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This article contains information from anime sources that were not written by Tite Kubo and therefore are not considered canon material by the wiki.

Ugaki (宇柿, Ugaki) is a Bount and a close ally of Jin Kariya,[1] functioning as his one-man surveillance team.[2][3]


Ugaki is a tall, slim man with a narrow jaw, thin features, and raven-black hair slicked to the right with a lone strand falling over his forehead. He wears large, round glasses that often obscure his gold eyes, a neat white dress shirt with a long red tie, gray pants, and brown shoes,[4] as well as a pair of white gloves when controlling Gesell.[5]


Ugaki is a servile, somewhat sycophantic, and perpetually smiling man with an intense loyalty and devotion to Jin Kariya,[3][5][6] whom he has worked alongside for decades.[1] At his core, Ugaki is a man of science and takes great pride in his creation of the Bitto alongside Kariya, considering them to be an immense advancement in technology that will lead the Bount into a new age under Kariya.[7][8][1]

However, though he is affable and polite toward his fellow Bount and does not like to see them fight,[8] this belies Ugaki's true nature, which reveals itself when he fights enemies of the Bount; a cunning, smug, and arrogant man who treats combat like a game, focuses on the theatricality of his actions over the harm they will cause, takes delight in separating and outmaneuvering his foes, and is overtly sadistic and violent when dispatching opponents.[5][9][6] Despising sloppy methods of fighting that damage the surrounding area more than they do the target or take too long to win a fight,[10] Ugaki is focused on fighting "perfectly" using his intellect and strategies - consequently, he grows visibly angry whenever his victims outwit him[9] and cannot comprehend the idea of losing.[6] He is highly self-centered; when called out on how the Bitto had harmed and killed hundreds of people simply to empower the Bount, Ugaki claimed that the pain of the Bount being a sterile race is what led him and the others to this course of action, though Renji Abarai pointed out how it did not at all justify attacking innocents, which Ugaki did not counter.[9] Ugaki is also noticeably cowardly compared to the other Bount, refusing to fight others in person and instead relying on Gesell to do so for him from afar while he hides. Despite all this, he is willing to commend opponents who impress him with their courage and determination and respond accordingly by using the full power of Gesell to crush them, though he is not above calling their efforts pointless in the process,[6] and is generally polite when directly addressing them as well.[9]

Ugaki's master-servant relationship with Gesell is more pronounced than that of most Bount with their Dolls; though he has enough control and influence over the latter to keep his Wächter perpetually summoned for the purpose of surveillance and defense[2][5] and shares a mutual sadistic and violent streak with him,[9] Ugaki ultimately considers Gesell to be little more than an obedient tool and is shocked when his Doll turns on him after being grievously injured; likewise, Ugaki never considered the possibility of Kariya betraying him and spent his last moments cursing the man he had faithfully served.[6]


Ugaki assists Jin Kariya in researching Dolls.

Decades ago, Jin Kariya enlisted Ugaki's scientific expertise, as he sought a way to allow Bount that could not naturally summon Dolls to gain the ability to do so in order to bolster his forces. Together, Ugaki and Kariya devised the Zauberspruch für die Ladung, a ritual that would allow a Bount to summon and create a Doll of their own through the use of specific substances and an incantation,[1] as well as discover that despite the sterility of their race, Yoshino Sōma possessed a maternal Reiryoku that would allow them to create the Bitto.[7][8]


Bount arc (anime only)

Note: Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Kariya addresses Ugaki and the other Bount.

When Jin Kariya begins putting his plan to eradicate the Seireitei into motion, he calls Ugaki and all the other remaining Bount to the Bount Mansion, where they learn that Hō and Ban have just been killed and are amused by it.[4] Ugaki and the others proceed to listen as Kariya promises that they will soon be able to emerge from the shadows of history which they have lived in for so long.[11] Two days later, Ugaki joins Kariya and his fellow Bount in the main hall of the mansion when Gō Koga captures Uryū Ishida, where Ugaki alerts Kariya to Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends breaking into the grounds in search of Uryū through the surveillance of Gesell.[2]

Ugaki and the other Bount watch the mansion burn after Yoshino Sōma and Uryū Ishida are rescued.

