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Trials of the Shattered Shaft is an event marking the end of The Death Trilogy Overture and leading into the Ryoka Invasion. During this event, Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends undergo training to refine and control their respective powers, with Ichigo himself encountering Zangetsu for the first time, but inadvertently awakening his inner Hollow in the process.


51Byakuya and Renji enter

6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai and Captain Byakuya Kuchiki enter Karakura Town in pursuit of Rukia Kuchiki.

After Ichigo Kurosaki manages to scar a Menos Grande during his competition with Uryū Ishida[4] and force it to retreat back to Hueco Mundo,[5] 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai and Captain Byakuya Kuchiki are dispatched to the Human World[6] in order to apprehend or execute Rukia Kuchiki[7] for transferring her Shinigami powers to Ichigo.[8] Upon finding Rukia, Renji and Byakuya are confronted by Uryū,[9] whom Renji easily defeats,[10] and Ichigo,[11] whom they had also been seeking in order to kill.[12]


Byakuya pierces Ichigo Kurosaki's Saketsu and Hakusui, seemingly destroying his Shinigami powers.

Ichigo engages in a fierce battle with Renji, and though the latter initially overwhelms him with his greater combat experience and usage of his Zanpakutō's Shikai, Zabimaru,[13] Ichigo gains a power boost upon realizing that he is in mortal danger and quickly turns the tables on Renji, leading Byakuya to intervene by grievously wounding Ichigo with Senka.[14] After learning that Byakuya has destroyed his Saketsu and Hakusui to rid him of all his Shinigami powers, Ichigo can only watch as Rukia, as a last resort to protect him from further arm, willingly returns with Byakuya and Renji to Soul Society in order to atone for her crime.[15]

57Urahara arrives

Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shihōin arrive to save Ichigo's life.

However, though Byakuya and even Rukia had assumed Ichigo would soon die from his injuries, Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shihōin arrive shortly afterward in order to save him and Uryū, the latter of whom only requires minor treatment due to the shallow nature of his wound and goes home afterward. Urahara brings Ichigo back to the Urahara Shop to fully recuperate due to his more extensive injuries, and after Ichigo regains consciousness, Urahara reveals that there is a way for him to travel to Soul Society and rescue Rukia before her execution. However, Urahara only promises to help Ichigo achieve this if the latter trains with him for the next ten days, which Ichigo agrees to.[16]

The Training[]

58Tetsuo berates

Tetsuo Momohara berates Ichigo for forgetting his face.

The next day, at Karakura High School, Tetsuo Momohara greets Ichigo, and when the latter reacts in confusion, an irritated Tetsuo wonders how Ichigo cannot remember him after all the times he asked Ichigo to join the karate team, prompting Ichigo to apologize. Noting that he is at school right now, Ichigo recalls Urahara giving him a bottle of pills to take one of every hour and promising that his wounds will be a lot better by that night, as he does not want Ichigo to die in the middle of their training, before telling him to go to school until his summer vacation starts tomorrow.[17]


Ichigo notices that only he seems to notice Rukia's absence.

As he sits down at his desk, Ichigo observes that the medicine really is amazing despite the skull-and-crossbones label on the bottle because it only takes one pill to numb his pain completely. However, Ichigo also reveals that no one at school remembers Rukia, with Tetsuo sitting at her desk in the classroom and no one having even mentioned her name, and states that he now understands what it means to return to Soul Society, with her existence having been erased from the world and people's hearts. Later, Misato Ochi finishes reading the announcements and advises her students to not spend too much time studying except for this class.[18]


Ichigo hits Keigo Asano while playing suikawari.

Instructing them to break some rules in order to make good memories, which bewilders her students, Misato declares class is dismissed as they all cheer. While the students around him discuss their after-school plans and new music releases, Ichigo looks at Uryū's empty seat and notes he was absent all day before admitting he thought Uryū might remember Rukia too. Suddenly, Keigo Asano wraps a blindfold around Ichigo, lifts him out of his seat, and spins him around before asking him where the watermelon is, only for Ichigo to hit him in the head with the bat, prompting a bleeding Keigo to tell him he is supposed to crack the watermelon instead of his skull.[19]

58Keigo yells

Keigo angrily yells at Mizuiro Kojima over his luck with women after his own plans fall apart.

Soon afterward, Keigo presents various beach party supplies to Ichigo, Yasutora Sado, Orihime Inoue, Tatsuki Arisawa, Mizuiro Kojima, and Michiru Ogawa before proposing that they all go on a ten-day beach trip starting tomorrow. As he describes all the available festivities and hijinksthat they will get up to, Ichigo bluntly states that he will be busy and apologizes to an incredulous Keigo. While Orihime also declines, Tatsuki reveals that she will be attending Nationals, leading Michiru to state that she will not go if Orihime and Tatsuki are not either, and Sado declines as well. When a dejected and tearful Keigo slowly turns to him, Mizuiro reveals that he is going to Phuket tomorrow, prompting Keigo to angrily grab him by the shoulders and demand to know if he is going with the two older women he met at the Casual Soul Realm Assault Trip taping. Mizuiro clarifies that it is actually his girlfriend Marie and nine of her friends for a total of eleven, which only enrages Keigo further as he accuses Mizuiro of trying to start a nude soccer team with these women.[20]


Orihime Inoue reveals that she remembers Rukia.

Watching this, Ichigo notes it feels weird for the world to keep rotating without Rukia, but wonders why it should not be this way since Rukia is originally from Soul Society and never really belonged in the Human World, though he is disheartened at the possibility of this being true as he walks through Karakura Town soon afterward. Suddenly, Ichigo is surprised to find Orihime standing in front of him and is further shocked when she asks him where Rukia went and why everyone forgot about her. After Ichigo explains the situation to her, Orihime sits next to him while summarizing it as Rukia having gone back to her world and Ichigo wanting to help her.[21]

58Orihime encourages

Orihime encourages Ichigo to rescue Rukia.

As he affirms this, Ichigo admits that he is surprised Orihime could see them and begins to ask her why she never brought it up sooner, but Orihime inquires about what he is going to do and points out how Rukia being from the other world means that all her friends and family are over there. Wondering if Ichigo is going to forcefully take Rukia away from her loved ones and bring her back to the Human World after he saves her, Orihime questions if this is the right thing to do, leaving a shocked Ichigo at a loss for words. However, as Ichigo tries to answer, Orihime asserts that it is the right choice, to his further bewilderment, and declares that Ichigo has already made up his mind no matter what she says before imitating how Ichigo will put on a stubborn face and tell Rukia that she will only be able to see her family again someday if she is alive rather than dead, which Orihime cheerfully states is what the Ichigo she knows would say. With Orihime encouraging him to save Rukia because she does not want her friend to die either, Ichigo gets up and sincerely thanks Orihime for her perspective.[22]

58Ichigo reveals

Ichigo reveals that his wounds have fully healed.

Ichigo proceeds to run up a nearby set of stairs, leaving Orihime to ask him to not get hurt before deciding she will not let it happen. After finding a phone booth, Orihime calls Sado and reveals she has made up her mind. Shortly afterward, when Ichigo arrives at the Urahara Shop, Urahara stands with Tessai Tsukabishi, Jinta Hanakari, and Ururu Tsumugiya as he asks Ichigo how his wounds are faring, prompting Ichigo to rip open his shirt and reveal only scars remain as he declares they have completely healed. Commending this, Urahara asks Ichigo if he got permission from his family and is startled when Ichigo explains his story of crashing at a friend's house.[23]

58Ichigo thanks

Ichigo thanks Urahara for saving his life.

As Urahara decides that they should get started, Ichigo plants his feet and bows while loudly thanks him for saving his life, leading a surprised Urahara to ask him if he said something. After Ichigo denies this, Urahara smiles and states that he did not think so before admitting that he has been looking forward to this.[24] In the Sixth Division barracks in the Seireitei in Soul Society, a kimono-wearing Renji strides past two unseated Shinigami, whom he exchanges greetings with, and reaches the door to the prison ward, which he opens with a keycard. Inside, Rikichi Yuki expresses dismay upon seeing a Jigokuchō flying away again and tries to catch it with a net while asserting that he is going to get in trouble.[25]

59Rukia stares

Rukia stares at the window in her Sixth Division cell.

When that fails, Rikichi attempts to entice it with a fake butterfly of the opposite sex, only to be kicked down by an irritated Renji, who demands to know what he was doing. As Rikichi rubs his head and wonders what that was for, Renji criticizes him for not being able to handle the Jigokuchō on his own by now and responds to Rikichi pointing out that he is supposed to be off-duty today by stating that he is just here to check on Rukia and asking how she is, leading Rikichi to note that she has been staring at the small window in her cell since last night. Renji asks Rukia how long she is going to sulk and asserts that she will not survive to be executed if she does not eat something, but Rukia claims that she is simply not hungry while addressing Renji as Lieutenant. When an annoyed Renji asks her if his new rank bothers him, Rukia denies this and commends him for working hard to get himself promoted in the two months she was gone before sarcastically wishing him luck, praising his strength, and asking him about his strange eyebrows.[26]


Renji and Rukia discuss the latter's imprisonment and the possible sentence for her crimes.

