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Tokinada Tsunayashiro (綱彌代時灘, Tsunayashiro Tokinada) is a member of the Tsunayashiro Clan, one of the Four Noble Houses. Originally a member of the furthest branch family the Tsunayashiro Clan, Tokinada got himself promoted to Head of the Family while secretly orchestrating a rebellious campaign against Soul Society to replace the Soul King with his protégé, Hikone Ubuginu, alongside his co-conspirators Aura Michibane and Seinosuke Yamada. Ultimately, Tokinada was defeated by an alliance of Shinigami, Quincy, Arrancar, and Fullbringers, before being murdered by an unidentified assassin.


Tokinada is a slender man with green eyes and medium length, dark-green hair that is generally unkempt except for a tightly tied braid along his left side of his head. He wears a loose fitting, black Shihakushō over which he wears a white haori.[3]


While generally polite in conversation, Tokinada is openly and very sadistic, and even admits that his greatest joy is watching people fall into soul-crushing despair. After learning about the "Original Sin" of Soul Society, Tokinada adopted a nihilistic worldview, believing that there is no excuse for anyone not to act with complete malice in their meaningless world. As a result, Tokinada is quite a shrewd person.[4]


At some point in the past, a young Tokinada asked his father about the Soul King. The father replied that the Soul King is the lynchpin that holds the worlds together and that without it, they would collapse on each other. When Tokinada asked what the world was before the Soul King, his father got furious and says that there was no history prior to the Soul King's birth, and that the Shinigami should be happy a being so wise and powerful exists in the first place. Tokinada pretended to be satisfied, but secretly bided his time.[4]

Many years later, Tokinada uncovered records about the true history of Soul Society and the greatest sin of the Tsunayashiro family. Laughing, Tokinada now realized that the million-year history of Soul Society is based upon deception, and that there is no excuse for him or anyone to behave any differently. Tokinada vowed that, until the inevitable end of Soul Society, he will act with completely justified malice and evil.[4]

Hundreds of years before the Wandenreich invasion of Soul Society, Tokinada became a Shinigami.

At some point in his later life, Tokinada was forced into marriage by his family. Driven by his own urges, Tokinada settled on marriage with a lowly Shinigami originating from the Rukongai, Kakyō, and planned on giving her great happiness only to brutally tear it away later on. As Kakyō was a very promising and talented graduate from the Shin'ō Academy, Tokinada grew to resent her even more, yet was unable to get rid of her as his family was happy at such a successful "experiment". However, one night a random Shinigami who befriended Kakyō confronted Tokinada about his treatment of his wife. When Tokinada unveiled the full truth to the Shinigami, they became enraged and attacked the noble.[5]

Tokinada upon murdering his wife.

As the two fought, with Tokinada having the advantage, Kakyō discovered them and attempted to stop the fight. Taking advantage of the distraction, Tokinada slaughtered the Shinigami before turning his attention to Kakyō and fatally wounding her. Afterwards, Tokinada returned to the heads of his family, where he lied about the circumstances of Kakyō's death; by his account, Tokinada could not stand being married to a commoner and when he caught Kakyō commuting adultery with another Shinigami, he had killed them in self-defense. While the Tsunayashiro elders branded Tokinada as incompetent, they tried to cover up the event as they also had their secrets.[5]

Due to the interference of another noble, Shunsui Kyōraku, who brought the events to light, Tokinada was tried for murder regardless. However, Tokinada's status as a noble allowed him to go relatively unpunished, much to the fury of his late wife's best friend, Kaname Tōsen.[5]

After Kakyō's funeral, Tokinada found the blind Tōsen in front of the Central 46 Compound demanding an audience with Central 46 to have Kakyō's murderer be properly punished. Pretending to be a mere, random friend of Kakyō, Tokinada amicably confronted Tōsen and apologized for not being able to protect her. Taking Tōsen aside to talk about their mutual friend's demise. Tokinada confirms to Tōsen that Kakyō's husband was the one who murdered her and pretended to speculate that her strong belief in justice and peace must have angered the wrong person. Once Tokinada realized why Tōsen wanted an audience he shifted the topic towards the Five Noble Families and revealed to Tōsen that the murderer was a member of one of the families, and that that was the reason he was never truly punished.[6]

When Tōsen demanded to know why the Shinigami, the guardians of peace, allowed this to happen, Tokinada only said that the noble families' peace was indeed defended. When Tōsen got furious at this injustice Tokinada proceeded to ask Tōsen if he wants revenge for Kakyō; if Tōsen had the power to take revenge, would he do it? Even if Kakyō would not want him to? After Tōsen calmed down, realizing that Kakyō would never want bloodshed in her name Tokinada finally identified himself as the very man that murdered Kakyō.[6]