After Ichigo reaches the main hall and begins fighting Ryō Utagawa, Ugaki watches the battle alongside the other Bount, not wanting to assist Utagawa due to their solitary nature. Once Utagawa seemingly wins, Ugaki criticizes him for his sloppy style of fighting, and when Utagawa attempts to dethrone Kariya as the leader of the group, Ugaki refuses to acknowledge him alongside his fellow Bount, knowing that Kariya was better fit to lead them.[10] Upon seeing Yoruichi Shihōin breaching the hall to rescue Ichigo, Ugaki has Gesell attack her with his Wächter, but is shocked when Yoruichi repels them with her Shunkō and is forced to evacuate with the other Bount as the mansion burns down.[12]

Ugaki's attempt to defuse the conflict between Mabashi and Yoshi over consuming living Souls is interrupted by Kariya.

That night, Ugaki stands by as Kariya searches through the debris of the mansion for tools to repair a grandfather clock, with Maki Ichinose preventing him from approaching Kariya.[13] Staying with Kariya into the morning, Ugaki stands by as he, Ichinose, and Koga ruminate on the tormented existence of the Bount and is later overjoyed to witness the birth of the Bitto after Kariya sacrifices Yoshino Sōma.[7] The following day, Ugaki gathers in the cave system that formerly harbored the Bount city with the others and endorses Kariya's explanation that the Bitto will drastically boost their power. When Mabashi and Yoshi argue over breaking the tribe's law against consuming the Souls of living Humans, Ugaki attempts to defuse the situation, only for Kariya to step in and punish Mabashi.[8]

Ugaki and Gō Koga are empowered by the living Soul serum produced by the Bitto.

Later, Ugaki and the other Bount besides Mabashi drink the condensed Souls collected by other Bitto and revel in the newfound power it grants to them, with Ugaki proclaiming it as a great achievement heralding the beginning of a new age for the Bount. Shortly afterward, 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai begins destroying the Bitto in Karakura Town, which Ugaki reports to Kariya.[8] In response, Kariya sends Ugaki and the others out to test their new level of power on Ichigo and his allies, where Ugaki responds to Sawatari musing that it would not be wise to defy Kariya by asserting that they should not do so even if they have problems with him, though he quickly clarifies that he does not.[3]

Kariya calls Ugaki to deal with the intruders.

The next day, having kept surveillance on Uryū and his progress in regaining his Quincy powers through Gesell, Ugaki is tasked by Kariya with dispatching the Shinigami strike force that has infiltrated the cave system, which he promises to make a spectacle out of. Through the sentries and brief manifestations of the true body of Gesell, Ugaki succeeds in separating 3rd Division Lieutenant Izuru Kira, 9th Division Lieutenant Shūhei Hisagi, 10th Division Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto, and 11th Division 5th Seat Yumichika Ayasegawa from each other and proceeds to incapacitate them with brutal sneak attacks, which he presumes kill them in the process.[5]

Ugaki claims to be saddened by the state of the Bount.

Upon seeing Ichigo and his friends enter the caves as well soon after this, Ugaki eagerly attacks them with Gesell as well, but is surprised and frustrated when Rangiku reveals herself to still be alive and intervenes to save them from a death trap. In the aftermath, Ugaki speaks to the group directly and claims that the tragic existence and fate of the Bount is what drove them to empower themselves with the Bitto, but is rebuffed by Renji. Deciding that they will only learn through pain, Ugaki continues attacking Ichigo and Renji with Gesell until Hisagi and Izuru step in to help, forcing Ugaki to recall Gesell in order to escape the effects of Izuru's Shikai, Wabisuke.[9]

Ugaki is killed by an enraged Gesell.