Angered by this, Renji declares Rukia is dead and tells her to step out of her cell. After pausing for a few seconds, Rukia asks Renji if she is really going to die, and when he confidently proclaims she is going to be executed any day now, Rukia merely accepts this, leading a bewildered Renji to assure her he was just kidding as she questions how she was supposed to know that. Renji claims Byakuya is on his way to the Captain-Commander's office and will likely request a reduced sentence for her because he will not just stand by and let her be killed as her brother, but Rukia asserts he will simply kill her himself because she knows very well what kind of person he is, having not once looked at her in the 40 years since the Kuchiki Clan took her in.[27]

Lesson 1: One Strike[]

59Urahara's Study Chamber

Ichigo enters a Study Chamber under the Urahara Shop.

Meanwhile, in the Human World, the Urahara Shop is closed for business, and Ichigo, Urahara, Tessai, Jinta, and Ururu stand in a large, desert-like area underneath it as Urahara expresses amazement at such a huge and cavernous chamber being located underneath his store. While Ichigo flatly states that he is duly impressed, Urahara reveals that this is his training room which they made overnight just for him using their powerful technology, prompting Ichigo to ask Tessai if their policy is to ignore customers just to cater to spiritual matters, which Tessai does not have an answer for. Urahara points out that the ceiling is painted to resemble the sky, which Ichigo observes is just like a prison, and that they planted trees to make it cheery, only for Ichigo to note that they are all dead, before patting himself on the back for managing to build this underneath a city, prompting an annoyed Ichigo to assert that it is likely illegal and in violation of building ordinances.[28]

59Ichigo is pushed

Ichigo is forcefully pushed out of his body as an ordinary Soul.

When Ichigo tells him to start training already because they do not have much time, Urahara commends his spirit and agrees before pushing Ichigo's Soul out of his body with the tip of his cane. Flying back onto the ground, Ichigo demands to know what that was for, only to suddenly find himself tired and out of breath as Urahara observes that this is the first time Ichigo has left his body without becoming a Shinigami, which means that he is just a Soul and will find it hard to move and breathe. Urahara explains that Byakuya destroyed Ichigo's Hakusui and Saketsu, which act as the source of and a booster to his Reiryoku respectively, meaning he is now a regular disembodied Soul from a regular Human with no spiritual powers, before revealing that he must restore his Reiryoku in order to fight the Shinigami. As he details how he must learn to control his Soul body, which will happen when he recovers his Reiryoku, Urahara states that he will have succeeded when his Soul body moves better than his physical body.[29]

59Ururu punches

Ururu Tsumugiya starts Ichigo's training with a powerful blow.

Ichigo asserts that it sounds complicated and wonders how he is supposed to do this, leading Urahara to note that he probably learns better by doing before calling over Ururu, who greets Ichigo and states that it is a pleasure to train with him. While Ichigo expresses confusion at this, Urahara reveals that his first lesson is to hit her, shocking Ichigo, and explains the rules as the session ending when one of them is unable to move and Ichigo trying to knock her out before he gets knocked out. When Ichigo demands to know if he is sick for wanting him to hit a little girl, Urahara claims that it will not be as easy as Ichigo thinks with his Soul body, further irritating Ichigo. However, Ururu tosses Ichigo protective equipment while putting on her own, and as Ichigo tries to tell her that he will not be fighting her, Ururu asks him to put the equipment on or risk being killed before leaping toward a confused Ichigo and throwing a punch, which creates a large explosion of force while Urahara asserts that he told Ichigo as much.[30]


Ichigo runs away from Ururu after grabbing his headband.

As the dust settles around Ururu after her powerful blow, Jinta notes that he cannot see Ichigo and Tessai wonders if he is dead, prompting Urahara to admit that he does not know. Upon seeing Ichigo tumble out of the dust cloud and run toward Ururu, Urahara assumes he is charging her, only to be confused when Ichigo runs past her and grabs his headgear off the ground before running away while marveling at the power Ururu unleashed and admitting that he will die if he is hit by that kind of attack. Asserting that he is going to wear the headgear no matter how much it helps him, Ichigo realizes that he does not know how it works and asks Urahara for help.[31]

60Urahara tricks

Urahara tricks Ichigo.

Urahara tells Ichigo to tie it onto his forehead and recite a cheesy mantra about the power and armor of justice. Though he initially agrees to do so, Ichigo only gets to the point of placing the headgear on his forehead before throwing it down in embarrassment and proclaiming that he cannot do it. However, after Ururu attacks him again and Urahara tells him that this is no time to look stupid, Ichigo decides to put it on and recite the line despite his embarrassment, only for nothing to happen as Urahara laughs about him actually putting it on, to Ichigo's chagrin.[32]


Ichigo manages to dodge one of Ururu's punches.

Putting the headgear and gloves on properly, which gives him protection for the sides of his face as well, Ichigo declares he is ready now and tells Ururu to do her worst, only to be sent fleeing once again as she continues to attack the area behind him. When Urahara compliments his fleeing, Ichigo asserts that it is a defensive strategy and notes he is not sure the headgear will save him. As he continues to run while expressing astonishment at Ururu's power and reiterating that he will die if he is hit by her, Ichigo realizes he is outrunning her, which means he might be able to dodge her punches, and turns to face Ururu before narrowly dodging her next punch aimed at his head.[33]


Ururu prepares to kick Ichigo after he makes her bleed.

With this leading him to mentally declare that he can do it, Ichigo throws a left hook at Ururu, who leans back at the last second, to Urahara's entertainment. Ichigo continues to throw punches at Ururu, who dodges each one, and mentally promises that he only intends to tap her headgear rather than hit her face because he is so much bigger than her that such a hit should be sufficient to knock her out. Upon throwing one more punch, Ichigo manages to graze Ururu's cheek and observes his success. However, when her cheek begins to bleed, Ururu stares coldly at Ichigo and leaps onto his outstretched arm before delivering a powerful kick to his head.[34]

60Tessai catches

Tessai catches Ichigo and shields him from the brunt of the impact after Ururu kicks him.

As Ichigo is sent crashing into a nearby rock wall by this, Urahara grabs Ururu's leg to prevent her from continuing and declares that Ichigo is "safe" while a lightly injured Ichigo finds himself having been caught by Tessai. Realizing that he lost, Ichigo asks Urahara to let him try again so he can beat Ururu, but Urahara declares that he passed lesson one, shocking Ichigo. When Ichigo points out that Ururu beat him soundly, Urahara reminds him that he only told Ichigo to knock out before he was knocked out, not that he had to knock out Ururu, to Ichigo's surprise, and asserts that a Human Soul does not stand a chance against Ururu because she has Shinigami-level combat skills before asking Ichigo if he is still having trouble breathing. With Ichigo realizing that he is not, Urahara observes that his movement should be better too.[35]


Tessai severs a shocked Ichigo's Chain of Fate with a large axe as Urahara prepares to move straight into the second lesson after restoring Ichigo's Reiryoku.

When Urahara inquires how long this has been the case, Ichigo estimates it as having been a little while. Urahara that this lesson was solely about whether or not Ichigo could survive the first blow from Ururu because Reiryoku is most quickly increased when a Soul is put in a life-or-death situation, which is why they exposed Ichigo to mortal danger; if his Reiryoku increased, he would evade the subsequent punches and live, while he would die if it did not increase, leading an irritated Ichigo to observe that this would mean no harm to Urahara himself either way. Reminding Ichigo that his Reiryoku did increase, Urahara declares that they should celebrate by proceeding to something, but while Ichigo assumes he is referring to dinner or a party, Tessai severs his Chain of Fate with a large axe while Urahara tells a stunned Ichigo that they are proceeding straight to lesson two.[36]

60Orihime and Sado approach

Orihime and Yasutora Sado approach Yoruichi for training.

Elsewhere in Karakura Town, Orihime stands with Sado and questions the idea of a lesson, prompting Yoruichi to assert that they will need it if they insist on going to Soul Society before warning them that Yoruichi's lessons are not for the faint of heart.[37] Some time later, upon arriving at a waterfall in a remote area of the wilderness, Uryū declares his satisfaction and asserts that he can train here without anyone bothering him, only to be interrupted when Orihime cheerfully calls out to him.[38]

61Sado, Orihime, and Uryu discuss

Sado and Orihime invite Uryū to train with them.

