Artist OreSkaBand
Released 2007.5.09
Type Anime Ending Theme
Episode Span Episode 122 - Episode 131

Tsumasaki is OreSkaBand's third single. The title track is used as the eleventh ending theme song for the Bleach anime. It is used from episode Episode 122 to 131.

Track List

  1. Tsumasaki (爪先, Tiptoe)
  2. Pinocchio (Live)


Bleach - Ending 11 Tsumesaki

Bleach - Ending 11 Tsumesaki


Manikyua wo nutta go hon yubi wo chaku kazatta
Soshite kagayaita no wa nan to jibun jishin datta
Kannou to wa kingyo no you mata sore wo
Koe totorou kaeranai oto nado nai

Nobiteyuku heikousen tonari hakuri kaeshi
Bika sare rekka sarerurashii
Kagi no kakatta sono saki no ashimoto ni
Hirogatteiku kyori wa te de tsunageru

Soshite kyou mo
Kimi no wake no wakaranai yokomoji wo
Hidari de nankai monazotteiru

Me ga aita shunkan no sono hito wa
Kimi no tsume nani iro ni someru no?

Atataka i tote sabi te shimatta youda
Dare no mizu karananoka mie runoha buru no hate
Oikakeru to nige teshimau orenji
Ame no nioi karafuru na niji tsunageru

Soshite ima mo
Nazo no angou wo hisshi de yogoshi teru
Demo kono kajuu dewa dou ganbatte mitemo

Me wo toji te minu furi de kimi no uede
Kimi no naka kono sora wa mawaru mono

Kimi no tsume kamereon moyou no
Go hon yubi aa douka hagarenaide
Kimi to nara dokomademo ikeru wa

I manicured five of my nails with nail polish, So that I myself would look absolutely dazzling. Sensibility is like a goldfish; or if you imagine it As a voice, you know it'll always echo back to you.

We are like parallel lines that elongate infinitely side by side, But I feel that one of us is embellished while the other defaced. The stretching distance locked in between your and my footsteps Can be easily closed in by joining our hands together.

And today once again, Looking at your indecipherable European writings, I, on your left side, mechanically traced them repeatedly.

Ah, at the moment I have opened my eyes, I see a person, who asks, "Just into what colors are you polishing your nails?"

The warm knob seems to have gone rusty. Is this from someone's water? 'Cause all I can see is a boundary of blues. An orange, which runs away as soon as I chase after it, Connects together the rain's scent and the colorful rainbow.

And even right now, I'm still trying hard to stain the mysterious codes. But with the baggage I have, it really doesn't matter how much I try.

Close your eyes, and pretend not to see what's above you, Then this sky may actually start spinning in your imagination!

Your nails look as colorful as a chameleon! I hope the colors on your nails will never fade. Ah, I'll be able to go anywhere, as long as I'm with you.


The characters in the eleventh ending theme animation, in order of appearance, are:


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