When Ichigo and Renji reach the cavern where Yumichika was dispatched, Ugaki has Gesell return the beaten Yumichika to them and is bemused when Renji decides to fight him alone. Initially overwhelming Renji with the weapons of Gesell that he has disappear and reappear all around the former to catch him off-guard, Ugaki is mortified when Renji impales Gesell several times with Higa Zekkō and has his hiding place exposed by the latter's subsequent rampage. Though he attempts to run away, Ugaki sees Kariya bidding him farewell through one of the sentinels and is grabbed by Gesell, who proceeds to violently crush Ugaki in his hand, killing them both.[6]

Powers & Abilities

Expert Scientist: Ugaki is highly proficient and knowledgeable in scientific fields, with his research alongside Jin Kariya creating the Zauberspruch für die Ladung summoning ritual for Dolls[1] and later the Bitto from Yoshino Sōma's maternal Reiryoku.[8]

Skilled Tactician: Ugaki is adept at using the complex nature of Gesell and the environments in which he battles to his advantage through strategies like separating his targets from each other, restraining and overwhelming them with surprise attacks,[5] selectively recalling Gesell in order to counter persisting effects like that of Izuru Kira's Wabisuke,[9] and changing the weapons being used by Gesell mid-combat in order to adapt to the enemy's techniques and attacks.[6]


Main article: Gesell

Ugaki summons his Doll, Gesell.

Gesell (ゲゼル, Gezeru; German for "Pupil/Companion") is Ugaki's Doll. A massive black-and-red humanoid golem, Gesell attacks from shadows cast on surfaces and has dozens of sentinel eyeball creatures called Wächter that can generate bright light to create shadows for these techniques, engage in combat on their own, and observe individuals and areas from miles away, which Ugaki himself can see through his glasses, allowing him to perform surveillance over a wide area. Ugaki controls Gesell through an intricate mat and deck of cards similar to tarot that let him dictate what attacks Gesell will perform, as well as whether or not his true body will surface.[5]


  • (Upon witnessing the birth of the Bitto) "Wonderful! Just as we had hoped! The birth of thousands of new Dolls! Oh, yes! More, still! More still must be born this day!"[7]
  • (To Mabashi and Yoshi) "Calm down, everyone. Let's not ruin Master Kariya's moment in history here. After all, we're on the same side in this, aren't we? Please allow me to take a few seconds and explain how I-"[8]
  • (After being empowered by the Bitto) "It exceeds even my own expectations! I was hoping to humbly advance our cause, but now I can see! By creating these Dolls, what we have declared for the Bount is an entire new age!"[8]
  • (To Jin Kariya and the other Bount) "As you wish, Master! And may I suggest to all of you that you watch carefully, as I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed! I shall give a demonstration that will be truly magnificent!"[5]
  • (To Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends) "Absorbing the concentrated extract of living Souls has made it possible for us to evolve at an incredible rate. Yet despite it all, the one thing that eludes us is happiness! You treat us as if we're monsters, completely forgetting that we were born Human! Even when we tried to fit in, we were ostracized! You tormented us, treating us like freaks, simply because we have slightly different abilities! Rejected! Persecuted! We have no way to leave descendants to our legacy! No matter what, our numbers will never increase! We can only diminish. You'll never know how that feels! You can't fathom the pain!"[9]
  • (To Renji Abarai and his friends) "I had hoped that my words might have made an impression on you. Obviously, I overestimated your tiny brains! That leaves me no other choice than to beat the message into you!"[9]
  • (To Renji) "Your fighting spirit is quite impressive! I didn't expect you to confront me, knowing it would certainly mean your doom! But regardless of how foolish it would seem and how easy it would be for me to finish you off, if it is death you want, Shinigami, I will respect your feelings and use the power of Gesell to destroy you and your snake!"[6]
  • (To Kariya) "Don't abandon me now! Master, wait! How dare you do this! Kariya, how can you turn your back on me after all of this?! I fought this fight perfectly, just as you said!"[6]


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