Uryū is astonished to see Orihime climbing up the rocky mountainside with Sado and Yoruichi. After they get settled, Uryū questions the idea of a lesson, prompting Orihime to explain that they need one so they can go to Soul Society before asking Uryū if he wants to join them. Admitting that he had noticed Orihime and Sado's Reiryoku had increased recently but did not think they were considering this, Uryū inquires who will be teaching them, and when Orihime bashfully states that their teacher is right next to him, a shocked Uryū assumes that he has been masking his presence this whole time, only to be flabbergasted when Yoruichi identifies as the master. When Uryū questions what Yoruichi is, Orihime and Sado simultaneously tell him that Yoruichi is a cat as Uryū clarifies that he wants to know why Yoruichi is talking as the latter remarks on his pointing as rude.[39]

61Yoruichi reveals

Uryū continues to be shocked by Yoruichi being a talking cat.

Suddenly realizing what he is doing, an embarrassed Uryū asks them to forgive him for his outburst as Yoruichi mocks him for reacting so violently to a cat talking, which provokes an irritated Uryū into swiping at Yoruichi while demanding that the cat stop talking. Yoruichi tells Uryū to take a lesson from Orihime and be more adaptable before instructing those present to focus on why they are here as Orihime asks Uryū why a talking cat is so unusual, though a perturbed Sado admits that it is a little strange despite this. Orihime points out that Uryū is planning to rescue Rukia too and encourages him to join them for Yoruichi's lessons, but Uryū respectfully declines.[40]

61Uryu opens

Uryū opens a box to begin his training after lying to Orihime and Sado about not intending to help rescue Rukia, as he does not want his training to be witnessed by anyone.

A confused Orihime wonders why and picks up Yoruichi, whom she asserts is amazing for tracking Uryū here by his spiritual presence. Though he agrees that Yoruichi is very skilled, Uryū explains that he just wants to be alone before claiming that he never had any intention of rescuing Rukia and is simply training because he is angry with himself for losing to a Shinigami. Upon seeing Yoruichi walking away after hearing this, Orihime calls out to the cat, who declares that they have no further business here because Uryū is not going to Soul Society. As Orihime tries to protest this, Sado gently tells her that they should go and begins to follow Yoruichi. Turning to face Uryū, Orihime promises that they will be waiting if he changes his mind before running off to catch up to Yoruichi and Sado. As she leaves, Uryū simply apologizes to Orihime and asserts that this training cannot be witnessed by anyone as he opens a box that he brought with him and tells his master that he is ready.[41]

Lesson 2: Shattered Shaft[]

61Ichigo berates

Ichigo berates Urahara for having his Chain of Fate severed.

Meanwhile, in the training space underneath the Urahara Shop, Ichigo declares that he is doing to die as Tessai sits on his back, and when Urahara questions if he has to make so much noise, Ichigo reminds him that they cut off his Chain of Fate and that he needs it. However, Urahara simply states that he knows this, to Ichigo's bewilderment, and explains how Ichigo is going to die because he cannot return to his body. Detailing how the chain's Encroachment will soon begin and eventually reach Ichigo's chest, where it will create a large hole, Urahara proclaims that this will cause Ichigo to turn into a Hollow.[42]


Urahara prepares to drop Ichigo into the Shattered Shaft.

When Ichigo is left shocked by this, Urahara expresses surprise that he did not already know before revealing the one way for Ichigo to survive after his Chain of Fate has been cut is for him to become a Shinigami. Urahara confirms lesson two is about Ichigo regaining his Shinigami powers and promises he will be a fully functional Shinigami once again when it is over before declaring "Shattered Shaft" will commence and pointing at a rock spire dozens of meters away, only to have a large hole appear underneath Ichigo and Tessai, who promptly fall into it. As Ichigo screams in terror from within the hole, Urahara proudly certifies this as his highest-level fakeout.[43]


Ichigo watches in horror as his Chain of Fate begins to undergo Encroachment.

Despite this, Urahara is somewhat unnerved when he does not hear them land and observes to Ururu that it is very deep, prompting her to assert that she worked very hard. After landing, Ichigo curses Urahara before realizing that his arms have been bound as Tessai reveals that he has used Bakudō #99, Part 1. Kin and apologizes before explaining that he must bind Ichigo's arms for the duration of this lesson. Calling out to Ichigo from the surface, Urahara tells him to reach the top of the pit in his current condition and declares that this is lesson two, which Ichigo proclaims is impossible. However, Urahara merely tells him he may not want to spend his time arguing because Encroachment has already begun, and as Ichigo sees the last two links of his Chain of Fate sprout tiny mouths with spiky tongues that begin devouring the upper links,[44] Urahara reveals a severed Chain of Fate will begin to devour itself.[45]

62Ichigo is bitten

Ichigo's Chain of Fate takes a bite out of him when he tries to crush it with his torso.

While Urahara calls this process Encroachment, Ichigo angrily slams his chest against the side of the Shattered Shaft and begins scraping the end of his Chain of Fate against it while proclaiming that he will crush the mouths, only for Urahara to warn him to not get too close to the mouths as Ichigo hears a crunching sound and falls back to discover that the mouths have taken a bite out of his torso, which spurts blood. As Urahara observes that they will eat Ichigo instead of the Chain of Fate if he gets too close, Ichigo collapses and grunts in pain. After admitting that it normally takes months or even years for a broken Chain of Fate to reach this state, Urahara reveals that there is a gas in the Shattered Shaft that stimulates Encroachment.[46]


Orihime and Sado yell as they attempt to bring out their powers.

Urahara tells Ichigo his Encroachment will be complete in 72 hours as he clarifies Ichigo will either become a Shinigami and escape or become a Hollow and be disposed of by Urahara and his crew. With Ichigo incredulous that Urahara would let him die, Urahara asserts his only two choices are to succeed or die while Tessai continues to maintain his spell a few feet away from Ichigo. Elsewhere, in an abandoned building in Karakura Town, Orihime and Sado yell loudly as they attempt to summon their respective powers, prompting an embarrassed Yoruichi to tell them they are doing it wrong and state they will never get to Soul Society like this.[47]


Yoruichi instructs Sado and Orihime to think about what they want to protect.

When Orihime begins to protest, Yoruichi asserts that they will not last one minute in Soul Society if they cannot activate their powers at will before instructing them to remember the first time they used their powers and retrace their steps. Admitting that this sounds reasonable, Orihime notes that she was desperate when she first used her power, prompting Yoruichi to inquire what she was desperate to do. With Orihime confused by this, Yoruichi explains how people discover their true powers when they want to protect something, regardless of what it is, and asks Orihime and Sado what they wanted to protect back then. Though Orihime immediately thinks of Tatsuki, Sado is unable to recall precisely what Karin looks like.[48]

62Shun Shun Rikka appear

The Shun Shun Rikka appear above Orihime after she determines that she is going to Soul Society in order to protect Ichigo.

Sado simply adds Karin's hat and hair as well as lipstick to Ichigo's face because he assumes that they must look the same, with the resulting mental image visibly shocking him as Orihime and Yoruichi wonder what is wrong. Suddenly, Orihime's hairpins sparkle, which Sado points out to her as Yoruichi further elaborates that the heart reveals what is most precious to its owner because it is closely linked to the soul. Yoruichi asks Orihime why she is going to Soul Society, and after she thinks for a few seconds and firmly states that she is going in order to protect Ichigo, Yoruichi praises her conviction as the Shun Shun Rikka suddenly burst out of Orihime's hairpins, prompting a surprised Orihime to happily greet them. However, Tsubaki begins pulling on her hair while berating her for summoning them when she is not in danger as Shun'ō frantically tells him to stop, which leads Yoruichi to tells Orihime that she needs to learn to control her powers.[49]


Ichigo attempts to escape the Shattered Shaft.

After observing that they seem to be controlling Orihime right now, Yoruichi turns to Sado and asks him why he wants to go to Soul Society, but Sado initially does not answer. Back in the Shattered Shaft, Ichigo lies on the ground and watches the mouths on the end of his Chain of Fate disappear as he notes that this was the fifth Encroachment and mentally detailing how the mouths only chomp on the links for a few minutes at a time between rest periods of several hours. As he gets to his feet, Ichigo mentally states that the pain of Encroachment is so paralyzing that he has to attempt his escape while the mouths are asleep and begins running up the side of the Shattered Shaft.[50]


Jinta and Ururu drool on Ichigo to "sate his thirst" and further torment him.

Suddenly, Ichigo slips off and falls back down as he screams. Watching from above, Jinta observes that Ichigo managed to run 10 feet up the wall, slightly impressing Urahara as Ururu calls him an idiot. When Jinta asks him if he is hungry, Ichigo reminds him that he cannot be hungry because he is a disembodied Soul. However, Jinta merely notes that this is good before revealing that a Soul getting hungry means that they are about to become a Hollow, shocking Ichigo. Offering to let Ichigo drink some of his spit if he is thirsty, Jinta lets a strand of saliva drip down from his mouth and has Ururu join him, prompting Ichigo to angrily threaten to beat them up when he gets free before switching to begging for mercy as the saliva begins to touch him.[51]

62Ichigo begins transforming

Ichigo's inner Hollow begins manifesting for the first time in the form of a Hollow mask after Ichigo's Chain of Fate is entirely corroded by its final Encroachment.

