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Tres Bestias
Kanji 3獣神
English Three Beasts
Romaji Toresu Besutia
Headquarters Las Noches, Hueco Mundo
Affiliation Sōsuke Aizen's Arrancar Army (formerly)

The Tres Bestias (3獣神 (トレス・ベスティア), Toresu Besutia; Spanish for "Three Beasts", Japanese for "Three Beast Gods") are the three Arrancar that serve as Espada Tier Harribel's Fracción.[1]


  • Emilou Apacci (エミルー・アパッチ, Emirū Apacchi) is a tomboyish Arrancar with heterochromia, one sky blue and one amber eye, with the latter having a red ring around it. Apacci's mask fragment is on the top of her head, with a horn in the middle. Apacci's Zanpakutō consists of the bracelets strapped to her arms.
  • Franceska Mila Rose (フランチェスカ・ミラ・ローズ, Furanchesuka Mira Rōzu) is a dark-skinned Arrancar whose mask fragments form a three-sectioned crown around her head and a thick necklace. Her Hollow hole is positioned midway between her navel and breasts. Her Zanpakutō is a western style longsword.
  • Cyan Sung-Sun (シアン・スンスン, Shian Sunsun) wears a long white dress, with sleeves extending well past her hands. She wears two belts criss-crossing each other on her waist. Sung-Sun has long, flowing green hair, and three dots below her right eye. Her mask remnants create three hair clip-like extensions on the right side of her hair, and her Hollow hole is not visible. Her Zanpakutō resembles a sai.


  • Ayon (アヨン, Ayon) is a Hollow created by the Tres Bestias' Quimera Parca ability, made from Apacci, Mila Rose, and Sung-Sun's left arms.[2] Despite being created by the three Arrancar, Ayon does not respond to any of their commands and tends to act on its own accord.[3] Despite this, Ayon has shown some concern for their well-being.[4]


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