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Toshimori Umesada (梅定敏盛, Umesada Toshimori) is the 20th Seat of the 9th Division (a position he shares with 15 other Shinigami).


Toshimori is a large man with a top knot and large sideburns. He sports a large, thick mustache above his lip and thick, arching eyebrows that hang close to his eyes. Above his left nostril, he has a prominent mole. When angry, a vein on the left side of his forehead pulsates.[1] Unlike most 9th Division members, his uniform has sleeves.


Tosimori is a sleazy, power obsessed man. He takes great pride in being a seated officer, using it to show off to Orihime whom he was hitting on. He believes himself superior to many others, commenting that he is the strongest of the 15 Shinigami he shares his post with. [2] He is easily angered, showcased by when Uryū simply stepped in front of him when he was hitting on Orihime.[3]


Soul Society arc[]


Toshimori flirts with Orihime.

Toshimori leads a squad in order to find the Ryoka within Soul Society. He tells his team that the intruders are tricky and so they should check every corner. Looking at two subordinates, he tells them they have done good work and asks if they are new, as he does not remember them. Orihime Inoue and Uryū Ishida, posing as squad members, tell him that they are and introduce themselves. Looking at Orihime, he mutters to himself that she is not bad and approaches her, asking if she wants to come to his room tonight. He tells her that she has probably heard of him and that he is one of 15 officers sharing the 20th Seat of the 9th Division this year. He then claims that he is embarrassed to say so, but he is the strongest of those 15. He says he will not treat her wrong, but Uryū intervenes, stepping in front of Orihime.[4]


Uryū steps in.

He asks Uryū what his problem is and Uryū says that the intruder problem is so great that war time exemptions were passed. He then tells Toshimori that he does not believe a seated officer has time to do such things at a time like this. Toshimori becomes angry, telling Uryū that an unseated officer shouldn't lecture him. The rest of his team then calls out to him, saying that they found no suspicious people and ask for further instructions. He leaves, saying that he will not forget Uryū and that when this is all over, he will make him feel his wrath.[5]

Powers and Abilities[]

Spiritual Power: As a Shinigami and a seated officer, Toshimori possesses higher-than-average levels of Reiryoku.



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