As Tōsen is paralyzed by sheer emotional shock, Tokinada said he is happy Tōsen will not walk the path of vengeance and exerts his Reiatsu to terrify the blind man. Tokinada continued by saying that if Tōsen said yes, he would have killed the blind man then and there. As Tokinada prepared to leave, Tōsen lunged at him, only for Tokinada to violently subdue him. Tokinada crushed Tōsen's throat, and tells him to honor Kakyō's wishes for the peace the Shinigami enforce before ordering the guards to beat up and expel the defenseless Tōsen.[6]

Decades later, Tokinada murdered several Fullbringers associated with Kūgo Ginjō on his family's authority, including the father of the Fullbringer Aura Michibane. Years after the event, Tokinada encountered an older Aura and, upon telling her she was the host of the Saketsu of the Soul King, recruited her for his plans.[7]

At some point before the Wandenreich invasion of Soul Society, Tokinada had commissioned Seinosuke Yamada to create an artificial hybrid Soul. Despite Seinosuke's best efforts, and the inclusion of thousands of soul pieces including some belonging to the Soul King, the Hybrid named Hikone was barely alive and could not move or speak.[8] It was only when Tokinada managed to acquire the brain of the Quincy Gremmy Thoumeaux to serve as the hybrid's core that Hikone could finally be perfected and stabilized.[8]

During the second Wandenreich attack, Tokinada took advantage of the chaos to infiltrate the exposed Soul King Palace to steal the Zanpakutō Ikomikidomoe from the Hōōden.[9][10]


Bleach: Can't Fear Your Own World

Tokinada pets Hikone.

As Tokinada awakens from a nostalgic dream, a dream involving him first meeting Kaname Tōsen, he is greeted by Hikone Ubuginu eagerly asking what he dreamed of. Tokinada explains to Hikone was a pleasant dream, and he'll never get tired of seeing a person get filled with boundless, crushing despair before shifting his gaze towards the numerous Onmitsukidō assassin corpses that surround him. Tokinada approaches the only survivor, noting that they were employed by his own family, and asks why they still attempted to carry out their mission if their client was supposedly dead. As Tokinada tortures the assassin to death, he reveals that he covertly ordered the assassination himself, all to garner sympathy and get rid of all his rivals.[6]

After murdering the remaining survivors, Hikone wonders if they should be more respectful towards the new head of the Tsunayashiro family, but Tokinada assures the child that it is not necessary, as Hikone will become the new Soul King anyway.[6]

Soon afterwards, Tokinada is promoted to head of the Tsunayashiro Clan, and decides to have the Seireitei Communication print the news across the entire Seireitei and even the Rukongai.[11] Likewise, Tokinada sends Hikone to attack Hueco Mundo, supposedly so Hikone can prove their worth as "king".[12]

Sometime later, Tokinda approaches Captain-commander Shunsui Kyōraku in the First Division Barracks to discuss his new status. Mentioning that Shunsui was the one who had him sent to the Maggot's Nest for his wife's murder, Tokinada gloats that the clan elders who punished him are now dead. When Shunsui asks if this is a confession, Tokinada denies it and adds that even if it were, as the new head of the Tsunayashiro family he can easily have the crime be ignored. Shunsui counters that, with the Shihōin and Kuchiki Clans fighting on the front lines, the Nobles are indeed improving, and if the disgraced Shiba Clan is counted, it would be three of the five great Families changing their ways already.[13]

Eventually Shunsui mentions he initially suspected Tokinada to be behind Rukia Kuchiki's execution attempt, but Tokinada reveals his reason for coming is that he wanted Shunsui to contact Yoruichi Shihōin, supposedly for peace between the clans, but Shunsui remains unconvinced. Switching topics, Tokinada subtly taunts Shunsui about Jūshirō Ukitake's death, but the Captain-commander remains unfazed.[13]

Having finished and grown bored, Tokinada prepares to leave. Before exiting, however, he addresses Nanao Ise and says that he had nothing do with her mother's execution, as if he had, he would have made it much more of a spectacle. Tokinada further taunts her by saying he would have given Shunsui a front-row seat of the event, just to see the man torn between his desire to save either Nanao or her mother. This angers Shunsui and he exerts his Reiatsu, he makes Tokinada leave, who acknowledges he has no desire to be killed by Shunsui's Bankai.[13]

Later, the Tsunayashiro residence, Tokinada is about to leave for an important meeting when he is approached by several assassins. Noting that the assassins came for him during a time that Hikone was incapacitated, Tokinada reminisces about his own Zanpakutō, which has been confiscated since his initial incarceration. Regardless, he reveals that he has been using his family's ancestral Zanpakutō without permission for some time now, and decides to release it. As he faces the assassins, he releases his Shikai, Kuten-kyōkoku.[14]

Three Noble heads meeting.