Nearby, Urahara purposely ignores this as he notes that it must be getting dark by now before stating that this area makes one lose all sense of time. Some time later, Ichigo lies on the ground and looks up at the top of the Shattered Shaft as he admits that he cannot climb it. While Ichigo wonders how long he has been down here and how he is supposed to climb out, Jinta runs down the side with a large plate of fruit and offers it to Ichigo, whom he cheekily claims must be getting hungry by now, only for Ichigo to assert that he is not hungry and point out that he still has multiple links of his Chain of Fate left. Narrowing his eyes at this, Jinta sets down the plate and notes that it is easy to lose track of time in this hole, and when a confused Ichigo picks up on his mention of time, Jinta reveals in succession that Ichigo has been in the Shattered Shaft for exactly 70 hours, which is when most Souls start transforming into Hollows, and that the next Encroachment will be worse than all the others combined. Suddenly, mouths form on all the remaining links of Ichigo's Chain of Fate, and he can only stare in shock and futilely beg them to stop as the mouths devour each other and the base of the chain on his chest. With the entire chain gone, a mask begins forming itself on Ichigo's face as he screams in agony.[52]

63Ururu attempts

Urahara stops Ururu from preemptively killing Ichigo.

Tessai can only watch in shock as a shockwave emanates outward from a screaming Ichigo. As Jinta climbs to the top of the Shattered Shaft and observes that Ichigo is actually going to transform into a Hollow, Ururu points her left fist at Ichigo while bracing it with her right arm and asserts that she is going to take preventative measures, but Urahara stops her and tells them to look closely before explaining how Hollows are usually formed by having the Soul burst into pieces and reassemble itself. Pointing out how Ichigo's body is remaining intact while his mask is forming, Urahara reveals that this atypical transformation is a sign of Ichigo's resistance, which means that there is a remote chance of him becoming a Shinigami in time, and requests that they wait just a bit longer until his transformation is complete, to Jinta and Ururu's shock.[53]


Ichigo meets Zangetsu for the first time in his inner world.

While the mask continues to form, a voice asks Ichigo if he can hear it as Ichigo wakes up on the side of a skyscraper in his inner world. Wondering where he is, Ichigo has his attention drawn behind him, where Zangetsu stands on top of a pole. Upon being asked who he is, Zangetsu states that Ichigo should know and says his name, but Ichigo is unable to hear it. Disappointed by this, Zangetsu inquires how many times he has to shout in order for his voice to reach Ichigo and claims that there is no one in this world who knows Ichigo better than he does. Upon seeing Zangetsu stepping onto the side of the pole, a confused Ichigo questions what he is talking about.[54]

63Zangetsu demonstrates

Zangetsu demonstrates control over Reishi to help Ichigo find his footing.

However, Ichigo is quickly shocked to see Zangetsu standing on the side of the pole as the latter asks him how he can sit in a place like that. Realizing that he is sitting on the side of a skyscraper with the ground behind him, Ichigo begins falling backward as he screams in terror, prompting Zangetsu to sarcastically praise his composure as he falls alongside him. When Zangetsu assures him that Shinigami preside over all spiritual phenomena, including death, Ichigo frantically points out that he is not a Shinigami right now, only for Zangetsu to continue explaining that Ichigo can solidify the Reishi in the atmosphere beneath his feet in order to stop his fall, which leads an irritated Ichigo to demand to know if he is deaf. Zangetsu tells Ichigo to remember how he was able to gain traction on the air itself as a Shinigami, prompting Ichigo to recall doing so in his fight against Acidwire.[55]

63Zangetsu declares

Zangetsu reveals that Ichigo must find his own Shinigami powers before his inner world collapses.

Zangetsu reveals the Shinigami powers which Byakuya removed from Ichigo were only the ones given to him by Rukia, to Ichigo's shock. Detailing how that was all Byakuya was interested in because he assumed them being gone would be the end of Ichigo, Zangetsu asserts he was careless because he overlooked Ichigo's own Shinigami powers, further shocking Ichigo, as he explains how Rukia's powers awakened Ichigo's own and how they lay deep in his soul at the time of Byakuya's attack before telling Ichigo to find them. The skyscraper behind Zangetsu begins to disintegrate into boxes, which fall past him as he stands in midair and tells Ichigo he needs to find his hidden Shinigami powers now because this world is falling apart before revealing his powers are in one of the boxes.[56]


Ichigo uses Reiraku to find his Shinigami powers after recalling Uryū's explanation of Shinigami Reiraku being red unlike all other Reiraku.

Ichigo claims that he cannot possibly do so with how many thousands of boxes there are, but Zangetsu states that there is no time for excuses because Ichigo will turn into a Hollow if he does not find the right box before this world disintegrates. Stunned by this, Ichigo falls into a tear behind him and finds himself in water surrounded by the boxes. Wondering what he is supposed to do in order to find the right box out of all of these, Ichigo admits that he cannot even detect Reiryoku as he is right now, only for this to remind him of Uryū telling him something similar once. As he tries to recall how Uryū figured out that he was a Shinigami and how he was able to detect a Shinigami's powers, Ichigo remembers Uryū informing him that a Shinigami's Reiraku is red, unlike all other Reiraku, and realizes that this is the solution as hundreds of Reiraku appear connected to the boxes around him.[57]


Ichigo discovers a box containing his Zanpakutō's handle.

Upon spotting a red Reiraku, Ichigo grabs it and pulls the box it is connected to over to him while proclaiming that this is it, only to be surprised when it opens to reveal a Zanpakutō's hilt. Praising Ichigo for finding it, Zangetsu hopes his name will reach Ichigo's ears next time, leading Ichigo to realize who he is. However, as the world continues to crumble around them, Zangetsu questions what Ichigo is waiting for and demands \he pull him out quickly as Ichigo pulls the Zanpakutō out of the box.[58] In the real world, Urahara, Jinta, and Ururu look down the Shattered Shaft as a partially Hollowfied Ichigo strains against the Bakudō #99 Part 1. Kin binding his arms.[59]


Ichigo is bound by the first two sequences of Bakudō #99 Part 2. Bankin as he gains a full Hollow mask.

When Ichigo's struggling causes the iron shafts embedding the fabric to burst out into the air behind him, Tessai informs Urahara that he is switching to suppression mode because they cannot wait any longer and plunges his hands into the ground as he initiates Bakudō #99 Part 2. Bankin, releasing white energy which begins wrapping itself around Ichigo in the form of strips of fabric. As Ichigo is impaled by numerous metal bolts, a shocked Jinta demands to know what Tessai is doing because this will kill Ichigo, only for Tessai to assert that he has no choice because he can barely restrain Ichigo and must destroy him before the change is complete. Tessai completes the spell by dropping an enormous metal cube on top of Ichigo, but as it descends, white fluid bursts out of the bindings covering the hole in Ichigo's chest and travel upward while destroying more bindings along the way, revealing a fully formed Hollow mask underneath the bindings. With Jinta shocked by this, Tessai declares that this is it, but the cube comes to a halt as Urahara shields Jinta and Ururu before a torrent of Reiatsu erupts from the Shattered Shaft. While Jinta observes that it exploded, something bursts out of the Reiatsu flare and hits the painted ceiling above, where it skids along as Jinta points it out to the others, before leaping off and slamming into the ground nearby.[60]

64Ichigo stands

A figure with both a shihakushō and a Hollow mask appears.

Surprised by this, Jinta demands to know if that is Ichigo and tells the latter to answer him if he is still alive. Upon seeing two glowing eyes within the dust cloud and a figure moving toward them, Jinta is left speechless as the dust clears to reveal what appears to be a fully Hollowfied Ichigo standing before them with a Shinigami's shihakushō and the tattered remnants of his bindings trailing off of him. With Jinta confused to see both a Shinigami's shihakushō and a Hollow mask on the same being and wondering which it is, the figure reaches for the Zanpakutō on his back, prompting Jinta and Ururu to assume battle stances, only to withdraw a Zanpakutō missing most of its blade. Though Jinta assumes that it is going to attack, the figure instead smashes the hilt of its Zanpakutō into the middle of its mask, shocking Jinta, and grabs the broken section as more pieces fall off.[61]

64Ichigo slashes

Ichigo delivers a powerful slash with his broken Zanpakutō after regaining his Shinigami powers and beginning the third lesson.

