Kanji 神の喇叭 (トロンペーテ)
Rōmaji Toronpēte
English German for "Trumpet"

Japanese for "Trumpet of God"

Technique Type Quincy
User Lille Barro

Trompete (神の喇叭 (トロンペーテ), Toronpēte; German for "Trumpet", Japanese for "Trumpet of God"; Viz "God's Horn") is a technique used by Sternritter "X" Lille Barro while in the true form of his Quincy: Vollständig, Jilliel.


653Trompete fires

Lille blasts through a city with Trompete.

While holding his closed fist in front of his beak as though grasping a trumpet, Lille uses Reishi from the surrounding environment to form an enormous trumpet with a wing-like appendage on top in the air above him before "firing" it, resulting in a large and powerful blast that can erase a large part of a city. This blast is strong enough to, if reflected by an enemy, critically wound Lille himself.[1]


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