Afterwards, in a top-secret, sacred meeting place for the Noble Families, Yoruichi, Byakuya, and Tokinada meet around a conference table. When Yoruichi asks why Tokinada summoned them here, Tokinada says that, due to the recent Quincy war, he feels the Royal Guard and especially the Soul King have become too isolated and complacent, and that such things need to change. When Byakuya criticizes his controversial opinion, Tokinada counters by taunting Byakuya about his actions during Rukia's execution. He goes further by insulting Hisana Kuchiki, but when Yoruichi gets angry at him for it, Byakuya interjects.[14]

Byakuya makes it clear he takes all the blame for the execution on himself and will not tolerate Hisana being blamed for his mistakes. Before things escalate, Tokinada drops the subject and reveals his reasons for being here; he wants to reinstate the Shiba family as the fifth Noble Family, so the five Houses can be reunited again. When Byakuya and Yoruichi explain that Isshin Shiba chose exile, and Ichigo Kurosaki, Kūkaku Shiba, and Ganju Shiba are not interested in the status, Tokinada suggests having Yuzu and Karin Kurosaki be made acting heads instead.[14]

When Yoruichi becomes suspicious, Tokinada says that if the five Families are united as one, their authority surpasses even that of the Central 46. He then asks them if they aren't suspicious that the Shiba family was so easily removed from their status. Byakuya merely replies that without the Soul King's express permission, it would never happen. Tokinada agrees, saying the Soul King is utterly incapable of doing so to begin with, which is why he wants the five Families to be the true supreme rulers of all worlds. Because of this, he wants to replace the Soul King with someone who has free will. When realization dawns on Yoruichi and Byakuya, Tokinada says that they're not yet fully aware of the Soul King's true existence, but that Urahara is.[14]

Sometime later, Tokinada senses the appearance of Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez in the Rukongai, and summons Hikone. As Hikone guarantees Tokinada that they will not fail him again, unlike last time, Tokinada reveals that he planned for Hikone to lose against the Arrancar in Hueco Mundo earler so that the child could learn and grow stronger. When Hikone voices the desire to have an equal relationship with Tokinada someday, they are interrupted by the voice of Ikomikidomoe, who seems insulted by the idea of someone like Tokinada being on the same level as his wielder.[15]

As Hikone silences Ikomikidomoe and apologizes, Tokinada reassures the child that they should not expect anything else from an inherited Zanpakutō; since it was not born from imprinting upon an Asauchi, it takes time for Ikomikidomoe to fully accept its new master. Tokinada also says that it is not like he can ever wield Ikomikidomoe, as that can only be done by beings like Hikone, Ichigo, and Kūgo Ginjō. Tokinada then orders Hikone to attack the Arrancar, Fullbringers, and Quincy in the Rukongai, expecting the child to actually win this time. As Hikone leaves, Tokinada returns his attention to Karakura Town, happy that since Ichigo is away now, his plans for the Jūreichi can continue.[15]

While Hikone and Ikomikidomoe battle the Arrancar and Quincy, Tokinada is using surveillance equipment to study the fight when he is confronted by Suì-Fēng and the Executive Militia of the Onmitsukidō. When Tokinada asks what their intentions are, Suì-Fēng explains that since an earlier attempt on Tokinada's life was made, he is going to be taken in by her for his own protection. However, Tokinada easily sees through the excuse and lets Suì-Fēng know that he is aware that Shunsui wants to stall him as much as possible. When Suì-Fēng plays ignorant, Tokinada tries to provoke her by mentioning her brothers that died in his family's service. When that fails, Tokinada brings up her loyalty to the Shihōin clan, by suggesting taking Yoruichi as his wife. Before Suì-Fēng loses her composure, Yoruichi herself appears and mentions she would rather flee to Hueco Mundo and die there than stay married to him.[16]

However, Yoruichi then claims that she will also enter protective custody alongside him, as she might be targeted as well. In response, Tokinada mocks how Yoruichi does not have a Zanpakutō and needs protection from him, and asks if Shunsui revealed what his own Zanpakutō's powers are. Yoruichi retorts that while she does have a Zanpakutō, she is far stronger when using Hakuda and Shunkō instead. Just as Tokinada relents to be protected by them, several unidentified Shinigami assassins appear around them. While Yoruichi and Suì-Fēng are surprised and wonder if Tokinada set them up, Tokinada draws his Kuten-kyōkoku and says he has no choice but to fight alongside "lesser nobles".[16]

