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Bleach Soul Card Battle is a trading card game designed by Aik Tongtharadol and published by Bandai. It is sold through Carddas in Japan. Score Entertainment introduced the game to the US but has since ceased publication.

Card Sets[]

The cards for the game have been released in named sets, with each set introducing new forms of the six basic types of cards. Each of the sets are released in three formats: a 72-card pre-constructed box set containing a starter deck and two booster packs, a 10-card booster pack, and a 12-pack booster box.

Released Card Sets[]

  1. The Death And The Strawberry
  2. The Blade And Me
  3. Intruderz
  4. Secret Of The Moon
  5. Blazing Souls
  6. The Black Moon Rising
  7. No One Stands On The Sky
  8. Returning Souls
  9. Returning Souls2
  10. Get Back From The Storm
  11. The Approaching Danger
  12. Night of Sledgehammer
  13. Turn the True Power on
  14. DiamondDust Rebellion
  15. Winged Eagles
  16. Back to the Innocence feat.Gaurdian13
  17. There Is No Heart Without You
  18. You Don't Hurt Anymore
  19. Thank You For Defending Me
  20. Turn Back The Pendulum
  21. March of the Death

Basic Rules[]

The trading card game is a two-player game in which each player starts with at least 61 cards: a "Guardian" card, a 60-card "main deck" and an optional 20-card "side deck". A player loses if their power, as dictated by their Guardian card, is reduced to zero, or if they are unable to draw or discard a card from their deck.

Card Types[]

Basic Cards
Guardian Card Guardian cards represent the personae of characters in the Bleach universe. Each Guardian has a Power rating that represents the total amount of damage they can take. Each Guardian also has a set of numbers on the left side of the card that represent how much of a particular Energy card that the Guardian can have in their energy deck. Finally, Guardians each have Effects that can be used as indicated on the card. (Effects that require a cost will have the requirements bolded). In addition to regular versions, there are also special Hi-Tech cards that are variants of the regular Guardian cards. These are exclusive to the pre-constructed starter decks.
Guardian Card
Energy Card Energy cards are the only cards that can be placed in the Side Deck. Energy cards are what players use to pay costs and play their cards. There are currently three kinds of Energy: Mind Energy, Body Energy and Spirit Energy.
Energy Card
Character Card Character cards can represent anyone and anything from Bleach, whether it be Humans, Shinigamis or Hollows. Character cards (and the three other types of cards) have a Cost that needs to be paid upon playing the card. Characters also have Traits, which are keywords that determine if specific abilities can be used. Some characters may also be labelled Non-Unique, which means you can have more than one copy in play at any time. The most important area of a Character card is the right side of the card. Each Character can have up to three Stats which they use to attack and inflict Power damage to the opponent. Some Characters may also have Effects. Characters have a White background.

There are currently fifteen different Character traits: Good, Human, Male, Evil, Student, Soldier, Shinigami, Spirit, Hollow, Whole, Female, Quincy, Cute, Animal, and Bankai.

There are currently six stats that Characters can use: AGI (Agility), FOR (Fortitude), INT (Intelligence), SPP (Spiritual Pressure), STR (Strength) and QCK (Quickness).

Character Card
Event Card Events have a number of varying abilities. Some Events may require you to have Characters with certain Traits in play in order to use them. Events have a Blue background.
Event Card
Item Card Items need to be equipped to Characters in order to be used, and can represent important items in the Bleach universe (such as Zanpakutō). Items may need to be equipped to a certain Character or someone with a certain Trait in order to use them. Items have a Red background.
Item Card
Battleground Card Battlegrounds represent locations in the human world and Soul Society. They have a constant effect that can affect either one or all players. Battlegrounds have a green background.
Battleground Card