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    shouldn't we edit the SK profile based on the given information from CFYOW?we now know this ~spoiler~ Hundreds of millions of years after Creation, there was a world without life nor death. Only humans and souls existed together in a single realm of existence within a self-contained cycle. Eventually, hollows came into existence, disrupting the cycle by devouring souls. Inevitably, the first menos soon came into being too. But almost in response to its existence, the Soul King was born. The Soul King vanquished the menos, and the self-contained cycle of souls continued once more. Unfortunately, the world eventually fell back into chaos as the Soul King continued to vanquish hollows. Soon after, 5 ancestral heads of the once 5 Great Noble Families gathered. They intended to pool their ideas to serve a shared vision of changing the state of the world

    The Tsunayashiro ancestor was afraid the power of the Soul King would one day be used against them. An unknown rival family ancestor wanted to cover up the 'pit' (that would later become Hell). Possibly the pit of chaos created by the disruption of the cycle of souls? The Kuchiki ancestor wanted to implement a new world order to bring balance to to the world. The Shihōin ancestor wanted to widen the cycle of re-incarnation to avoid stagnation of their world. The Shiba ancestor wanted to create a method to purify hollows, reverting them back into souls. (They recognised that hollows had lost hearts that were worth saving.) And so, a shared goal was born to separate the world of the living from the dead. At the Tsunayashiro ancestor's insistence, the Soul King was bound and sealed within a crystal.

    The Soul King's power of 'The Almighty' served as the keystone to separate and maintain the 3 worlds. The World of the Living for humans, Soul Society for the souls, and Hueco Mundo for the hollows. (The remains of the original menos and the hollows that came after, are the sands of Hueco Mundo.) Yet the Tsunayashiro ancestor took things even further still. Still afraid of the Soul King's power. First, the Soul King's Right Arm of 'stagnation' and Left Arm of 'Progress' were dismembered. Then was his heart, organs, and legs. Leaving the Soul King as a powerless lynchpin and slave. Ichibē mentioned that the Shiba ancestor attempted to sacrifice himself in place of the Soul King. And so in response the Tsunayashiro ancestor 'erased them from history'. But Kirio mentioned that Kaien and the Shiba family still retain this rebellious, chivalrous nature today. Ichibē mentioned that Ichigo, a descendant of the Shiba family, had the best qualities to replace the Soul King. It is unclear if YHWACH is the son of the Soul King, or a reincarnation of his power. YHWACH is considered the originator of the quinces, while the Soul King is the source of their power. YHWACH wanted to liberate his 'father' from his fate as the Soul King.

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    • I know what you mean and I understand it, but this has been discussed over and over on this wiki. The TL;DR is this: the wiki does not consider the novels canon (sadly), and will only add the info to Apocrypha sections once the novel pages themselves are filled out. Something that I'm working on but still takes a lot of time and effort.

      To be honest, I (and others) have tried to convince the wiki to change it's policy concerning the novels. While they do have some good points (even if I feel there might be some bias), it is very dissapointing to see so much crucial info missing.

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    • The addition of tabs away from the main page will be discussed within team when the Novel articles are completed

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    • Hey, SunXia, you mentioned "tabs". I was wondering, does that mean novel info will be added to the apocrypha sections on the articles themselves, or on seperate tabs (named "EU" or "Novelverse") like the gallery pages?

      I'm honestly very curious to see how you guys are going to implement this. At any rate, I'll try to do some more summarizing today.

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    • Hey SunXia, let me ask you this...what will you do about the technical aspects of the novels like say the new Bankais for Shinji and Hisagi for instance? The idea to reveal them was approved by Kubo and he himself developed them for the novel. You can really put something like that on a separate tab.

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    • Our policies have can be found here there have been novel of Bleach for well over a decade and people have only cared now. And like I said several times before, the tabs for novel info will be discussed and hashed out when the Novel articles are completed. Many of the team are not interested in this discussion until this happens because many people just want us to change these policies because they like some of the aspects from the Novels and want them in Canon Manga articles and yet only one so far has actually shown proper and very recent interest in filling out the Stub articles that have existed for years for every novel.

      Kubo has approved many things during his time including several frankly awfully conceptualised movies and filler arcs. We wouldn't he? The merchandise it generates and the revenue make him money. Narita (is that the author, frankly don't care) is not the first person to ask Kubo for permission to do stuff and design concepts and have them approved and I doubt he will be the last. Now I am going to go watch Star Trek Discovery in a way that only I, the SK's uterus, can.

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    • Just made an account to throw in my two cents, I understand the wikis canon policy, as well as the fact that there has been novels for quite some time, but I'd just like to point out that CFYOW is different from previous novels. Not only was Kubo more involved with it then the previous novels, it is also the first novel to ever be integrated into another form of bleach media, specifically brave souls. I'm also trying to find the quote but I believe Kubo himself even outright stated it was canon. So it's not like it's something he just "Signed off on" Like movies, filler arcs and previous novels. Of course this will likely all be disregarded as my account is brand new, but for whatever it's worth I have been around the wiki for years, I just never created an account before.

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    • You say that Brave Souls proves the Canon and yet in Brave Souls, those characters and story characters are listed as "Alternate" or "Side Stories" with the other filler and not alongside the Canon story mode. So this is not proof that these novels are any more canon than the previous bunch. Kubo can say whatever he wants but until he's writing it we do not consider it Canon and clearly neither do the creators of the Game you just tried to use as proof.

      EDIT: The only thing any of this is proof of is that, like most people, they like making money. The novels are current so the Games add them in.

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    • I never said brave souls proved it was canon, I was simply pointing out one of the things that sets CFYOW apart from other novels. The game itself as you said incorporates non canon material. Also, I have to address " Kubo can say whatever he wants but until he's writing it we do not consider it Canon" You do realize that Tite Kubo owns bleach, not this wiki right? Kubo alone determines what is and is not bleach canon, as it is his series, so if he says something is canon, there is no discussion about it. You cant argue what is and is not canon with the guy who controls what is and is not canon. That's just arrogant.

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    • To be fair, the creator himself has much more right to declare something canon than the fans do. I understand the unofficial translation problems, yes, but sometimes it does feel like this wiki is biased. As its made abundantly clear you admins simply do not like the novels.

      Besides, You see it more as the DBS or DBGT discussion. One is more recent and a preferred moneymaker, yes, but neither are said to be non-canon. Both can be equally valid AUs.

      Oh, and SunXia, could you please not lock this discussion again until we actually have a resolution? Thank you.

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    • Loxegan wrote: I never said brave souls proved it was canon, I was simply pointing out one of the things that sets CFYOW apart from other novels. The game itself as you said incorporates non canon material.

      Then not sure how this point is relevant to the Canon discussion.

      Loxegan wrote: You cant argue what is and is not canon with the guy who controls what is and is not canon. That's just arrogant.

      Well that insult is now resulting in the closure of this discussion. Kubo does not control this site. The dedicated editors who have maintained it for years, sometimes over a decade in my case and others, control it through their votes and views. Our policy is, is that it has to be written by Kubo himself. Not approved by him and then "Kubo says" but written. Its no different from how George Lucas included elements and approved of elements of the Star Wars expanded universe but the EU still did not remain canon and had its own designation.

      But alas, nobody has brought anything new to the table. Just firing off opinions. If you want to stick around and edit you are welcome but our policies still stand. If you want to make your own wiki with your own rules go ahead since you consider us arrogant. We prefer the term consistency. Have a nice day.

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