As Suì-Fēng, Yoruichi, and Tokinada fight against the groups of assassins after them as Suì-Fēng studies Tokinada's fighting style and Zanpakutō, noting that Kuten-kyōkoku seemingly has the power to reflect incoming attacks back, like a mirror relfecting light. As Yoruichi wonders how these assassins aquired Zanpakutō without actually being Shinigami, Tokinada merely laughs, saying that many Shinigami died against the Quincy, and a lot of their Asauchi went missing afterwards. When Yoruichi asks if that means that most of the Nobility that sat out the war illegally collected these Asauchi, Tokinada ignores her and mocks on how the Eleventh Division captain Kenpachi Zaraki did not even go through proper training, and just stole an Asauchi from a random Shinigami himself.[17]

After the assassins have been defeated, Yoruichi confronts Tokinada with something she found; a small case containing a Human fetus fused with Hollow parts. Yoruichi says she found much more of them and will present them as proof to Shunsui. Tokinada merely refers back to the earlier conversation they and Byakuya had about the Soul King, and asks if Yoruichi is genuinely against his proposal. Yoruichi responds that while she does not know what Byakuya will decide, she does not want to trouble Kūkaku. Yoruichi further adds that she would even tolerate Aizen ruling over her rather than someone as despicable as Tokinada, which Tokinada takes as a compliment. Tokinada adds that Yoruichi is a head of one of the Five Noble Families like him, but Yoruichi responds that she does not care about her ancestors or his lineage and family's sins.[8]

Eventually, Suì-Fēng speaks up declares her intentions to take Tokinada into custody, and Yoruichi tries to probe him further about his "new Soul King". Tokinada merely decides to use his secret weapon, and before Yoruichi can subdue him, uses a Soul Ticket he stole from the First Division to escape towards the Human World.[8]

Soon afterwards, Tokinada travels to the Valley of Screams where he meets up with Aura and Hikone. As Tokinada is admiring a perfect replica of the Soul King Palace that Aura constructed, he explains to her what a Valley of Screams is exactly. Tokinada muses about how the Valley of Screams was used by the Five Families to exile the Ryōdoji Family, and Aura openly wonders what Tokinada would have done had the same happened to him. Tokinada proceeds to ask her if she would want to make an enemy of the Gotei 13, to which Aura responds no, as she saw what Kisuke Urahara alone was capable of. As Tokinada muses how to make Urahara suffer for his enjoyment, Aura mentions Hisagi's presence during the encounter. Recognizing Hisagi as the late Kaname Tōsen's protege, Tokinada relishes the chance to kill him. Regardless, Tokinada realizes that with Mayuri's help Shunsui will find them soon, and therefore has Hikone prepare to exterminate them all.[18]

Eventually, Tokinada greets Shunsui as the Captain-Commander and his allies enter the replica palace in pursuit of him. As the two banter about their mutual history, Shunsui draws his Zanpakutō and asks Tokinada about his plans, specifically the purpose of the replica palace. In response, Tokinada mocks Shunsui's rebellious actions and claims that the Captain-Commander is turning against the very history of Soul Society itself because the Tsunayashiro Family is the cornerstone of Soul Society's history, meaning that turning against him is the equivalent of treason. While Shunsui refutes this by pointing out that Tokinada is claiming sovereignty over not just Soul Society, but also the Human World and Hueco Mundo, Tokinada asserts that such a ruler would deserve respect for allowing the inhabitants of Hueco Mundo to experience daylight for the first time. Bringing up the Quincy Blood War, Tokinada notes that hardly anyone is even aware of Ichigo Kurosaki's efforts to stop the three worlds from collapsing and asks Shunsui if the Substitute Shinigami does not deserve his recognition.[5]

Upon hearing this, Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck interrupts them and asserts that Ichigo does not care about such fame anyway, only for Tokinada to claim it is unfair nonetheless in a manner similar to how Hollows and Arrancar like her are living a cursed existence. Nelliel ignores this and tells Tokinada that he should not use Ichigo to justify his own selfishness. Continueing, Tokinada claims that he greatly admires Ichigo's efforts of saving Soul Society from Yhwach, but Shunsui interrupts him and asserts that he knows what Tokinada truly wants: a world where all order and common sense is destroyed. Tokinada notes that in the Human World, both religion and science will be uprooted if the truth of their world is revealed, and that the Humans need to see the world for what it is; evil. Shunsui acknowledges the untold chaos that will erupt in the Human World if the truth of their existence and afterlives were to come out and tells Tokinada to stop with his pretense, as he knows that Tokinada does not want justice, nor does he want to reform the world; he just wants to watch everything break down into chaos, destruction, and anarchy, which he believes to be the true nature of everything.[5]

Hearing this, most present are in disbelief that Tokinada's ambitions stretch so far for such a meaningless goal. As Tokinada congratulates Shunsui for understanding him better than his own family ever did, Tier Harribel interrupts him and asks him if he really wants to break down all of existence just for his own pleasure. Amused, Tokinada addresses the "Queen of Hueco Mundo" and reminds her of the existence all Hollows live with - an unyielding drive to quench their desires, whether it is destruction, companionship, or beauty, in an attempt to fill the void in their hearts. When Harribel asserts that there is no need to enjoy the sacrifices that the world demands, Tokinada proclaims that necessities and pleasure are one and the same to him.[5]