The figure pulls the remnants of the mask aside to reveal Ichigo, whose Soul remains intact. With Jinta stunned by him not turning into a Hollow, Ichigo clenches and unclenches his fist before having his attention drawn by Urahara, who celebrates him passing lesson two and becoming a Shinigami. However, an irritated Ichigo jabs Urahara in the eye with the hilt of his Zanpakutō and asserts that the latter should have been praying for him to not make it out alive before revealing that he swore to beat up Urahara if he survived. Noting that this is perfect, Urahara tells him to carry this spirit into lesson three and proclaims that Ichigo passes if he can knock off Urahara's hat with no time limit. Suddenly, Ichigo moves in and slashes upward at Urahara, who notices a slight cut on the brim of his hat and admits that he is impressed by Ichigo getting that close with a broken Zanpakutō. However, when Ichigo confidently declares that he does not need a lack of a time limit anyway because he will finish this in five minutes, a smiling Urahara simply tells him to try as he pulls his own Zanpakutō out of his cane.[62]


Byakuya informs Rukia of her execution verdict.

Meanwhile, in the Sixth Division prison ward in the Seireitei, as he grips the bars of Rukia's cell, a stunned Renji refuses to believe what Byakuya just told him, but Byakuya merely questions if he must repeat himself before repeating that Rukia has been found guilty of a capital offense and will suffer the ultimate punishment 25 days from now, which is Soul Society's final decision. Asserting this is the last time he will speak with Rukia, Byakuya departs while noting they will next see each other at the gallows. After Byakuya leaves, Renji attempts to convince Rukia to not be sad because they could still change their minds, only for Rukia to affirm she is not sad.[63]

65Rukia claims

Rukia claims to not be intimidated by her sentence and asserts that it only makes escaping more interesting, leaving Renji irritated by her demeanor.

Renji angrily declares that she is obviously disconsolate while kicking the bars of her cell. However, Rukia simply states that the ruling cannot be overturned because it came from Central 46 and claims it is fine because she knew it would happen from the beginning, but when Renji expresses concern for her, Rukia whips around and declares that she got him, to his confusion. As she stands up, Rukia inquires if Renji really thought capital punishment would upset her and asserts that it only makes escaping more interesting, and upon seeing Renji's expression, Rukia notes that he seems very worried about her before mockingly observing that he should be worried about his strange tattooed eyebrows. Angered by this, Renji proclaims that he could not care less about Rukia and her problems as he claims to be looking forward to her execution before slamming the door to the prison ward behind him as he departs, leaving Rukia to stare solemnly at the window.[64]


Kenpachi Zaraki and Gin Ichimaru confront Byakuya.

Outside, Renji mentally berates Rukia for speaking of escape when she is receiving the ultimate punishment and wonders if Byakuya will really allow this to happen. Elsewhere, as he walks along a corridor, Byakuya is confronted by 11th Division Captain Kenpachi Zaraki and 3rd Division Captain Gin Ichimaru, who respectively note that he seems very calm despite the circumstances and praise him for it. When Gin claims that Byakuya is an example to all Shinigami for being imperturbable even when his sister is going to die, Kenpachi wonders if he is joking and asserts that the only Shinigami who are scared of dying are Gin and 9th Division Captain Kaname Tōsen.[65]


Byakuya and Kenpachi rile each other up over Rukia's execution.

Byakuya questions what two Captains without their Lieutenants would want with him, and when Gin claims they thought Byakuya would be sad about his sister's impending execution, Byakuya states it has nothing to do with them while Kenpachi dismisses the idea of Byakuya being sad because the blood of a criminal only dishonors a distinguished family like his. With Byakuya admitting his surprise at a commoner like Kenpachi understanding the ways of nobility, Kenpachi merely claims to have always been observant and offers to behead Rukia before the execution for Byakuya's sake, only for Byakuya to calmly declare someone with Kenpachi's skills could not do this.[66]


Gin restrains Kenpachi to avoid a confrontation with Byakuya.

However, as Byakuya and Kenpachi further provoke each other, Gin suddenly ties up Kenpachi's body with cloth and moves them both to a nearby rooftop with Shunpo while apologizing to Byakuya, whom he did not intend to anger. With Kenpachi struggling to free himself, Gin asks Byakuya to give his regards to Rukia and moves them both away, leaving Byakuya to resume his walk after a moment's pause.[67]

Lesson 3: The Blade and Me[]

65Urahara slashes

Urahara slashes through a rock with his Zanpakutō, intimidating Ichigo.

Back in the training area underneath the Urahara Shop in Karakura Town, Tessai climbs out of the Shattered Shaft, and upon being asked if he is alright by a surprised Jinta, Tessai claims that he is hardly alright due to his badly cracked glasses, leading Jinta to observe that he is at least in one piece while calling him a monster. Despite this, Jinta tells Tessai to keep his broken glasses on because Urahara has drawn his Zanpakutō and Tessai does not want to miss this as he turns back to the fight between Urahara and Ichigo. Upon seeing Urahara cut through a rock with his Zanpakutō, a shaken Ichigo claims this is not bad for Urahara's small sword, leading Urahara to accept this as a compliment before warning Ichigo that he will not go easy on him.[68]


Urahara releases his Shikai, Benihime, to demonstrate that he really is wielding a Zanpakutō.

While Urahara repeatedly slashes around Ichigo as he chases him, Ichigo recalls that only Zanpakutō can harm Shinigami and Hollows, which leads him to believe that he will be fine if he is cut by Urahara's sword because it cannot possibly be a Zanpakutō due to him drawing it from his cane, only for Urahara to immediately prove this wrong by slashing off the remnants of Ichigo's Hollow mask and lightly cutting his head and shoulder, to Ichigo's confusion. Observing that Ichigo let his guard down by assuming that Urahara did not have a Zanpakutō to hurt him with because he is not a Shinigami, Urahara criticizes him for being naive and releases his Shikai, Benihime, which he asserts is very much a Zanpakutō to a shocked Ichigo.[69]

66Urahara attacks

Urahara attacks Ichigo with Benihime, shattering the rock behind him with the force of his blow.

Ichigo recalls Renji releasing his own Shikai, Zabimaru, and criticizing him for thinking he could fight Renji as an equal without being able to ask his own Zanpakutō for its name. When a stunned Ichigo mentions the concept of the Zanpakutō's name, Urahara affirms that each Zanpakutō has a name before asking Benihime if she is ready as he attacks Ichigo, who is slammed into a large rock behind him with enough force to crack and break it apart. Seeing this, Jinta joins Tessai and Ururu in taking shelter behind another nearby rock as Ichigo hurtles past them. As he regains his footing while sliding backwards, Ichigo sees Urahara emerging in midair from the dust cloud and brings up his damaged Zanpakutō just in time to block Urahara's subsequent attack with what remains of the blade. With Benihime grinding along the blade, Urahara praises Ichigo's courage in blocking Benihime with his broken Zanpakutō, only to assert Benihime is too fierce to be restrained by something like that as he cuts off half of the remaining blade.[70]

66Urahara shatters

Urahara shatters the remainder of Ichigo's Zanpakutō.

Shocked by this, Ichigo begins running away from Urahara while mentally noting the unfairness of Urahara being able to cut through his Zanpakutō. Suddenly, Urahara appears behind Ichigo and reminds him that he said Ichigo's Zanpakutō was too big. Casually leaning back to dodge Ichigo's subsequent upward slash, Urahara explains that it is not filled with Reiryoku and is instead a bloated bag of fluff that happens to be in the shape of a sword, which he asserts is why it shatters so easily as he destroys the remaining blade and half the guard of Ichigo's Zanpakutō with another slash from Benihime. As a speechless Ichigo watches the other half of his Zanpakutō's guard fall off the hilt and onto the ground, Urahara notes that the blade is gone altogether and questions if Ichigo will come at him with only a hilt, though he admits that Ichigo might be able to achieve the goal of knocking his hat off with that.[71]

66Zangetsu appears

Zangetsu appears before Ichigo to counsel him.

Exerting his Reiatsu, Urahara warns Ichigo that he will kill him if the latter comes at him with that toy. Intimidated, Ichigo begins fleeing from Urahara while mentally asserting that the latter will kill him, only for Urahara to swiftly catch up with him and attack. As he leans away, Ichigo is surprised to find another part of his Zanpakutō's hilt severed and resumes running from Urahara, who grabs him by the back of his shihakushō and throws Ichigo on the ground before slashing down at him. Rolling away from this at the last second, Ichigo gets to his feet as he mentally berates himself as a coward beyond all redemption for pathetically and shamefully running away without any resolve whatsoever. Suddenly, Zangetsu appears before Ichigo and questions why he runs.[72]

66Ichigo manifests

Ichigo begins to unconsciously release a Getsuga Tenshō.

