the card, which will cause Gesell to vanish without injury.[2]
  • Streitaxt (ストライタックスト, Sutoraitakkusuto; German for "Battle Axe"): Gesell transforms his hand and forearm into a large bearded axe to attack his targets with great force and cutting power.[2]


Shadow Dependence: The constructs created by Gesell and even his main body manifesting are dependent on the continued existence of the shadows they are emerging from; if the Wächter producing the light that is creating the shadows are destroyed and the shadows disappear, the constructs will fade out of existence as well, forcing Ugaki to re-summon them elsewhere.[3]

Pain Threshold: Gesell is susceptible to intense or widespread pain; should this be inflicted on him, he will enter a berserk state and no longer respond to Ugaki's commands, even going as far as to target Ugaki himself.[2]


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