With everyone present stunned at the realization of just how insane Tokinada is, Kensei Muguruma breaks the silence by declaring his intention to fight, and Grimmjow, Kenpachi, and Candice Catnipp prepare to attack as well. Tokinada, however, is disappointed that nobody seems to understand his reasoning, and abandons all pretenses of trying to explain himself. Shunsui gives Tokinada a chance to turn himself in to be tried, but Tokinada asks him what exactly he will be accused of. In response, Shunsui reveals his knowledge of Hikone's illegal creation, among which is the grave crime of granting Shinigami powers to a being of Human essence. While Tokinada counters that the Gotei 13 did the same thing to Ichigo after Sōsuke Aizen's defeat, Shunsui says that it was under special circumstances and an action which Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto gave express permission for. Shortly afterwards, the light behind Tokinada causes his shadow to move beneath Shunsui, who immediately uses Kageoni to attack him.[5]

Tokinada blocks Shunsui's attack.

Tokinada barely manages to draw his own Zanpakutō to block Shunsui's Kageoni attack. Before anyone can react, however, Tokinada yells Hikone's name, which immediately causes an immense Reiatsu to be sensed by everyone present. within seconds Hikone appears before them and as Hikone awaits Tokinada's orders, the Noble introduces Hikone to everyone present as the Soul King of the new era, to which Shunsui tells Tokinada that such disrespect is unbecoming of a Noble of Soul Society, only for Tokinada to counters that it is the exact opposite considering the state of the current Soul King.[19]

Addressing Hikone, Tokinada introduces the fighters present and tells Hikone they will be their future subjects. An excited Hikone introduces themself and mentions the fun they had fighting some of them before as Tokinada notes that Hikone should not dislike them. As Hikone acknowledges this fact, Tokinada casually orders Hikone to slaughter them all, which a still-smiling Hikone agrees to. Hikone then releases their Zanpakutō: "Hatch out and be ruined - Ikomikidomoe". As the Hollow that manifests from the sword releases a massive blast of Reiatsu that wrecks most of the courtyard, Tokinada laments the damage and tells himself to have Aura repair it later, leading Shunsui to express his sympathies for whoever Tokinada else managed to ensnare in his schemes.[19]

As Shunsui starts to understand Hikone's true nature, he expresses sympathy for the child while Tokinada gloats over how it makes Hikone a perfect Soul King candidate like Ichigo or Ginjō. Suspecting that Tokinada is lying to him, Shunsui proceeds to bring up an earlier conversation and asks Tokinada if he was truly not responsible for the death of Nanao's mother. Tokinada confirms that, sadly, he had nothing to do with it, which Shunsui considers unfortunate. Momentarily confused, Tokinada quickly realizes that Shunsui has activated his Yubikiri technique, a game that forces those playing it to tell the truth and inflicts severe pain upon them if they lie.[19]

Tokinada wonders why Shunsui did not use that power earlier and decides to ask Shunsui about Nanao's Zanpakutō, Shinken Hakkyōken. As Shunsui is shocked by his knowledge of it, Tokinada reveals that the House of Tsunayashiro had always suspected that Shunsui had illegally hidden the Ise Clan's sacred Zanpakutō away, but Ginrei Kuchiki had already spoken out in Shunsui's favor. Shunsui then casually asks Tokinada what his Zanpakutō is called again; when Tokinada attempts to avoid answering, Shunsui immediately realizes that Kuten-kyōkoku is not the Zanpakutō's true name, to Tokinada's shock.[19]

Tokinada releases Enrakyōten.

Shunsui reveals he suspected this because Kuten-kyōkoku is written with kanji similar to that of Katen Kyōkotsu, therefore it is likely Tokinada uses a fake name to avoid drawing out his Zanpakutō's full power. Tokinada confirms this is true and deliberately chose that name to mock Shunsui, upon which he decides to call out his Zanpakutō's true name. As Tokinada proceeds to chant the release command, Shunsui attempts to stop him and stabs Tokinada, only to realize too late that Tokinada's injury is a required component for the full release of the Zanpakutō. While Shunsui attempts to stop Tokinada, Enrakyōten proceeds to glow with a brilliant, silver light that temporarily blinds Shunsui, allowing Tokinada to free himself. While Shunsui quickly recovers, Tokinada gloats that he will now show them the Zanpakutō of the House of Tsunayashiro, one of the oldest Zanpakutō in existence, Enrakyōten.[19]