As he brings Ichigo's mind into his inner world, Zangetsu notes that Ichigo still has not called him and asserts that Ichigo should be able to hear it now because only fear is plugging his ears.[73] When Ichigo stops running from him, Urahara also stops in his tracks and stares at him, prompting Jinta to express confusion as he peers at them from behind a rock alongside Tessai and Ururu. With Ichigo's Reiatsu steadily thrumming outward from him, Urahara assumes a battle stance with Benihime, while Ichigo holds the broken hilt of his Zanpakutō next to his hip. As Zangetsu encourages Ichigo to abandon his fear and advance, as retreating will age him and fear will kill him, he commands Ichigo to shout his name as Ichigo calls out Zangetsu, resulting in a torrent of Reiatsu surging from the broken hilt and startling Urahara as Ichigo turns around and unconsciously fires a Getsuga Tenshō. The subsequent energy wave crashes outward between the surrounding rocks, prompting Tessai to shield Jinta and Ururu with his body.[74]

67Ichigo's Shikai, Zangetsu

Ichigo manifests his Shikai, Zangetsu.

With the dust beginning to settle, Jinta peers over the rock and wonders what is happening now while Urahara holds onto his hat and watches Ichigo, who kneels with his Shikai, Zangetsu, embedded in the ground before standing up and pulling it out. Though a puzzled Jinta questions what kind of Zanpakutō this is because there is no hilt or guard, which he feels means it is not shaped like a normal sword at all and makes Ichigo's previous Zanpakutō better, Tessai can stare in shock while Ichigo silently inspects Zangetsu. However, when Urahara steps forward and declares that they can proceed with lesson three now that Ichigo has managed to draw his Zanpakutō, Ichigo holds Zangetsu out to the side and apologizes while assuming that Urahara will evade it as best he can, and when a confused Urahara bluntly inquires about why he will need to dodge, Ichigo admits that he probably cannot restrain it.[75]


Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshō cuts a large chasm into the land.

Seeing the remnants of Ichigo's bindings burst off his shoulder due to his rising Reiatsu, an alarmed Urahara prepares to protect himself with Chikasumi no Tate as Ichigo brings down Zangetsu and unleashes another, more concentrated Getsuga Tenshō. In the aftermath, Urahara's hat flies off with almost half of its brim missing as Urahara stands behind Chikasumi no Tate in the wake of Ichigo's attack and admits that he would have lost at least an arm without the shield. Walking over to his hat and picking it up, Urahara dusts it off and declares that Ichigo killed it before putting it back on his head as he looks over the large chasm created by Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshō.[76]

67Sado trains

Sado fires an energy blast.

Urahara notes that Ichigo is a scary kid to be able to do this with only one attack before informing a sleeping Ichigo that he has passed the third lesson. Elsewhere, in the wilderness, a panting Uryū declares that it is finished as he dissolves his Heilig Bogen and thanks Sōken Ishida while looking at his Sanrei Glove. Meanwhile, in an abandoned building in Karakura Town, Sado destroys a large portion of a wall with an energy blast from his Fullbring, Brazo Derecha de Gigante, leading him and Orihime to celebrate his success and their readiness to go to Soul Society. Despite this, an irritated Yoruichi asserts that they have made a mess and tells Orihime and Sado to run out the back door as sirens approach the building from the street outside.[77]


Urahara explains the limitations of consecutive attacks.

At a later point during his training of Ichigo in the training grounds underneath his shop, Urahara explains to him that an attack can be employed fewer times in succession in direct correlation to its power, with a revolver being able to fire six times and a missile only firing once, and asserts that the number of consecutive attacks is always pre-determined. Urahara instructs Ichigo to determine the maximum number of attacks because a desperate opponent will always strike the maximum number of times, which will allow him to attack while the opponent is vulnerable and defenseless between the end of the first series of attacks and the start of the second.[78]

97Ichigo dodges

Ichigo narrowly dodges an attack from Urahara, who is pushing him to learn to use his Getsuga Tenshō at will.

Some time after this, while training with Urahara, Ichigo narrowly dodges an attack from the former that shatters a rock behind where he was standing, and as Urahara flatly states that he cannot run away, Ichigo angrily points out that Urahara tried to kill him just now and that he would have been killed had he not run. However, Urahara reveals that this is the point and explains how he is trying to corner Ichigo and drive him to the edge so he can learn to deliver the killing blow at any time. With Urahara indicating the massive chasm in the ground he left in the ground after manifesting Zangetsu, Ichigo claims that this was due to luck and not something he can perform on command, but Urahara insists that he has to be able to do it on command.[79]

97Urahara attacks

Urahara sends Ichigo flying with a slash of Benihime as he continues pushing him.

Clarifying that Ichigo is on the verge of learning how to fight by activating the true power of his Zanpakutō, Urahara describes him as having talent but only being as strong as a 3rd or 4th Seat at best before informing Ichigo that the enormous strength of Shinigami requires him to master this attack in order to be their equal. Ichigo concedes this, but admits that he does not even remember how he performed this attack due to how desperate he was at the time, only for Urahara to conclude that he is driving Ichigo to the edge in order to make him remember as he leaps forward and jabs at Ichigo with Benihime, which Ichigo blocks with the broad side of Zangetsu before sending him flying backward, where he crashes into the top of a large rock formation.[80]

97Urahara prevents

Urahara prevents Tessai and Ururu from tending to Ichigo.

Though Tessai and Ururu attempt to move to Ichigo's side in order to tend to his injuries, Urahara appears before them and instructs the two of them to hold back for now as he ascends the side of the rock. As he tries to catch his breath, Ichigo is stunned to see Urahara appear in front of him and attack once more, resulting in Ichigo crashing into a second rock formation nearby after being sent hurtling off the top of the first one, to Jinta's astonishment. Having carved a trench into the top of the rock with his crash, Ichigo coughs as Urahara criticizes him for falling apart after being pressed only a little and expresses disappointment in Ichigo's condition before asserting that his blade only resonates with fear. Urahara details how Ichigo's every move revolves around his fear and declares this will not bring him victory in battle because nothing is born of fear as he tells Ichigo his actions should revolve around his resolve to kill and not let himself or others be killed.[81]

97Getsuga Tensho

Ichigo succeeds in firing a Getsuga Tenshō at will.

When Urahara points out how Benihime is filled with the resolve to kill him, Ichigo gets to his feet and raises Zangetsu above his head as his Reiatsu surges, and while Urahara notes that he is capable of resolve after all and instructs Ichigo to never forget this feeling, he uses Nake, Benihime to fire an energy blast at Ichigo as the latter unleashes a Getsuga Tenshō.[82]

The Last Summer Vacation[]

August 1st[]

68Keigo throws

Keigo throws salt on Mizuiro as revenge for his vacation.

On August 1st, the day after Ichigo completes his training with Urahara, Keigo welcomes him home and tearfully declares that he was lonely playing video games alone while flinging himself at Ichigo, who merely kicks him in the face as he offhandedly states that it is nice to see Keigo too. When Mizuiro appears with a golden tan and asks Keigo if he missed him, Keigo angrily throws salt at him while calling him a foreign devil, prompting Mizuiro to complain about how it is making his Phuket tan sting before revealing that he brought Keigo back a coconut as a gift, only for Keigo to declare that he will crack it open using Mizuiro's head. As he watches this in bewilderment, Ichigo mentally notes he has decided to enjoy what may be his last normal summer vacation while Urahara's crew prepares to open the gate to Soul Society. At 3:10 P.M. that afternoon, after confirming the time with Mizuiro, Ichigo demands to know why Keigo brought them out to the area they will watch the fireworks from now if the display is not happening until that night.[83]

68Tatsuki greets

Tatsuki greets her friends alongside Orihime and Sado after she kicks over Keigo.

Demanding to know if Ichigo knows how much he has been looking forward to this day, Keigo reveals he did not sleep at all last night as Ichigo observes he sounds like a grade school kid before a field trip. Keigo declares he would have had them meet at 11 P.M. in the morning if he could, leading Ichigo to point out this would have been last night rather than this morning, and bemoans how he shut himself in his house and played video games he did not even like every day while Ichigo and the others were gone before revealing he cleared five role-playing games in the last ten days as a stunned Ichigo notes he seems to have found his calling in life. Suddenly, Tatsuki kicks over Keigo from behind and greets Ichigo and Mizuiro alongside Orihime and Sado.[84]

68Tatsuki explains

Tatsuki reveals she only lost the final round of Nationals due to a broken arm.

While Mizuiro greets them in return, Ichigo expresses shock upon seeing Tatsuki's right arm in a sling and is further incredulous to hear that she only placed 2nd at Nationals. Though Tatsuki merely brushes it off as lame because she would have won were it not for her injury, Keigo and Mizuiro are frightened to be standing in front of the second strongest high school girl in Japan, and when Ichigo wonders what kind of monster could have done this to her, Tatsuki explains that she was actually hit by a car when she went to buy a drink after the semifinals and managed to beat her next opponent with just her left arm before revealing that she had to fight a "gorilla" in the finals, prompting Keigo and Mizuiro to mentally swear that they would not fight such a creature with a bazooka.[85]

68Friends walk

Ichigo and his friends walk toward the fireworks viewing area.