While Nanao trembles at the sinister Reiatsu that pours from Enrakyōten, she realizes that Tokinada's injuries have disappeared, and Shunsui asks Tokinada what the powers of Enrakyōten are, prompting Tokinada to claim that Shunsui will soon understand them at the cost of his life. After the two vitriolically banter about Soul Society's nobility, during which Shunsui voices his disgust at the nobility's privileges, Tokinada barely manages to dodge a kick from Yoruichi, who says that the conversation was testing her patience. Before Tokinada can recover from Yoruichi's attack, Kensei Muguruma activates his Bankai, Tekken Tachikaze and punches Tokinada with his full might, gravely injuring him. However, as Yoruichi approaches Tokinada, he slashes her legs with his Zanpakutō, and though the injuries are minor, Yoruichi suddenly finds her legs becoming heavier. Standing up with his injuries fully healed, Tokinada proclaims that he will not die easily and turns his Zanpakutō, leading Shunsui to barely manage to pull Nanao away as a vicious, spherical beast emerges from the ground.[20]

With great disbelief, Shunsui recognizes the beast as belonging to the Zanpakutō Gagaku Kairō, which was owned by the 7th Kenpachi, Kenpachi Kuruyashiki. Shunsui proceeds to drag the beast inside a shadow with Kageoni before attempting to attack Tokinada. While Tokinada dodges Shunsui's strike, Yoruichi attempts to attack him again, but Tokianda summons a storm of blade petals to stop her. Thanks to this, Shunsui realizes what the true power of Enrakyōten is: mimicking the powers of other Zanpakutō. Tokinada then strikes the earth with his Zanpakutō, causing spikes to emerge from it and head towards his opponents, but Kensei stops the attack with a blow from his Bankai. As Shunsui lists the Zanpakutō powers they have seen Enrakyōten mimic so far, Tokinada is impressed that Shunsui recognized all of them immediately, especially Tsuchinamazu. However, Shunsui is confused at Hisagomaru managing to heal such critical injuries, prompting Tokinada to explain that because his Reiatsu is far greater than that of Hanatarō Yamada, the powers of Hisagomaru are far more potent when used by him.[20]

When Nanao wonders if there are any limits to the powers of Enrakyōten, Tokinada summons an ash storm with the power of Haineko while spawning more creatures with the power of Gagaku Kairo. Shunsui tries to rescue Nanao, but Tokinada uses Hadō #58. Tenran to corner him further, only for Harribel to intervene by sweeping away the ash and creatures with Cascada. Harribel is soon is joined by the other Arrancar and Quincy as well as Shinji Hirako. When Harribel fires more water blasts at Tokinada, he activates Ryūjin Jakka to evaporate the water, but Shunsui actually expresses relief upon noticing the flames are not nearly as intense as those of the original Ryūjin Jakka.[20]

Tokinada then proceeds to use Bakudō #21. Sekienton to create a smokescreen across the courtyard and pretends to use Daruma-san ga Koronda on Nanao. As Shunsui looks directly at Enrakyōten while attempting to save Nanao, Tokinada successfully invocates the Kanzen Saimin of Kyōka Suigetsu on everyone present.[20]

Shortly afterwards, Tokinada and his opponents are interrupted by the arrival of Hisagi. Tokinada demands to know who Hisagi is and how he arrived there, prompting Hisagi to ask him if he is addressing Tokinada Tsunayashiro. Recognizing Hisagi from his battle with Aura in Karakura Town, Tokinada politely introduces himself and ask Hisagi to publish a story about how Shunsui committed treason against the nobility. Hisagi declines to fulfill Tokinada's request and asserts that his readers would much more prefer a story where Tokinada is deposed. Hisagi then decides to bring up the issue of Hikone, leading Tokinada to remember Hikone praising a kind Shinigami they met in the Pharmaceutical Institute.[21]

When Hisagi asks him what he has to gain by making Hikone the Soul King, Tokinada claims that it is necessary for the Shinigami to reign supreme over the worlds and that this is the sole reason Hikone was created. An angry Hisagi counters that Hikone is not a tool to be used, but Tokinada states that he had Hikone created to serve as a mere vessel for his plans and scoffs at the idea that Hikone has feelings or even free will. Enraged, Hisagi realizes just how much Hikone is being used by Tokinada and declares that his desire to kill the despicable noble is only increasing. Tokinada admits that he fails to understand how Hisagi can be attached to a being he met only once before, leading Hisagi to retort that he would care even if he never met Hikone. Tokinada asserts that all Hikone has ever known is serving him because it is Hikone's very reason for being and what makes the child happy before claiming and depriving them of that servitude would only deprive Hikone of their happiness. Having heard enough, Hisagi releases Kazeshini and prepares to attack, only to be quickly grabbed by Shunsui and dragged alongside Nanao into one of the shadows with Kageoni.[21]

Tokinada quickly grows impatient at Shunsui's disappearance and decides to quell his boredom by using Suzumebachi to mark Yoruichi with a Hōmonka before declaring that he plans on killing her with Nigeki Kessatsu in front of Suì-Fēng. Suddenly, Shunsui, Nanao, and Hisagi emerge from the shadows again, and Tokinada notes that Hisagi is keeping his eyes closed. Believing that Shunsui's plan is merely for Hisagi to call out his location to his allies, Tokinada laughs at this plan and claims that he can still mimic Hisagi's voice to confuse them, but mentally notes that he does not know Hisagi well enough to perfectly mimic his voice and mannerisms with Kyōka Suigetsu, which means Shunsui will most certainly notice any mistakes.[21]

As Tokinada starts by activating Senbonzakura, Hisagi asks Tokinada if he was watching them during Tōsen's death, which Tokinada confirms before gleefully claiming that he only regrets not being there in person as he openly relishes his earlier attempts at crushing Tōsen. Furious, Hisagi attacks Tokinada, who avoids Kazeshini as he openly thanks Hisagi for killing Tōsen for him. Ignoring him, Hisagi shifts the conversation towards Hikone and calls Tokinada a coward for keeping Hikone ignorant about the truth of the world and utterly dependent on him. In response, Tokinada asserts that it is arrogant of a Shinigami to believe they are in the right when talking about the truth of the world. When Hisagi expresses his confusion at this, Tokinada realizes Hisagi himself is ignorant and loudly declares that their entire world is build upon a great sin.[21]

Hearing this, Shunsui tries to silence him by treating this assertion as an old myth, but Tokinada counters that he is fully aware of it from the Tsunayashiro family archives and refuses to believe Shunsui himself is ignorant. Shunsui tries to attack Tokinada, but finds himself stopped by Aura and her Fullbring powers. As Aura turns to Hisagi she politely asks that he hears Tokinada's story to the end while Tokinada activates Shinsō to impale Hisagi's shoulder. Tokinada asks him if he ever wondered if Tōsen and Aizen may have been in the right, pointing out how aside from a blatant desire for revenge, Tōsen deeply believed in justice and Aizen despised the existence of the Soul King.[21]

Moving on, Tokinada asks Hisagi why Urahara even made the Hōgyoku in the first place since there were no enemies or conflicts at that time and proceeds to ask Hisagi why Mimihagi even lived inside the late Ukitake's body rather than be collected by the Royal Guard. As realization starts dawning on Hisagi, he asks Tokinada if the Soul King was dead from the beginning. Smiling, Tokinada specifies that the Soul King was never either dead or alive, and while using Gegetsuburi to block another attack from Hisagi, he notes that the Soul King was just a "sacrificial lamb". Tokinada reveals that the world did not always exist in its current state and that the old world was a chaotic place where life and death were the same. Laughing, Tokinada explains that the being knows as the Soul King, the progenitor of the Quincy, Shinigami, and Fullbringers, existed as a guardian between Hollows and Humans. Revealing the hidden truth, Tokinada declares that the three worlds that currently exist were created by sacrificing a being who was "both a devil and a savior", a sacrifice performed by the ancestors of the Five Noble Houses; the Five Traitors.[21]

Tokinada eventually finishes recounting the tale of the Soul King's imprisonment, and states that if Yhwach was the progenitor of the Quincy as a species, the Soul King was the source of their very powers. Tokinada admits that he does not know if Yhwach was truly the Soul King's physical son or simply a personification of the Soul King's powers before noting his amusement at the fact that the Soul King was damned by the same beings he tried to save, and by trying to protect him from Yhwach, the Shinigami stopped a son from attempting to save his father from a million year-long torment that did not even allow him the comfort of being alive or dead.[21]

Continuing to dodge attacks from Hisagi, Liltotto, and the Arrancar, Tokinada points out the irony of how Yhwach's attempt to restore the worlds and save his father condemned him to that very same fate. When Tokinada asks Shunsui for his opinion, Shunsui deflects the issue and says that he is in no position to confirm the story before pointing out how, even if it is true, it has nothing to do with their current situation. Tokinada retorts that he does not believe that a person like Shunsui would be unaware of all this when the likes of Urahara and Aizen have been gathering that same knowledge for centuries, but Shunsui only replies that it none of it matters compared to how Tokinada's actions will throw all three worlds into chaos. Laughing, Tokinada continues to provoke everyone present by claiming that he is merely acting in accordance to his own ancestor's deeds and asserting that the concept of justice is meaningless to the point that only fools like Tōsen believed in it.[21]