Later, as the friends walk through Karakura Town in the evening, Ichigo expresses surprise at how long it took them to just walk to their destination, and upon being told that their destination is the Onose River, Tatsuki points out that they are already here, only for Keigo to claim that they need to keep going because the fireworks are being shot off at the city field across the river while Mizuiro clarifies that they need to go farther down in order to get a good view. Sitting down on the riverbank, Tatsuki asserts that this area is fine because they will get lost in the street vendors and crowds of people if they get too close to the fireworks, prompting Keigo to proclaim that fireworks displays are festivals that are all about going crazy over the fireworks, interacting with the street vendors, and getting aroused by the girls in yukata.[86]

68Isshin, Karin, and Yuzu arrive

Isshin Kurosaki, Karin Kurosaki, and Yuzu Kurosaki arrive.

As Keigo criticizes Tatsuki and Orihime for coming to watch fireworks in their street clothes because he wanted to see Orihime in a yukata, Ichigo questions if they should check out the vendors for a while, which Mizuiro is not sure of. Suddenly, Ichigo is startled to hear Isshin Kurosaki yell out to them as he, Karin Kurosaki, and Yuzu Kurosaki run up dressed in kimono and tackle Ichigo, who is sent rolling down the embankment. Karin and Yuzu offer Ichigo a chocolate-covered banana, but he refuses to eat it while asking them why they are all the way over here.[87]

68Isshin reveals

Isshin reveals that he and his daughters got drunk off fruit juice to an outraged Ichigo.

When Yuzu loudly expresses surprise at him not wanting to eat her banana, Ichigo asks her to lower her voice as he wonders if they are drunk. Isshin reveals that he is very drunk, to Ichigo's outrage, and explains that one of the vendors put out a stall of fruit juice that was diluted with sake instead of water, though Isshin assumes it was due to senility while Keigo notes that senility likely had nothing to do with it. While Keigo and Mizuiro realize that Isshin knew exactly what he was drinking, Isshin reveals that he also saved a lot of great seats at 7 A.M. and offers to take the students there, leading Ichigo to observe that this is where he was this morning, and admits that he almost got arrested by the police while trying to set up a raft on the river to watch the fireworks from as Ichigo mentally asserts that they should have thrown him in jail.[88]

68Friends and family run

Isshin, Karin, Yuzu, Sado, Keigo, and Mizuiro run off to attend the fireworks festival.

After learning that Orihime and Tatsuki will come over later, Isshin runs off with his daughters, Keigo, Mizuiro, and Sado as an exasperated Ichigo notes that he should probably go too. When Ichigo apologizes to her for the chaos and assures her that it is okay if she does not want to come, Tatsuki affirms that she will show up later and tells Ichigo to catch up with them. As Ichigo leaves, Orihime and Tatsuki look out over the river as Orihime cheerfully observes that it has been a while since they were last here. Noting that they come here every fall, Tatsuki reminds Orihime of the time that she found a red dragonfly on this riverbank and ran off after it, only to not come back that night and leave Tatsuki to tearfully look for her for two days. Orihime fondly recalls how a fisherman bought her tasty sushi while she was lost before revealing to Tatsuki that Sora Inoue could catch red dragonflies on his finger at will.[89]


Orihime recalls Sora Inoue's ability to catch red dragonflies.

As she explains how Sora would simply point a finger at the sky and having a red dragonfly land on it, Orihime admits that she loved this and always wanted to do it herself but never could. As she listens to this, Tatsuki notes that Orihime changed how she parts her bangs, and while Orihime claims that she simply felt like a change and wonders why Tatsuki is wearing such a solemn expression, Tatsuki asks her to not go too far away. However, Orihime inquires what she is talking about and asserts that she is simply going to her aunt's house for a while before assuring Tatsuki that she does not want to do so and would much rather hang out with her.[90]


Fireworks begin going off as Orihime and Tatsuki talk.

While Tatsuki looks at her, Orihime proposes that they come back here and watch red dragonflies again after summer vacation is over, which Tatsuki happily agrees to. Suddenly, fireworks begin exploding in the sky above them, prompting Tatsuki to begin running off while observing that it is not even dark yet and telling Orihime to follow her. As she runs, Orihime mentally assures Tatsuki to not worry because she always feels safe wherever she goes due to Tatsuki always looking for her before asking her to wait if Orihime goes somewhere she cannot find so Orihime can eventually come back to her. Later that night, Ichigo carries Karin and Yuzu home as they sleep on his back.[91]

68Ichigo carries

Ichigo carries his sleeping sisters home on his back while Isshin pokes fun at him.

Ichigo questions why he has to do it, and when a drunk Isshin tells his daughters to enjoy making their brother work like a mule, Ichigo angrily demands to know if he thinks it is funny and turns away as Isshin tearfully claims he was just kidding and Ichigo does not need to get upset. As he continues walking, Ichigo reveals he is going away again in about a week and will not be back until summer vacation is over, prompting Isshin to encourage his solitary journey before requesting he bring back any cute girls he meets for Isshin. Though Ichigo is visibly doubtful of his capabilities, Isshin assures him he can look after the house while Ichigo is gone before proclaiming no harm will befall their family as long as he is around. While Isshin prides himself on having said something cool, Ichigo asserts he is not worried and decides to go.[92]

69Kuna delivers

Niko Kuna wheels Rukia's Gigai into the Shinigami Research and Development Institute after it is returned by the Onmitsukidō and inspected by the Quarantine Department.

Some time later, in the SRDI within the Seireitei, Hiyosu watches archival footage of Rukia in her Gigai at Don Kanonji's Casual Soul Realm Assault Trip taping and observes that it is very well-made as he expresses his hope that it is returned to them soon. Walking up behind Hiyosu, 12th Division 3rd Seat Akon teasingly notes that Hiyosu has been watching this footage for several days and inquires if he is really not bored of it yet, but Hiyosu bluntly asserts that he can look at it all he wants because he found it. Akon admits that they would never have found this Gigai if Hiyosu had not been scouring the Human World's radio wave broadcasts, only for an irritated Hiyosu to point out that they would already have it back were it not for Akon requesting that the Onmitsukidō investigate it. As Akon assures Hiyosu that it should be returned to them today, a nearby alarm shaped like a caterpillar with a human head begins screaming, leading him to observe that it seems to have arrived as Niko Kuna wheels the Gigai into the room on a gurney.[93]

69Hiyosu examines

Hiyosu begins eagerly examining Rukia's Gigai, which he is intrigued by the construction of.

Laughing with excitement, Hiyosu rips the cloth off the Gigai and praises its perfect condition while admitting that he thought it might have been shaved by the Quarantine Department. As they crowd around the gurney, the other researchers inspect the limbs of the Gigai and observe that it does not have a signature despite being exquisitely crafted. Kuna asserts that no one other than Akon could make something of this quality, but Akon states that he does not remember this Gigai and assumes that it is the work of his Captain, Mayuri Kurotsuchi. While another researcher dismisses its creator as irrelevant, Hiyosu extends his eyeball outward on a rod with a crank on the side of his head as he reminds them that they should be thanking him for finding it. Suddenly, Hiyosu expresses surprise, and when Kuna asks him what he found, a shocked Hiyosu tells them to look closer.[94]

69Hiyosu is shocked

A shocked Hiyosu points out a certain area of the Gigai.

Hiyosu indicates a certain portion of the Gigai, and as he leans in to look, a stunned Akon asserts that this is not Mayuri's work or that of anybody else because nobody should be able to do something like this, but one of the researchers simply states that it is here regardless, prompting Akon to clarify that it exists even though it should not before declaring that whoever made it is definitely no longer in Soul Society. Upon being asked why he believes this with such conviction, Akon proclaims that possession of this level of skill would be enough to banish someone from Soul Society forever.[95]

August 8th[]


Ichigo is flabbergasted by Urahara's disturbing method of messaging him.

At 1 A.M., in the Kurosaki Clinic, Ichigo sits awake in his bed while looking out the window and recalls Urahara's instructions to do this while asserting that he is getting a bad feeling about this. As he looks out the window and enjoys the breeze, Ichigo is caught off-guard when a large ball bearing a caricature of Urahara on it hurtles toward him and passes through his window before hitting his closet, where it bursts open, releasing a large amount of blood-like liquid. Grossed out by this, Ichigo is shocked when the dripping liquid spells out a message telling him to gather with his friends in front of the Urahara Shop, causing Ichigo to freak out about the mess and compare it to a message written by a murder victim with his own blood.[96]


Isshin gives Ichigo a small protective charm.

When the dripping liquid reveals a postscript message that claims anyone who saw the main message and though it was a horror movie cliché has no sense of humor, Ichigo angrily throws his pillow at it. Shortly afterward, Ichigo quietly walks past Karin and Yuzu before reaching the front door, where he bids his family farewell as he opens the door and walks outside. Suddenly, Isshin leaps off the roof of the house and greets Ichigo, who steps aside at the last second as Isshin crashes into the ground where he was standing. After congratulating Ichigo for evading his attack, Isshin hands him a small charm and reveals he wanted to give this to Ichigo before he left.[97]

69Ichigo and Orihime run

Ichigo crosses paths with Orihime, who begins running with him.

When a confused Ichigo questions what it is, Isshin claims it is a talisman that Masaki Kurosaki gave him a long time ago which will give Ichigo good luck, shocking Ichigo, who asserts that he cannot takes this as Isshin agrees and clarifies that he is only lending it to Ichigo for the trip before requesting that Ichigo return it when he gets back. Seeing Ichigo solemnly contemplate this, Isshin declares that he will shave his beard off if Ichigo loses it, leading Ichigo to question the viability of shaving as a threat. After agreeing to take it, to Isshin's delight, Ichigo runs off into the night. As he runs down the street, Ichigo crosses paths with Orihime, who begins running alongside him. Ichigo asks Orihime if she also received a summons from Urahara, and when she confirms this with a strange look on her face, Ichigo inquires what is wrong, only to be baffled when Orihime reveals that she was also told that she has no sense of humor.[98]

69Sado waits

Sado waits for his friends outside the Urahara Shop after getting there first.

Explaining that he also got a summons, Ichigo asks Orihime if she is sure that she is going, and after she affirms this, Ichigo smiles and declares that they had better hurry while the two of them continue running. Upon reaching the Urahara Shop, Ichigo and Orihime are surprised to find Sado sitting outside and note that he is early. Upon learning that Sado was taking a walk when he got the summons because he could not sleep, Ichigo wonders where he got the summons, only to be shocked to see it written in a nearby alley as he thinks of how the neighbors will react. When Ichigo wonders where Uryū is because he had heard the latter was coming too, Orihime assures him that Uryū will be here soon enough, but Sado asserts that he is not coming, to Orihime's surprise and irritation, before explaining that he believes it may be for the best because Uryū is the most complicated and fragile out of all of them.[99]

69Urahara greets

Urahara greets Ichigo, Orihime, Sado, and Uryū after they all gather outside his shop.

However, Uryū inquires who Sado is speaking of as he steps forward and clarifies he said he was training because he could not accept losing to the Shinigami. As Uryū declares he is ready for a rematch and will go wherever he has to for it, Orihime thanks him for coming along, prompting a mildly embarrassed Uryū to claim this has nothing to do with Rukia. Uryū asserts Ichigo will see how much stronger he has become when they get to Soul Society, but Ichigo focuses on him walking all the way to the Urahara Shop in his new outfit, which Uryū defends the appearance of. In the middle of this, Urahara walks up and greets Ichigo and his friends as he opens the doors.[100]


Tessai tearfully thanks Orihime for her kind words.

Detailing how he will explain the method for traveling to Soul Society inside his shop, Urahara warns them to listen carefully or risk not making it there alive.[101] Inside the training area underneath the Urahara Shop, Orihime and her friends look around as she expresses amazement at how large it is and how it feels like a secret base, to Ichigo's confusion, prompting Tessai to tearfully thank Orihime for her kind words. Watching this, Ichigo notes Orihime has a gift for making friends with people she just met and is the opposite of Sado and Uryū, the latter of whom questions why Ichigo is looking at him like this before Urahra draws their attention.[102]

70Urahara's Senkaimon

Urahara brings out a Senkaimon.

Urahara snaps his fingers, causing four large rectangular pillars wrapped in tags to emerge at 90-degree angles from the space behind him and slide into place with each other, forming a gate. As he explains that this is a Senkaimon leading to Soul Society, Urahara requests that they listen carefully because he is going to tell them how to pass through this gate without dying. Urahara pushes Ichigo's Soul out of his body with his Gokon Tekkō-tipped cane, to the amazement of Orihime, Sado, and Uryū, who begin examining his lifeless body. While Uryū observes the two are separated quite easily, Orihime asks Ichigo if he is really no longer in his body anymore, which Ichigo confirms while unnerved by this. Suddenly, Kon pops out from behind Ichigo's shoulder.[103]

70Sado reunites

Sado reunites with Kon, who remembers being chased by him.

While Ichigo expresses shock at his appearance, Kon tells his friends to stop touching Ichigo's body because it is going to be his body for a while, but assures Orihime that she can touch it as much as she wants as Ichigo demands to know what he is doing here. Kon declares that he is going as well while Orihime and Uryū are left speechless over seeing a talking stuffed animal. Though Kon asserts that he will not let Ichigo leave him behind and is going to Soul Society no matter what, he quickly begins screaming in terror when Sado picks him up by the head and recalls their first encounter. While Kon questions why Sado is here, Urahara calls out to the group and reveals he is going to explain the gate before detailing how the gate is comprised of a Senkaimon and a Reishi Henkan-Ki.[104]

70Reishi Henkan-Ki

Urahara explains how a Reishi Henkan-Ki will allow them to enter Soul Society by converting their bodies from Kishi to Reishi, which is what makes up Souls.

After clarifying that a Reishi Henkan-Ki converts Reishi, Urahara states that the two are attached by covering the gate with Ketsūgo-Fu, which act as a binding agent. When Ichigo picks up on his mention of Reishi conversion, Urahara reminds them that Soul Society is a world of Souls and cannot be entered without being a Soul before pointing out that only Ichigo can move about as a Soul, as the rest of them would be attached to their bodies by Chains of Fate if their Souls were pushed out and would barely be able to move as a result. Urahara reveals that this is where the Reishi Henkan-Ki comes in by converting Kishi, the matter that makes up most things in the Human World, into Reishi, which is the main component of Souls.[105]


Urahara jabs an impatient Ichigo in the side.

Considering this, Uryū concludes that they can enter Soul Society exactly as they are now by simply walking through the gate even without removing their Souls, which Urahara confirms. Though Ichigo asserts that he understands and that they can proceed, Urahara jabs him in the side with his cane and prepares to move on to the most important point. While Ichigo leans against a rock in pain, Urahara assures them that passing through the gate itself is not a problem because the Reishi conversion is painless and will allow them to reach Soul Society if they keep moving forward. However, Urahara clarifies that the problem they are facing is time.[106]


Yoruichi steps in to comfort an uncertain Orihime by reminding her that the heart and soul are connected.

Urahara details how the Senkaimon can only remain open and connected to Soul Society for up to four minutes at most, shocking Ichigo and his friends, who are further stunned when Urahara reveals that still traveling when the gate closes will result in them being trapped in the Dangai forever. As he adds that the Dangai also has a restrictive current called the Kōryū which paralyzes Souls in order to prevent the entry of Hollows and other foreign invaders, Urahara asserts that any of them getting a limb caught in it reduces the possibility of passing through the Dangai within the time span to nearly zero. With Orihime questioning how they can get through like this, Yoruichi suddenly finishes her sentence for her and reminds Orihime of how the heart and soul are connected to each other.[107]

70Urahara and Tessai prepare

Urahara and Tessai begin charging up the Senkaimon.

Asserting that the state of the heart is crucial, Yoruichi tells Orihime and her friends that the will to go forward will be their guide and instructs them to simply go forward while casting aside all fear, not looking back, and not thinking of those they are leaving behind. When Yoruichi states that those who can do this should follow, Ichigo steps forward while his friends remain silent and declares that Yoruichi is wasting time because all their minds were made up the moment they arrived. Despite Yoruichi warning him that he will never return to the Human World if he loses, Ichigo proclaims that he will just have to win, which Yoruichi affirms as Urahara and Tessai begin charging up the gate to open the Senkaimon.[108]


70Ichigo, Orihime, Sado, and Uryu enter

Ichigo, Orihime, Sado, Uryū, and Yoruichi enter the Dangai after Urahara and Tessai open the Senkaimon.

As Urahara instructs Ichigo and his friends to run in as soon as it opens, a bound and gagged Kon struggles to free himself as Ichigo instructs him to take care of his family before leaping into the gate alongside his friends and Yoruichi, where they find themselves in a realm of dripping sludge littered with bones and a path to a rectangular opening in front of them. While they realize that this is the Dangai, Yoruichi berates them for standing around while the Kōryū is approaching. Outside, Urahara touches the gate, which repels and burns his hand, and while Ichigo and his friends begin running through the Dangai, Urahara asserts that it is all up to him now.[109]


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