Activating the powers of both Tenken and Hyōrinmaru, Tokinada bombards his opponents with a barrage of icicles, though Nanao summons Kidō barriers to block the attack. Eventually, Shunsui voices the revelation that Enrakyōten must be draining Tokinada's very life by being used. As he hears this, Tokinada congratulates Shunsui and notes that this is why the former heads of his family never wanted to wield Enrakyōten, since the life which the Zanpakutō drains can never be returned, similar to the curse of Shinken Hakkyōken. When Shunsui does not understand why Tokinada would be willing to shorten his own life just for his pleasure, Tokinada claims that there is no point in living if he cannot gamble his life in exchange for pleasure.[21]

Tokinada reminisces on how his family was always tempted to use the immense power of Enrakyōten, but their fear of dying continually trumped their other desires and led them to lock the Zanpakutō away, never to be used until he appeared. Snapping out of his remembrance, Tokinada notices that Hisagi has remained calm and silent during this time and realizes that the latter is slowly adapting to his attacks and evading with greater ease. Trying to provoke Hisagi, Tokinada asks him if he has trouble processing the revelations and notes that Tōsen had screamed out in despair upon hearing it himself.[21]


  • Enrakyōten (艶羅鏡典, Law of the Bewitching Lucid Mirror): is an ancestral Zanpakutō that belongs to the Tsunayashiro family, and one of the oldest Zanpakutō there is.[19] Since Tokinada's personal Zanpakutō was confiscated, he stole his family's Zanpakutō to use it instead.[22] After Tokinada's death, Enrakyōten was once again locked away by the Tsunayashiro family.[23]

Powers & Abilities

Immense Spiritual Power: Tokinada's Reiryoku is noted by Shunsui Kyōraku to be on a similar level as fellow nobles Byakuya Kuchiki and Yoruichi Shihōin, who have huge amounts of Reiryoku themselves.[20]

Expert Swordsman: Tokinada is skilled enough in swordsmanship to block several strikes from Shunsui Kyōraku, who is a Master Swordsman himself.[19]

Kidō Expert: Tokinada is skilled enough in Kidō to perform a level 58 Hadō spell without incantation.[20] As well as the forbidden spell Sentan Hakuja while significantly injured.[24]

Enhanced Endurance: Tokinada possesses a surprising amount of stamina and endurance. Even after having his dominant arm be severed by Kazeshini and being hit by a point-blank Getsuga Tenshō from Kūgo Ginjō, Tokinada was able to mostly ignore the excruciating pain, enabling him to escape using Kidō and disable the controls keeping the fake Palace afloat.[24] Even afterwards, when he was stabbed dozens of times by an unidentified assassin, Tokinada was still able to cling to life long enough to mock Shunsui before dying.[25]


The name and abilities of Tokinada's Zanpakutō are unknown, as well as its Shikai command. After being discharged from the Gotei 13 for the murder of his wife, Tokinada's Zanpakutō was confiscated and locked away.[22]



Power scaling: The powers mimicked by Enrakyōten are scaled to the Reiatsu level of its current wielder. While this means that weaker Zanpakutō such as Hisagomaru are made stronger in Tokinada's possession, it also means that stronger Zanpakutō such as Ryūjin Jakka are made weaker in the process.[20]

Power distribution: While Enrakyōten can mimic several Zanpakutō powers at once, doing so weakens the individual powers, especially if particularly powerful Zanpakutō are mimicked.[21]

Life Force draining: As long as Enrakyōten is used, it keeps draining its current wielder's remaining lifespan. This drain is permanent.[21]

Weakness Mimicry: As Enrakyōten copies the powers of another Zanpakutō, it also copies the Zanpakutō's specific weaknesses.[24]

Appearances in Other Media

Video Game Appearances
Blade Battlers
Blade Battlers 2nd
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Promotional art of Tokinada in Bleach: Brave Souls.

  • As part of the commemoration for the Can't Fear Your Own World tie-in, Tokinada was added to Bleach: Brave Souls as a playable character; this is his first official appearance outside of the novel, and he is described as being 176 cm tall. Tokinada is a ranged normal attack character with the "Heart" Attribute and the "Shinigami Killer" ability whose second Strong Attack is a boost move. His unlockable skills are "Berserker +50%", "Bruiser +20%", "Enhancer +10 secs.", "Flurry", "Guard Break", "Paralysis Duration -100%", and "Sprinter +1", while his Soul Trait is "Normal Attack Damage +25%". Initially deployed using the Kuten-Kyōkoku form of his ancestral Zanpakutō, Tokinada's special is Enrakyōten (艶羅鏡典, Law of the Bewitching Lucid Mirror), where he releases the true power of his Zanpakutō in an evil voice, inflicting immense damage and Weaken; following this, he can use the Zanpakutō abilities of several Shinigami at once, such as Byakuya Kuchiki's Senbonzakura, Rangiku Matsumoto's Haineko, and Tōshirō Hitsugaya's Hyōrinmaru, which is reflected by his first strong attack inflicting Freeze and his third strong attack inflicting Burn for a short period of time afterwards.


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